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    Drop your questions here for feedback from the SuperCoach community on trades and tactics for Round 6.


    Am I crazy to consider Doueihi based on their draw they have over the next month and his increased involvement?

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    Certainly not crazy. His base stats, namely running, have gone through the roof in recent weeks since shifting to fullback. He’s busting plenty of tackles and looking sharp and will make some decent money. There’s some risk involved but not without upside with the draw over the next fortnight.


    Thoughts on the trade options for Rd 6. Currently in the top 200, so going well.

    Staggs to Hammer: free up cash with staggs injured

    2nd trade is either Drinkwater to Munster or Leuila to McInnes

    5/8 is light with Drinkwater and Burton. So Munster becomes a keeper
    2RF is LoLo, Matterson, Arrow, Leilua, Carrigan and Kotoa. McInnes has been impressive, the dragons are the worry.


    Tigs on top

    Hi all first time posting love the website and podcast
    Just listened to the podcast sorry if you have heard since but Tommy Talau has picked up a minor hamstring injury and is a chance of returning to the team in 1-2 weeks.
    Thoughts on my second trade
    Hess/Arrow to Mcinnes or Drinkwater to cleary/munster

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    Andrew Jarvis – Absolutely firing in the top 200 mate, good stuff!

    I like trade two with Drinky-Munster. Munster can go very big on his day, and as you said it strengthens 5/8 which is a fairly volatile position.

    Essentially you’re upgrade a cash cow to a keeper, Luciano is very dependable and has the potential to get close to McInnes.

    SC Playbook

    Tigs on top – Thanks for that mate, makes far more sense that Talau was injured.

    The same answer as above, lock in those solid points at 5/8 with potential to go huge.

    Hess/Arrow will keep ticking along well enough in the meantime.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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