Episode 14: SC Playbook podcast, champion’s special, part one

2019 winner Dez Creek and runner-up Walson Carlos reflect on their triumphant season, and their unique story of aiding each other's success.


It’s an invaluable edition of the SC Playbook podcast, with last year’s champion Dez Creek and runner-up Walson Carlos joining host Tim Williams to reflect and analyse on their triumphant season.

In part one of two, the guys discuss everything from trade strategy, to bye management and captaincy tactics.

They review their most prolific title chasing moves, and the ones that almost cost them everything.

They also discuss the incredible circumstances that came about that saw them aid each other’s journey throughout the year.

It’s a must listen for everyone chasing success with the 2020 season set to resume on May 28.

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Listen below or at any of the following links:

Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3bOX2Ih

Apple: https://apple.co/3bTaviy

Soundcloud: https://bit.ly/2yffX0v

2 Responses to “Episode 14: SC Playbook podcast, champion’s special, part one”

  1. Mitch Turner

    Well done on the page. Really good to be able to dive deeper and listen to the chat on stats. Very happy to habe subscribed and for a tightass like me, thats saying something!
    Got a couple of questions for ya that are more important than ever with the short season and no bye rounds.
    1. How many POD’s is too many and below what percentage ownership do u consider someone a POD?
    2. When it comes to ownership percentage, is there any thoughts that you top guys have for trying to determine how applicable that number is to the top 1% of players? Eg. If Lolo is owned by 50% u could comfortably assume that a fair chunk of the top 1% own him whereas someone like Jack Wighton who is owned by 17% and intelligently considered a trap, I would be assuming that not a lot of the top 1% own him, effectively making him a POD when competing in and with that top 1% of supercoachers.
    Keep up the good work mate,

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