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      SC Playbook

      Drop all your NRL SuperCoach questions and feedback ahead of Round 8 here.

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      How did we all get on in Round 7? 1,231 for me thanks to Sammy Walker saving me.

      Also trade plans everyone?

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      Ok currently 288 in my first season of SC.

      Am I mad in my position to pause this week and take Simpkin and Curran if not suspended (surly he has to beat that charge). Would mean me having to play Stains and Ryan or Utoikamanu again?

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        SC Playbook

        Hey Graeme, congrats on the fast start in your first season, amazing! Not mad at all, bank that cash and it should set you up really well for the rest of the yer. Should free some coin for a gun next week, and you may even be able to save a trade pending how your team is set up. Like it.

        – TW

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      Pablo Bill

      A measly 1,182. Captain Ted…..

      Trades: Tino to TPJ and either Ted to Holmes OR Liddle to Simpkin depending on TLT

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      luke richo
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      Interesting to note that the top scoring averages in SC so far seem to indicate that Gun players seem to average much closer to 70 per game than in previous years.

      HK – Mahoney, Brailey (lowest avg 74.0)
      FR – iPapalii, LThompson, TPJ (70.9)
      2RW – DFifita, Barnett, Tohu, Frizell, AChrichton (69.3)
      HB – Cleary, SWalker (79.0)
      FE – Luai, Munster (72.1)
      CTW – Bmoz, To’o, CThompson, Fergo, Rapana (68.3)
      FB – Papz, Turbo (117)

      That’s a squad of 21 and obviously some things will change by the end of the year and there are some duals in that list.

      Though it does give a decent indication for how we could be looking to structure final squads. Definitely a few surprises.

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        Think i’m most surprised by Rapana rolling back the years out of those averages Mash.

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      Hayne Bit My

      I am seriously considering anti-poding Turbo due to him playing the panthers. Considering getting Thompson instead. Means I can trade Laurie or capewell to a gun flb later on. Don’t see ponga scoring that well with his run

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        SC Playbook

        Like the anti-POD play mate. Turbo huge injury risk and probably doesn’t go too big v Manly anyway, it’s the two weeks after against the Warriors and Broncos that are more of a concern. Thompson gives you Round 13 coverage too.

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      SC Playbook

      Interesting stat I saw on Twitter regarding fullbacks and their ability to go large in recent years.

      SC FLB Stat
      Game 90+ since 2019
      Papz P-28 🔥-12 (2.3)
      Teddy P-45 🔥-16 (2.8)
      Turbo P-21 🔥-7 (3.0)
      Dufty P-37 🔥-9 (4.1)
      Ponga P-41 🔥-9 (4.6)
      Gutho P-51 🔥-9 (5.7)

      What are we all thinking of doing at fullback this week? Teddy in doubt, Papy potentially another 2/3 weeks. Some huge calls to be made.

      Personally thinking Papy-Turbo, bank that cash, and hold Teddy in the hope he’s one week max out. Can’t justify trading having lost so much value.

      – TW

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        The Integrity Unit

        I missed trading Latrell to Gutho last week (somehow missed lockout with Souths playing early game Friday), so am looking to do the same trade this week. Eels have a reasonable draw coming up & I’m looking at keeping Gutho for Rd 13, where he could be a decent captain option. Is it to early to be thinking that way?

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          SC Playbook

          Hey mate, not at all, Gutho is a great option. Personally I like Ponga/Turbo for their ceilings, but to be honest I’ve probably undersold Gutho this season. Hasn’t put a foot wrong, will be the only option playing Round 13, low breakeven and has the best draw of the fullback contenders. He probably ticks the most boxes of everyone.

          – TW

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      Miss Jane

      I have Teddy and Paps at the back, would love to hold Paps, but risky if Teddy is rested late, thoughts…. It seems that Curran is the No 1 trade in this week, can someone talk me out of buying Sitili instead, I know he’s not bottom dollar, but will still make some cash and possibly a better play each weekend and POD?

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      Guys I need your help. Here are my final options for the week:

      Option 1:
      Tedesco + Staines > Trbojevic + Thompson

      Option 2:
      Staines + Papenhuyzen > Nofoaluma + Ponga

      Option 3:
      Tedesco + Staines > Ponga + Tupouniua

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        SC Playbook

        Hey Bev,

        All great options mate so hard to separate. I’d lean towards option 2 personally but not by much.

        Basically I think it comes down to your approach to supercoach with KP v Turbo.

        After Penrith, Manly have a great draw and Turbo could go huge.

        Ponga has a tough few weeks but is more durable.

        Kind of risk v reward.

        I’m risking and going Tommy but there’s nothing between them.

        Sorry to sit on the fence a little!

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      I need to trade out my under performing players. Which 2 out of the 3 would you pick to trade out:
      Junior Paulo
      Brandon Smith

      give me some reasons to your way of thinking

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        SC Playbook

        Hey mate,

        TKO and Smith for me.

        TKO injury risk and benched. Surely Grant starts soon for Melbourne, and Finucane, so Smith’s minutes are a worry.

        Paulo has been underwhelming, but at least he’s starting and injury free. He’s lost his value as a trade in my opinion but the other two still have value.

        – TW

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      Thinking of missing Simpkin, holding the trade & going Watson > Harry Grant next week.

      H2H player, will win my matchup this week.

      Should I hold trade, grant next week or do watson > simpkins now

      Brailey / Watson
      Welch / Tino / Uto / Leniu
      Fifita / angus / barnett / rjames / curran / blore
      Cleary / waker
      Luai / schuster
      To’o / lomax / capewell / laurie / staines / simmo / saab
      Turbo / Teddy
      $352K in bank

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