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    Drop your questions here for feedback from the SuperCoach community on trades and tactics for Round 7.


    Whats the best cheapie ctw out of coates, hammer, Tui, funa and averillo (for cash making and occasional play)?
    Would you go double ctw cheapie this week or go luia(not starter) and kennedy(not starter) to munster/cleary and ctw cheapie? It kind of looks like this is the last week of bottom price cheapies for abit.

    thanks for the help 🙂

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    Looking at either Tesi Niu & 195k in the bank for next week or Brenko Lee and no cash as CTW trade in.
    My CTW is rubbish so I dont mind spending up that bit to get a better option but torn


    Also interested in CTW opinions. I already have Averillo.

    Looking at Nui in for Isaako here.

    Then… I’m tempted to go Kennedy>Coates to make $, but I think instead I’ll go Moses>Cleary this week (both 100 BE but I think Cleary likely to score more points).


    Thoughts on upcoming 2RF/FR cheapies? Trying to work out if my best option is to add a dual nuff or someone who can make coin.

    I need to move Yeo up to my centers but have other work to do so would need to kill a CTW cow and bring in a cheapie/nuff to make $.

    HAve looked at Kepie (but Kapow now back), maybe Jackson Ford at Dragons?


    Advice regarding VC Loop.

    Had Cleary last night who basically scored 100 points.
    I only have 17 players this week so AE isn’t an issue
    I’m’currently ranked about 1500
    Should I take the 100 points and make Cleary captain or take the risk and leave the C on Ponga?


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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