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    Drop your questions here for feedback from the SuperCoach community on trades and tactics for Round 5.

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    Easy week for me:
    Kennedy/Laui to Best/Cleary

    Hoping Lo/Lo returns.

    Currently sitting in 148th. Not having Teddy really Worries me this week.

    Time to focus on AFL SuperCoach for the rest of the week.


    I am soooooooooooo torn

    BJ and Holmes to Tturbo and Best
    Paps and Cotric to Ponga and Best

    I bought Grant in last week so no need to worry about him.


    3 potential trades this week
    Brailey to Grant
    Drinkwater to Cleary
    Papi for Teddy (have Trbo already)


    Very interested in the answer to this as I’m in exactly the same situation, for my second trade I can go
    Drinkwater to Cleary
    Milford to Munster
    Papi for Teddy (also have Trbo already)

    I’m currently leaning Papi to Teddy but that would mean I have to play Milford or Drinkwater.


    Centers really let me down last week…
    Marsters, Katoa, Lomax Wiliame (Simonsson Watkins Averillo)

    Will be going Walters >> Best this week via Averillo and also grabbing Grant, but I worry about the state of my centers. My current plan is to punt Wiliame and Simonsson next week for a cheapie like HTF or Talau. I got Marsters and Katoa for their perceived work rate and schedule – should I be rethinking these guys as well?


    Any reason you are not keeping Averillo as he is now playing in the centres for Canterbury so might earn you a little bit of money rather than Watkins who is now in England?


    I am keeping Averillo, had him move into the 2nd HFB slot through his dual status. But I am thinking about punting Watkins now and freeing up his dead money. As long as Walters doesn’t play and leak dollars it should be OK…haha


    @belemy77 – As much as I love Ponga, especially after last weekend, I’d go with Turbo & Best


    I think you need Grant & Cleary, look for the other trade next week.


    @stuart_2c3b9fd8 – I’d want to get Cleary in, if you have a way to move him from Milford. If not, Milford > Munster. You really need to get Milford out of there.


    @dfez – i feel for you mate, C/W is a heartbreaking position. I agree with your 2nd post & get rid of Watkins > Best. Good luck mate, I hope it turns around for you.


    Last minute change of heart, happy to hear anyone’s advice.

    Laui to Cleary


    Leilua to McInnes

    The reason for not jumping straight on Cleary is that the Eels are making it tough for halves to score against. My fear is that good players have seems to have played well when returning from suspension or injury. Ponga & Munster (off the break) are carving it up. Whoever I don’t buy this week, I will get next week.
    I think McInnes is still a POD, I’d like to get him in earlier than most.

    Let me know your thoughts.


    Anyone have mail on Jai Arrow? Would prob go him to Lolo if he’s out…

    Considered going Paps>Teddy (already have Ponga) but decided to hold.


    TU: Isaako > Mccinness (Moving Yeo up to CTW – $330K in bank)
    TD: Isaako > Capewell (Yeo to CTW, Capewell into 2RF – $550K in bank)

    Team (ranked in top 1K):
    Api / Grant
    Haas / Fotu / JTB / Rudolf
    Matterson / Arrow / CArrigan / Yeo / Tapine / Katoa
    Moses / Luai
    GWill / Drinkwater
    Isaako / Staggs / Best / Lomax / Kennedy / Williame / Averillo
    Ponga / Paps

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