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      SC Playbook

      Drop all your NRL SuperCoach questions and feedback ahead of Round 17 below.

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      Best trade in options for Peachy? I have the right duals to shift him to 2RF if needed. 50k ITB and looking for a keeper
      – Tupou
      – Lolo
      – Thompson
      – Ramien
      – Saab (I know I know)

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        Tupou for me out of that list Max.

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          SC Playbook

          Yep Tupou looks the buy of the week.

          Match up with the Dogs, and the Roosters have a decent run home.

          Strong base, attacking upside, as cheap as he’s been in a long while. Really like him.

          – TW

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      1,289 this week and very disappointed. (dropped from 5K to 9K)

      I was holding onto Lodge when i heard the news midweek of his imminent move to the Warriors. He was still down to play for the Broncos, perhaps as a swansong. I discussed this with Spy and Dez thinking he might not play as it might scupper the deal if he got injured and planned to swap him to Haas once the teams get announced. Next minute its lock out for the Warriors game and he’s switched clubs in game, I was filthy to say the least, they could have waited to the end of the game week! That really hurt my score that 90 points for Haas was replaced with 1 for Benny Trbo!

      Trades this week I’m sitting rather pretty; best case 15 players, worst case 12 players.

      Still need to bring in Papali’i and Grant at some point and may go early on one of them this week if no other pressing matters.

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        SC Playbook

        Tough one mate, bad luck on missing Haas. However, if he can play for the Warriors this week and punch out 60 odd as an extra number it’ll be well worth it and should balance itself out.

        15 players would be enormous this week, most people will struggle for 10+ I think.

        You should be in for some big jumps Bev!

        – TW

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          You know when I said worst case 12, its 9, thats where we are at haha.

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      I should have pulled the trigger on Uto to AFB last week, but avoided as I probably wouldn’t have played in 17 as I opted to play Burton as last reserve, and wanted to save the trade. I am now $11k short to do this trade, so I think I just have to go without as backup FRF (already have JFH and IPap).

      Alternatively I can sell Gutho for AFB/Ramien and go Luai to SJ, but will only leave me with 4 trades. I think I just have to cop Uto and Luai as back ups for the run home, thoughts?

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        No plans for Papenhuyzen on his return? I’d be holding those trades if so as you don’t have many spare.

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          Planning on Gutho to Papy, after Papy plays next and loses circa $70k. Have 6 trades to last till end of the season. So I think the safest play is to just suck up this week and hold tight.

          Next week Hynes to Fifi, and then Rd19 Gutho to Papy.

          My other thought is to go all out as my cash league I have an overall prize as well as H2H. Coming 2nd for both (#793 overall), and about 190pts behind overall leader. So I can go balls out and use 5 trades over the next 3 weeks:
          Rd17: Gutho to Mulitalo & Luai to SJ
          Rd18: Hynes to Fifi
          Rd19: Barnett to Papy and Uto to Nuff.

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      The Integrity Unit

      I’m on the charge! Have moved from mid 17,000s into the top 4,000 over the past 5 weeks. Still relatively well placed with 8 trades left and good squad depth, so hopeful of finishing in the top 1000.

      Wondering if this is the week to sell Hynes(?) probably for Tupou. If Papi is confirmed to return Rd 18 it looks like the play.

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      Which player would you guys bring in out of these players

      – Joey Manu (469k)
      – Campbell Graham (531k)
      – Jesse ramien (509k)
      – Taumalolo (461k)
      – Nikora (433k)

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      I have Peachy to flip this week, meaning I can either bring in a CTW or a 2RF… I have 509k and with low trades (6 after this) I need a keeper. Should I be looking at CTW or 2RF? Tohu is now my 4th 2RF (sitili, crichton, fifita + Talakai, Blore) which is thin, and Peach was my 5th CTW (to’o, hynes, AJ, Garrick, Laurie, sualli)…

      My plan was to have 6 in CTW to play, so leaning towards Tupou. But I could ignore the bye and get Matto in 2RF (I know he misses the bye). Parra’s tough draw makes me think of Matto as it should mean more minutes like we saw this round.

      It’s upside vs consistency, and also a depth question. Very keen for your thoughts!

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      Tohu out till rd22 according to NRL. Surely a sell?

      I’ve been tinkering with ideas all day, and can go Tohu to AFB and Luai to SJ this week. Or Tohu to AFB, and Uto to Haas next week. So I guess the question is, SJ or Haas the better option for the run home? Have Walker as my other 5/8 so have some depth there, and Uto generally doesnt make my 17, but getting AFB would allow me to play ahead of Burton depending match ups.

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      Pretty sure i’m going:

      TPJ > Papali’i
      Tohu > Lolo

      Straight swap next week for Schuster > Grant

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      Why is Foz such an unpopular trade in?

      1. He looks fitter than he has in years and has shed the strapping that he has had to carry for for at least 3 years.
      2. His position is secure with a solid base score.
      3. Manly have an awesome run home.
      4. He is averaging high 60’s in his last 3 games since that strapping has come off.
      5. and he is only $370k

      This is only the first year that I have played SC seriously and appreciate that historically he might have not been rewarded for his efforts in SC points but the signs are positive are they not?


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        Assuming you are referring to Kieran Foran, he has always been SC mud. Though is pretty cheap, and a decent POD compared to SJ or SWalker this week.

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      Really been stressing about my team for the run home, with only 6 trades left. With Tohu and Luai out, and a number of SOO unlikey to back up i may only have 15 next week, I want to save trades this week, but also want to retain top 1k rank. With 68k ITB, my current team prior to trades is:
      Cheese, Simpkin
      IPap, JFH, Uto, Ogden
      Tohu, Crichton, CHN, Barnett, Topine, Burbo
      Hughes, Burton
      Cody, Luai
      Hynes, Garrick, AJ, To’o, Talakai, Cini
      Trbo & Gutho

      Thinking of Tohu to AFB, or Tupou – though leaning towards AFB as I have a decent 4 CTW combo, with Hynes I can sell to Fifi or Papy next week.
      If I hold the second trade I can go Uto to Haas next week, or I can use the trade this week and go Luai to SJ. Rd 19 I can bring in Papy for Gutho and I’ll have 2 trades for run home.

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