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25 Responses to “Listen now! Subscriber special: Rd 14 question and answer”

  1. EggzBenny

    Who would you rather have in the H2H finals based on their draws:

    Sam Walker: Broncs (Rd 22), Dragons (Rd 23), Rabbits (Rd 24), Raiders (Rd 25)
    Cody Walker: Titans (Rd 22), Panthers (Rd 23), Roosters (Rd 24), Dragons (Rd 25)

  2. blakewt1

    Hi fellas,
    Do you see Alex Johnston as a keeper for the rest of the season? I’m looking at trading him in for Staines. Or should I look at bringing in Holmes even with his origin commitments? My next question is around Doueihi and what to do with him. Is a hold for now or consider moving him on to SJ for rd 17 coverage. I have only saved 3 trades so far so maybe your advice will be just save trades until after rd 15.
    Love you work.

  3. Redcliffe Redemption

    Connor Watson has done his job – who is the best mid range Hok to bring in for Rnd 17 with an eye to being back up hooker for 1. Lead up to Rnd 17, and 2. The rest of the season?

  4. amy.satchell

    Hey guys. Thanks for all your help. Difficult week with so many of my players being “rested” who may/ may not come in (Too, Gagai, Cleary and Luai).

    How do these trades sound to you (considering the round 17 bye)- Liddle and Stefano to Taupau and Alex Johnston?


  5. thomasolsen7

    Hi guys,

    First trade this week is Laurie to A. Johnston.

    Second trade is going to be Barnett, but I’m not sure whether to trade him to taumalolo, matterson or Brodie Jones. If I go Jones then I should have enough money to get Harris or possibly Fifita in the coming weeks. Unless there is another cheap 2RW you guys know of.

    Thanks guys

  6. nic.nugent14

    Gday lads, looking to get on Cody walker this week if luai isn’t named as my 5/8s are shuster and luai. Don’t really want to sell luai at that price but considering shuster will play round 17 I’m thinking of selling luai to walker, thoughts?

  7. christopher.j.w.e

    Hey fellas! Up the Blues, what a win!

    I have Turbo & Teddy at FB, with the news just dropping that Turbo is unlikely to back up, should I sell Turbo in case Teddy doesn’t back up either? And who is a good option?
    Feel like Iast week was the week for Gutho? Latrell good run ahead but also has to back up. Or move Nicho to FB and slide in a CTW pod e.g. AJ or Ramien or Val? Cheers!

  8. Cronulla16

    Please make a case for the best CTW to trade in this week and pros and cons for all options now and longer term:
    – AJ
    – Tupou
    – Raiman
    I have 18 trades (will use both this week and get down to 16)

  9. Samuelschembri33

    Hey lads,

    Thoughts on Jnr Paulo and best out for CHN and AJ. I alternatively have simonsson that I could trade for aj, but I thought I would give him a week at FB against the broncs and see how he goes?

    Thoughts? Cheers!

  10. I’m thinking of going the anti pod with Alex Johnson as just outside top 1000 and figure that will be a nice point of difference if he scores in the teens a couple of weeks. If that is the case who the best options to trade in, I have Ramien, Tupou and Ikuvalu, is there another round 17 centre wing I should consider?

  11. Nathan

    H2H player. Need a 5/8 in this week with Luai out. Worried about CWalker, he has scored 9 tries this year, feel his numbers are inflated due to this. Thoughts on bringing in Munster now as a set and forget and just hope at least one of Luai/Munster back-up after origins. Or do I bring in walker as a bridge to Munster after origin? Will be keeping Luai until the end.

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