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31 Responses to “Listen now! Subscriber special: Rd 17 question and answer”

  1. NRLSC Sponge

    Good afternoon Champions!

    Huge score of 1643, thanks to you lads. Down to 4 trades. Thinking of running Watson and Brailey to the end. Knights have a great run home and as my hookers. I have Cheese in 2RF, and feel Grant will be injury plagued this year so staying away! Idiocy?

  2. Hitro Okesene

    Who are your best 4 halves for the run home, assuming Cleary is gone. I already have Cody Walker and SJ, and am looking to upgrade Gamble and/or Burton. Nikorima is tempting because of rd17. But trading him in for Burton could potentially be sideways. What do you think think? PS – shout out to the Spy. Keep it going, bro!

  3. EggzBenny

    H2H Player Only

    Do you think it’s more worthwhile to have a 5th 2RF this season or chase the upside with a 6th CTW instead? Finding it hard to pick a genuine gun 2RF outside of what I’d consider the top 4 this season (Fifi, Tohu, Crichton, CHN – with IPap/TPJ in FRF), and with the rule changes the upside on another CTW (like Gagai, Staggs or CThompson) seems hard to ignore.

    For reference, current CTW are Hynes, Garrick, To’o, Val, AJ, Ramien and would be moving on Hynes either this week or next. Cheers!

  4. Miss Jane

    Love your work Tim & Co… the best in the business! Do u guys think SJ will be a keeper till the end if he stays fit? If so, would you go Burton to SJ or Schuster to SJ this week… will leave me 9 trades, or just hold the trade. (other halves are DCE and Cody) H2H only.

  5. nat.sussman87

    Down to 5 trades, with Simmo’s injury, looking to add an extra number to 17 by trading to Tupou. Playing H2H and Overall, comfortable 3rd in H2H comp and sitting ~1,900 overall. 300K in the bank and current team before trades:

    IPap, AFB, TPJ, Leniu
    Tohu, CHN, DFif, L Leilua, Barnett, dual fwd nuff
    S Johnson, J Hughes
    C Walker, Schuster
    Garrick, AJ, Simmo, Saab, To’o, Best, Burbo
    Turbo, Gutho

    How hard should I go at the bye week? Tupou feels like the best trade in, but also running reeeeaaaal low – will be getting in Crichton for round 19 along with ponga, possibility I’ll want Haas for TPJ around then too. That will leave me with 1 trade left if I go Tupou and pretty much death riding Cleary’s injury for the rest of the year…

  6. blakewt1

    Hey legends,
    I have 7 trades left. I’m thinking of using one to go Twal to AFB.
    I’m torn between saving my second trade or going BKelly to D Tupou or C Graham? My other CTWs are To’o, Ramien, Garrick and AJohnston. I currently have 9 playing Rd 17.

  7. Angus

    Hey champs love the content and the work each week.

    Only got 5 bye players pre trade C Walker, Ramien, Johnson, Ikuvalu, CHN.

    Thoughts on going Simo and Uto out for AFB and TKO via duals gives me 7 players for bye round

    Or my other alternative is Simo to Nofo and uto to AFB. Only 6 bye players and cop a hit but It would allow for me to some solid depth in FRF with Haas and Ipap with AFB as third FRF and a CTW of To’o, Gagai, Ramien, Ikuvalu, Nofo, Kelly and suaali

    The second trade would allow for me to go Hynes to Ponga and I can bring in Fifita for CHN in Rd 18/Rd 19 as I don’t trust Canberra at the moment

    H2H player only

  8. ShaiH1

    Thoughts on Schuster to Kodi? Already have SJ & both Walkers.

    Currently down to 8 trades so not completely opposed to holding off on the trade. Worth noting I only have 8-9 for the bye before trades.

    • Hey Alex, we let people drop their questions below in this comment section. Then once they are all in we answer them via audio and release the podcast around lunchtime Thursday in time for game one of the round. Cheers

  9. Beagles

    Hey guys, sitting around 1400 and have 11 trades pre trading this week. Only have 7 playing at present so need to use both this week I think.
    Simo to tupou locked in
    Kikau to CHN or lolo?

  10. Sammy

    Hey lads, which player would you guys bring in out of these players

    – Joey Manu (469k)
    – Campbell Graham (531k)
    – Jesse ramien (509k)
    – Taumalolo (461k)
    – Nikora (433k)
    Or even tupouniua (498k)

    Cheers boys, always love ya work!

  11. MattyO

    Is Tohu a sell if out for 4 weeks, as per reports, with only 6 trades left, and only 7 players pre trades.
    Have Tohu, CHN, Angus, Barnett, Topine & Burbo in 2RF, and JFH, IPap, Uto & Ogden up front. Who is a good replacement? AFB this week or Haas/Fifi next?

  12. Nelson

    Thoughts on what to do with Schuster? I had left him in my team for R17 like everyone else but i only have 7 trades left and want to use 3 to bring in DFif, Haas and Papi in from R18 onwards so thinking whether to use another trade to get Schuster out or leave him as cover. My other halves atm are SJ, Cody, Burton

  13. Hi Lads,
    Thanks for your teams right up this week, I missed Garrick last week and your write up has convinced me to stay away as it would affect my Cleary purchase in a few weeks.

    Need help with my 2nd trade this week, after it I will still have 8 trades left so no intention of saving the trade as going hard at round 17 as just outside the top 1000. Options I’m hoping for opinions on;
    Schuster to Kodi
    Curran to Taumalolo
    Curran to Manu
    Gutho to Walsh/Kennedy

    Thanks in advance

  14. Samuelschembri33

    Any chance Sammy walker is rested this week? I want to bring him in for schuster but worried he’ll get a late rest playing the dogs. Also, thoughts on the trade? Could keep schuster for manlys points and upside or get sammy for this enticing doggies match up!

  15. max_bryden

    I have Peachy to flip this week, meaning I can either bring in a CTW or a 2RF… I have 509k and with low trades (6 after this) I need a keeper. Should I be looking at CTW or 2RF? Tohu is now my 4th 2RF (sitili, crichton, fifita + Talakai, Blore) which is thin, and Peach was my 5th CTW (to’o, hynes, AJ, Garrick, Laurie, sualli)…

    My plan was to have 6 in CTW to play, so leaning towards Tupou. But I could ignore the bye and get Matto in 2RF (I know he misses the bye). Parra’s tough draw makes me think of Matto as it should mean more minutes like we saw this round.

    It’s upside vs consistency, and also a depth question. Very keen for your thoughts!

  16. Freddy Teasdell


    Trade out Harris or TPJ? Harris may not come back to 80 minutes with AFB and Lodge now commanding minutes?

    Lolo or AFB to come in? Concerned with AFB minutes in a stacked pack? If the Cowboys are serious surely Lolo gets more minutes and more good ball?

  17. Karen

    Hope you are having a great day. Who would you trade first? Peachey – Not sure what happened last week and will that be an ongoing dilemma or Tohu – Only traded him in last week 🙁 .
    Is 4 weeks too long to sit on bench. Trade him next week?
    Would bring in Milne for the money to later get Ponga.
    Also thinking Teddy to Garrick moving Hynes to fullback.
    Is it worth the trades. Will then have 5 trades left and about $403,000 in bank.
    Have IPap, Tino, Thompson and Leniu FR.
    Angus, DFif, TPJ, Curran, Tohu and Peachey 2RF before trades.
    Johnston, To’o, Graham, Ramien, Hynes, Marzhew, Suaalii CTW.
    Sorry for the long winded question.
    Thank you for answering.

  18. OccamsSafetyRazor

    Hi gents

    Thanks for your help during the year.

    What’s your thoughts on Ben Trbojevic staying on the Manly bench once Schuster is back. Had him since start of season as non playing switch Ctw/ 2RF for Peachey (who is long gone from my team) and don’t want to waste a trade on him if he (hopefully) goes back to reserve grade.

  19. nic.nugent14

    Gday blokes,
    Am in the top 200 and looking to make some ground. Missed Garrick last week, have got Dane gagai down there as a pod. Think Garrick can be a nice anti pod for the hard matchups and when he plays fb but really worried I’ll get left behind without him. The 3 trades I’m looking at this week. (10 trades before making any). Thoughts?
    Shuster – Nikorima
    Simmo- toupo
    Hynes- Garrick

  20. andybarton83

    Yes legends!!
    Thanks for the good oil each week, been on a tear and up to OR 187.
    5 trades left with 258k in the bank and happy with how the side is looking with good depth.
    Currently 8 players(including suallii) this week and looking at one of the below
    1. Suallii (if not named) > Tupou
    2. Tohu > Tupou
    3. Save the trade

  21. Homer

    With shuster out I’m looking to bring in nikorima. Wondering if sam walker is a option since Timmy is so keen on him but looking at the run home would you go niko or walker

    • Hey mate, question dropped after recording sorry.

      I was actually getting Nikorima last week until injured so I can’t knock him at all, still half considering this week myself.

      My personal squad depth is pretty good so I probably wouldn’t play Niko or Walker too much on the run home so I’m chasing this weekend’s Dogs match up for Walker a little.

      Nikorima the safer play that’s for sure.

      – TW

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