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  1. NRLCommenter

    Q: I am running Marsh, and Tye for round 4 from the Scorchers, and I want to run three Scorchers for their DGW. With one trade up my sleeve, who do you bring in out of Inglis or Mills?

    I have Phillipe, Gilkes and Nielsen as BAT/WK.

    Q: I didn’t start with Aaron Finch, I looked at Harvey (thank you, Tim) and Fraser-McGurk to start the season. I suspect Harvey may be a keeper, and Fraser-McGurk can be flipped for Finch. If Finch plays R4, is he a wait-and-see before making that move (especially when considering my first Q and need to get another Scorcher in to the side)?

    Q: I started with Philippe, Curran, Hughes, Kerr and Jordan from the Sixers, and I am yet to move off Hughes or Kerr due to trading in DGW players for each round. Hughes in particular is a concern having bottomed out. Do I just keep in on the bench and hope he turns this around and offload when he makes some cash? I only have Kann on the bench who is a non-factor as a player.

    Q: Round on round, for those wanting to contend, is there overall ranking marks round on round that members should be looking to be reaching to be fighting for the top 111 or title? Looking at the completion of round 4, where should you be looking to be overall? What about after round five? Round six and so on…

    Thanks, all.


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