It’s live! Subscriber special: Question and answer, Rd 10

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4 Responses to “It’s live! Subscriber special: Question and answer, Rd 10”

  1. Foundation Man

    Is Mitch Marsh worth holding if he will only be batting for the foreseeable future?
    With the last double game round about to finish what would be the ultimate team to field from round 11 onwards? What’s the best players in order to have in each position?

  2. Foundation Man

    Which way to go – trade for an extra DGW player or set my team up for the future rounds?
    I currently have Maxwell, Stoinis, JRicho and Tye playing in the DGW.
    Looking at trading out Rashid Khan, Mitch Marsh and Lewis Gregory.
    Deciding between bringing in Sams, DShort and Zampa and that will then set my team up fairly well with WKP) Phillippe, Bench: Pfeffer, BAT) Sams, Stoinos, Maxwell, DChristian, DShort, Bench: HKerr and MOwen BWL) JRicho, Zampa,Tye, Sangah, KRicho Bench: Doggett, JWood.
    With $5,600 bank left.
    Or do I leave one of Sams (BE-3) or DShort (BE-25) out and take someone else like Livingstone ?
    Have slid back in the rankings the past 2 weeks and sitting at 255 overall. Do I chase the points with an extra DGW to get back up the rankings or do I consolidate and look to the coming rounds setting my team up? If Doggett plays I will have some cash generation but if he doesn’t I will have to somehow get some options on the bench with limited bank. Also worried if I don’t take Sams and DShort this week I will not have enough coin to get them in the next round or more.
    Would love your thoughts – cheers.

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