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      SC Playbook

      Drop all your NRL SuperCoach questions and feedback ahead of Round 21 below.

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      Hi guys,
      Does anyone have some news on Josh Curran? Suddenly dropped out of an already depleted Warriors team a day before the game.
      Thanks in advance!

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      Hey fellas,
      I dare say you’ll cover these topics but I need a solid Hooker, I’m thinking grant but who do you think will be the most consistent for the run home? (I’ve got Watson and brailey).

      And I’m thinking Hynes could be a sell, who we getting out of manu, best, gagai, Rapana or someone else?

      Thanks guys love the podcast

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        I think we’re all considering selling Hynes. As Tim mentioned in the team analysis, Manu in centre isn’t the best for his scoring. I like Best, and was going to bring him in this week, but not sure I can bring myself to use my last trade on a bloke that’s injury prone. So that leaves Gagai.

        Regarding the Hooker, if you have enough trades (& cash), Brailey to Grant would be a cracker!

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        Grant will get minutes I reckon Tyson, depends on how many trades you have left.

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      Legends, what are we doing with Hynes?

      I have 1 trade left ($83k ITB) so I’m reluctant to pull the trigger. Team is:

      Cheese, Simpkin
      Haas, AFB, JFH, Ogden
      Fifi, Angus, IPap, CHN, Talakai, Topine
      Hughes, Burton
      Cody, Luai
      Hynes, Garrick, Tupou, AJ, Milne, Burbo, Cini
      Turbo, Gutho.

      I was thinking Hynes to Grant, but whilst Grant is coming off the bench still, I’m happy to hold fire. Other thoughts are Milne to Best/Nofo?

      I think my best option is to hold fire & save the trade in case of emergency. Thoughts?

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        I’d hold with 1 trade left Matty

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      I think adding more relevant topics to the forum will be a great idea.

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