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Have any questions you need answered? To deal with an influx of questions, SC Playbook is offering a weekly audio special to subscribers to answer as many of your queries as possible. Simply leave your questions in the comment section on the bottom of the page. Each week an SC Playbook contributor will record there answers which will later be posted on this page. We'll do our best to answer any questions via text if submitted after recording. But get them in early to ensure they're answered. This week Tim Williams is on deck to answer your questions.

9 Responses to “Listen now! Subscriber special: Question and answer”

  1. Jeffrey.Fletcher

    Is reece Robson a genuine option if cotter isn’t named on the bench? And should I bring in Bateman but play talau, or trade talau and jump on Bateman next week?

  2. Yumyumyum

    Is Mansour capable of bouncing back after a down few weeks? Penrith have a dream run & he’s a great price….

    Also keen on thoughts of Kurt Mann to Hooker – is he a must if so?

  3. Love you work boys,

    Firstly, just wondering if anyone can explain the Kick & Regather Break stat. If Cleary doesn’t get one for his try on the weekend, not sure when they’d ever award one.

    Also thinking of going Lomax to Latrell for two weeks, while Lomax (hopefully) has quiet games against Roosters and Parra and drops cash, while Latrell is up against Broncos and Cowboys. Then trade them back for Lomax’s dream run vs Broncs, Titans and Cowboys. Am I crazy or is it legit?


  4. This week for me has alot of intriguing cheapies. I know it’s the time of the year where you should be looking at guns but it’s too intriguing.

    which one interests you?

    siosifa talakai. (295k ctw playing 2nd row now)
    ben Hampton (171k ctw playing 5/8 against the titans. Might get output similar to drinkwater)
    Kenneth Bromwich (480k 2nd row playing outside munster with no Smith or papi against the dogs)

  5. Matty C

    Looking to trade L.Leilua and Best this week.

    Which options would be the best out of the below:
    1. Jazz / K. Mann
    2. J. Paulo / Staggs (have up to $550k for an alternative CTW option otherwise would of done K. Mann)
    3. Staggs / K. Mann via Yeo

  6. Only really playing H2H, looking at smith to cook, parking grant on the bench, then bringing Johnson in for Best… hopefully not chasing last week’s points as he is up against broncos… and hope nofu doesn’t go big against the knights

  7. Only playing H2H and have a big 3 game stretch coming up. What are the best short term options between B Smith, K Ponga, C Walker, L Mitchell and DCE (or any other options) over the next 3 weeks? Trades aren’t an issue.

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