Episode 69: SC Playbook podcast

All making a charge towards the title, the SC Spy, Adam Driussi and Tim Williams chat all things NRL SuperCoach ahead of Round 17.


In episode 69 of the SC Playbook podcast, 2020 runner-up Tim Williams (ranked 1,158th), the SC Spy (ranked 320th) and our stat man Adam Driussi (ranked 1,309th) are on deck to assess NRL SuperCoach Round 17 – presented by Brett Oaten Solicitors.

In this week’s episode, the crew discuss:

  • SuperCoach team news
  • Stat analysis – true player ownership + how many players SuperCoaches have this week
  • Hot topics – All the big issues facing SuperCoaches ahead of Round 17
  • POD and Anti-POD plays
  • Punting plays
  • SuperCoach Keeper League format
  • Our trades and skippers
  • Listener questions

Brett Oaten Solicitors provides legal advice to startups and creative businesses in media, entertainment, technology and sport. Whether you need advice to get your business started or to help it grow, Brett’s team has advised leading entrepreneurs and creatives for more than 20 years. 

Listen below or at any of the following links:

Apple: https://apple.co/3mbvi66

Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3o1zZQ7

Soundcloud: https://bit.ly/2Upi0Ke

2 Responses to “Episode 69: SC Playbook podcast”

  1. great as always guys. im at 667 atm have 8 for bye round 17 ^ running 25 man squad. had 12 injuries in 6 rounds at start so low on trades. 6. Bringing kin Swalker for Shuster nervously. Lam on pine has me nervous he doesnt even play this round. I was thinking Stilli but have switched. based on your pod and his ownership.

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