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      Trade whore

      Anyone know how i can view my trade history this year? I cant find it anywhere

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      SC Playbook

      For a desktop, the below will get you there.

      Go to edit team, the display of your squad.

      Underneath MY TEAM – then below it, it has your team name.

      Just below that, ‘field’ is selected. Next to that is ‘history’ click on that.

      On the far right hand side of the screen it will have ‘league results’ and next to that you can select ‘trade history’.

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      Hey mate,

      If using desktop, “My Team” then “History” up the top next to “Field” and “List” then your trade history is down the right hand side.

      If you’re on your phone, the “History” tab is in a drop down box under “Field”.

      Hope that helps!

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      Trade whore

      Awesome. Thanks Lads

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