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13 Responses to “Listen now! Subscriber special: question and answer”

  1. young.paull

    Thoughts on upcoming 2RF/FR cheapies? Trying to work out if my best option is to add a dual nuff or someone who can make coin.

    I need to move Yeo up to my centers but have other work to do so would need to kill a CTW cow and bring in a cheapie/nuff to make $.

    Have looked at Kepie (but Kapow now back), maybe Jackson Ford at Dragons?

  2. GoodFaNuffinLosers

    I’ve been inside & around the top 1000 since round 1. Currently 1098. My biggest problem has been getting my bench & captains right, otherwise I’d be top 100.

    What advice can you give to help get this right more often then not. What did you guys do last year?

  3. GoodFaNuffinLosers

    I can trade Tapine to a nuffy, then upgrade Pappy to Teddy (if Teddy plays).

    My team would be:
    Hass Horse
    Matto LoLo McInnes
    Cleary (VC) D Brown
    Mansour Yeo Averillo Lomax
    Teddy (C)
    Grant Arrow Ponga G Williams
    NPR’s – Guler Rudolf Nuffy Walters Williame Hammer
    Best & Katoa both injured.

    Look okay to you guys?

    If Teddy out, keep Pappy, trade Williams to SJ & Katao to Nuffy. Bank cash to bring Teddy in next week.

  4. j_mcintosh

    I have a front row of Haas and JTB this week with carrigan on the bench. Should I trade in Fotuaika or D. Saifiti?


    Get in Munster or cleary as I have moses, luai hlf and williams, drinky as 5/8.

  5. reece.sainsbury

    Wanted know best trade option for this

    I can go twal and Hampton to matterson and hammer, although I already have McInnes and lolo

    Or I can go George Williams and Hampton to Munster and Hamisso I would have hors playing in my front row this week until I can get rid of twal next week

    Want to find out which trade you think will benefit me the most

    Thanks guys

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