Subscriber special: Question and answer, Rd 4

In our subscriber special, an SC Playbook contributor will be answering your questions via audio each week.

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Have any questions you need answered? To deal with an influx of questions, SC Playbook is offering a weekly audio special to subscribers to answer as many of your queries as possible each round. Simply leave your questions in the comment section on the bottom of the page. Each week an SC Playbook contributor will record there answers which will later be posted on this page. We'll do our best to answer any questions via text if submitted after recording. But get them in early to ensure they're answered.

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    • Hi! Apologies but we won’t be doing the recording this round with only a few questions in with Christmas keeping everyone busy. But more than happy to give some feedback here.

      He’s certainly not a must sell, but provided there’s no other pressing issues in your team than yes he probably is.

      He has a breakeven of 119 so he’s likely to drop plenty of value. If you like Nabi or Maxwell as per below it looks a decent trade.

    • In my opinion Maxwell is a must have player. He’s bowling a few overs and batting at three for the Stars and is in serious form with the bat.

      His ownership says 53%, but there would be plenty of sleeper teams (non-active teams having stopped playing), that would owned him in Round 1.

      So there is value in getting him in with plenty selling him when the Stars had the bye.

      Nabi is tempting at 5% ownership with a great BBL record and the double game in Round 6, but I think that trade can wait a round or two.

      He has a breakeven of 94 so with a bit of luck he’ll be far cheaper in coming rounds.

      Good luck!

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