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It's live! In our subscriber special, an SC Playbook contributor will be answering your questions via audio each week.

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Have any questions you need answered? To deal with an influx of questions, SC Playbook is offering a weekly audio special to subscribers to answer as many of your queries as possible. Simply leave your questions in the comment section on the bottom of the page. Each week an SC Playbook contributor will record there answers which will later be posted on this page. We'll do our best to answer any questions via text if submitted after recording. But get them in early to ensure they're answered. This week, 2019 SuperCoach champion Dez Creek is behind the mic.

11 Responses to “Listen now! Subscriber special: Question and answer, Rd 15”

  1. Samuelschembri33

    Hey boys, new subscriber.. absolutely love the podcast. Was wondering what you all think about Talakai? Have I missed the boat on him or is he a buy this round. I would be upgrading the injured (legend) Aubo. Cheers!

  2. luke richo

    Hey boys keep up the good work loving the weekly content!

    Thoughts on Toa, Rapana or even ravalawa as a cheap 5th ctw for run home with their draws?
    Knights, Raiders and Dragons don’t have bad runs as they’ll all rely on attacking stats

  3. UptheWahs

    Boys great stuff as always loving the content and the pods. What’s your guys thoughts on bringing Talakai into CTW? Looks to be locked in for 80min with Nikora out. Sharkies do have a tough run home though. Or is the better move to load up on Panthers outside back for run home, maybe a To’o if named or Crichton (already have Sauce and Yeo).

  4. Samuelschembri33

    Hey guys, sorry another Q. I still have Luchy Leilua, looking to swap him out due to his bad draw. What do you think my best options are at 2fr ( already have Bateman, lolo and matto in my 2RF) or I could swap Carrigan down to 2RF and get a gun FRF ( my two FRF are Carrigan and Hass) Cheers guys, love ya work!

  5. NuffTime

    Getting the nuff on and need to sort my CTW
    Currently got Yeo, Lomax, A Johnston, Shibasaki with Hall, Wiliame, Coates on bench
    Looking at bringing in Nofo and Ferris (nuff) for Shibasaki and Hall…
    Although this leaves me playing Rudolph in the FRF for Haas who is on the bench

    Alternatively could bring in Mann instead of Nofo as he’s got a good run (but not the ceiling)
    and then use the cash elsewhere next week to start nuffing elsewhere

  6. Love your work guys.

    Trying to plan for the run home. Panthers have a good run home and are on fire. I like To’o assuming he gets his wing spot back but I already have Yeo and Crichton in ctw. Do you think that’s Too (pardon the pun) many players from the Panthers in ctw or do you think it will be fine considering their form and their draw?

  7. Jeffrey.Fletcher

    My previous question sucks. Mann vs aitken? I’m leaning towards aitken purely for the low ownership, do you think mann will keep getting attacking stats from hooker?

  8. My team currently – have 170k
    Tavaga – Walters (waiting for C. Smith return)
    Haas, Taukeiaho, Rudolf, Guler
    Lolo, Jurbo, L. Leilua, Carrigan
    Cleary, D. Brown
    Johnson, Munster
    Yeo, Mansour, lomax, Ramien, Averillo, McIntyre
    Teddy, Ponga

    Thinking trades this week
    Rudolf & Ramien > D. Fifita & Talakai
    Rudolf & Averillo > D. Fifita & To’a (play To’a as 17th)

    Or do i go Ramien > To’a and have enough cash next week to get matto and bateman/Mcinnes?


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