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This week, Tim Williams is behind the microphone.

13 Responses to “Listen now! Subscriber special: Question and answer”

  1. With Crichton now probably Matterson going down, is Cam Murray worth the pod instead of tohu harris, jfh, Klemmer, paulo etc for upside? Seems to be getting better and Souths draw Stg, bro, cboys.
    Had Crichton (sold to Matto) currently have matterson, lolo, mcinnes, yeo in 2rf.

  2. This question is mainly for Walson! Had planned on jumping on Jazz Tevaga this week.
    I didn’t watch the game on the weekend though, thoughts on whether he will get enough minutes and work with Tohu spending time in the middle Aswell?

  3. Daniel

    Pure h2h player here so my team was slow at first but really strong now. Fortunately a lot of my early cows like Mann lomax etc have turned into keepers and I’ve come to the point in the season early where my team feels basically complete.

    What kind of strategy would you suggest I go with moving forward? Apart from some minor upgrades I’m thinking to just start nuffing all my reserve cows and eventually have some gun reserves which I can bring in suddenly for injuries/better match ups in the finals

  4. Hey guys,

    I can get Nofo and the Sauce this week for Naden and Marsters (finally) bringing my CTW up to B Moz Nofo The Sauce & J Moz with Best having a week off this week against the Storm.

    This leaves my 2RF kinda weak with Matto (?) Yeo and E Katoa as my run ons. I could get Tohu & Lolo but it would cost me B Moz and Marsters.

    Or I could get one of each position.

    I have 220k before trades.

    Appreciate any thoughts.

  5. $350,700 ITB
    halves are sj, munster, brown & wakeham
    Ctw is Lomax, yeo, talau, averillo, niu, williame & lemu
    fb is teddy and papy
    I’m considering 3 options:
    1} cleary and nuff in and wakeham and niu out
    2} Sivo and nofa in and papy and niu out (via lomax and will bring ponga in next week through cows)
    3} sivo and moses in and wakeham and talau/averillo out

    would love your thoughts. cheers for the content.

  6. I got to get cook in this week.

    who would you trade out to get cook

    1. McInnes (reluctant given he is playing hooker)
    2. Kemmer (might not score big against Mel)
    3. Haas (when Bronco concede less than 30 points, he is a guns, when they concede more than 30, he loses 20 point in stats standing on the sideline when the other team takes the conversion)

    • Hey Tyson, finished recording just before the question dropped sorry.

      I think Ryan Hall is a super buy at $328k now that Brett Morris is expected out for 3-5 weeks.

      Mitch Aubusson also a cheaper option with dual position at $250k with Cordner and Crichton out.

      But Hall has the big upside to him.

  7. Casey O'Sullivan

    Can really only afford either Walker or Latrell this week, as all my other potential sells like Katoa, Lucy, Hammer, Talau are all holds with money to be made.

    Both have the upside to go large over the next run of games the Bunnies have, who should I roll the dice with? Already have Munster, Cleary in halves.

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