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Have any questions you need answered? To deal with an influx of questions, SC Playbook is offering a weekly audio special to subscribers to answer as many of your queries as possible throughout the pre-season. Simply leave your questions in the comment section on the bottom of the page. Each week an SC Playbook contributor will record their answers which will later be posted on this page. We'll do our best to answer any questions via text if submitted after recording. But get them in early to ensure they're answered. With questions flooding in of late, please try and keep them as concise and to the point as possible to help us

31 Responses to “Live now! Subscriber special: Rd 11 question and answer”

  1. e.macpherson09

    Hey Lads appreciate your work week in week out.

    Looking to improve ctw area, I have To’o tupou, sivo, Saab and Laurie.

    Who would you trade in and who would you rest from these 5?

  2. So far saved 3 trades, I have no pressing issues this week so do have the option of doing no trades. Alternatively I can trade Gutho to Teddy, I’m currently ranked just outside the top 1000 as I looped Turbo’s score last week.
    I brought Gutho in after round 6 with an eye on round 13 but have also benefited from his scores and cash rises. But huge breakeven and the uncertainly around 18th man not playing round 13 makes me think trading to Teddy with a low breakeven and a game against the Broncos might be a good swap. The $237K extra is nice too.

  3. My CTW is To’o, Nofo, Holmes, Laurie, Saab + 2. Considering Laurie to Hynes, is this a luxury trade or worth cash grab/points? I have no other pressing trade issues in my squad this week and have 13 bodies for the Rd 13 bye

  4. Miss Jane

    Hey Guys,

    Love your work! Is selling Papi to Teddy the go? My 2RF has no depth with Barnett, Frizell, IPapalii, Curran… who to bring in this week as my 2nd trade? Was going to move IPap to FRF and bring in a gun 2RF keeper.

  5. craig.squassoni

    Thoughts on gutho to teddy for a 2 week play! Should generate about 150k with teddy going up and gutho down! Thinking teddy scores more also! Or gutho you think gutho a hold?

    Head to head player

  6. MattyO

    Great content as always gents!
    This week I am contemplating trading out Capewell or Curran for Nicho. And for the second trade either drop Gutho for Teddy (may bring Gutho back for rd13) or holding Gutho and upgrading Simpkin to Brailey (to partner Mahoney).

  7. The Integrity Unit

    Looking at bringing Taumalolo in for Welch and saving the other trade. With Dylan Brown on the pine, that means playing Watson at 5/8 (brought Koroisau in for Schuster last week). Not really keen on other 5/8 options at the moment with Luai the obvious target but worried he will play Origin. Thoughts?

  8. philnicolls89

    Want to get rid of Alex Johnston, I want to save 1 trade this week so can’t afford to free up any cash for an upgrade. Are capewell/best/fergo options? Or someone else similarly priced? Or do I hold Johnston.

  9. KerrodW

    Gday lads, tko being benched and best now being out really puts a spanner in the works of trying to save trades. At 9k in ranks so focusing on my cash leagues, 250k itb thinking of going tko to haas and best to ikavalu or go Curran to haas and best to olam and keep tko? Thoughts

  10. christopher.j.w.e

    Hey fellas!
    I held onto Papi…ouch! I zagged and went Teddy to Ponga two weeks ago then forced to go with the pack and went Ponga to Turbo last week. Would you sell Papi now? If so do I go back to Teddy or is Hynes a better play with round 13 not too far away? The fullback merry go round is real!

  11. amy.satchell

    Hi Timmy and the team

    Thanks for all your ongoing help.

    Trade one: My 2nd row is weak currently so am looking to bolster with an Angus Crichton trade in against weak opposition rather than Matterson (his opposition and general health). I can do this through getting rid of Gagai who has tough opposition, a High BE and no round 13.

    Trade 2: With Best now not playing I could play Laurie or even trade Laurie/ best to Justin Olam OR could use my cash to upgrade Utikamano to a playing 2nd row?

    Is the gagai trade sensible? What about the second one?

    Thanks guys. Amy

  12. Samuelschembri33

    Hey guys,

    Need some help with one of two trades.

    1. TKO & best out for Flegler and hynes
    2. TKO & best out for Radley and Olam

    My only worry with Hynes is if Munster and papi come back next week then he’s straight back to the bench and I’ll eventually have to trade him back out. Where as olam I can keep all season, possibly.

  13. ShaiH1

    Is TKO a definite sell? Only have 50k in the bank so would have to free up cash elsewhere to upgrade him to either Fisher-Harris or Haas. Isaiah Papalii is also a potential option.

    I’ve only saved a trade so am leaning towards saving 2 this wk. Thoughts?

  14. scottyh35

    Hi thinking of going Grant to B.Smith to partner Brailey and Paulo to Fotuaika to partner TPJ. Already have Ice in 2RF. Think they are both serviceable to get me to the bye 13 then probably trade to a gun or bye 17 player after that.

  15. Tonys_Flogs

    Hi guys, a little help with my last couple of reserves as I’m in a very close H2H this week with both of us having very similar teams and with much the same 3 Captain choices. I think it will come down to my reserves. I already have Turbo locked in for 1 so need 3 from these please

    Junior (where has my offload gone) Paulo Vs Swa Eagles
    Kurt ( where am I) Capewell Vs Rabbits
    Charlie (love you Nathan) Staines Vs Rabbits
    Jason (pass it to me Turbo) Saab vs Eels
    Daine (gone for Nofo next week) Laurie Vs Warriors


  16. Brock.Walker.9

    Gday fellas loving the podcast great content.
    Running lil papi to hynes and looking at going Condon to JFH just thinking it’s to mainstream thinking more of a POD route. Any thoughts? 300k in the bank currently already running matto, Barnett and Luciano in the 2RF with papali and TPJ in the FRF
    Cheers fellas

  17. Bring Back Teddy

    Hey guys,

    Who would you choose out of matto and JFH for this week. I would likely get the other before round 13 so I am looking more at weighing up matchups for the next 2 games and risks of getting either early.


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