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      SC Playbook

      Drop all your NRL SuperCoach questions and feedback ahead of Round 3 here.

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      luke richo

      Hi guys,

      Matto to Barnett
      Hoy to Brailey

      Feels like chasing players people already have – but do I just follow the players numbers/data this early in the season.

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        SC Playbook

        Love it Richo,

        Really nice balance between cash/generation and points potential there.

        People are chasing for good reason, they both look like near faultless buys.

        I think Barnett goes from strong scorer/cash grab to 2RF keeper if he keeps the goal-kicking when KP returns.

        Feels weird trading Hoy with such a low breakeven, but doubling down on those gun hooking options is a must.

        – TW

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          luke richo

          Thanks mate, really appreciate the feedback and geez it’s good to have SuperCoach back and SCPlaybook – doing great work

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      Thoughts on matto > R james
      Fusi> Bmoz

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        SC Playbook

        Like it a lot, personally will be going Alvaro over James at this stage but there’s very little between them. Also James has dual 2RF-FRF positioning which is super handy.

        Big money and decent risk in B.Moz at the price at CTW, but enormous upside as we saw in opening two weeks. The Roosters draw is pretty nice after the Bunnies too.

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      Hey guys,

      Really torn what to do this week, whole lot of carnage with not many trades haha

      Feel Cody walker will go huge with his draw in the next couple of weeks, so need to get him.

      Also my 5/8s are Watson and Moylan.

      Do I go matto to Ryan James
      Then Moylan up to c.walker?

      Or work towards him next week and go matto to James
      Then Saab to tupuionua/jackson and have 350k in the bank to hopefully get walker.

      Or last one matto to a second row gun/ fifita, Murray
      Then Saab to James move capewell into the centre’s

      Sorry for the long winded question, but geniunly stuck. Loving the podcast as well

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      Really torn between bringing in Ryan James vs Mitch Barnett.

      I have 128k in the bank and want to go B.Smith to A.Johnson next round via Barnett or possibly James if I haven’t been priced out of the market.

      I took a 10k position drop last week to 15k ( wrong subs!) so Im keen not to fall again.

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      Turbos Hamstring

      Hey legends, as per my question on the listener chat. Who stands out to you for an upgrade at 2RF or CTW (via duals) currently running the common cheapies at CTW + Capewell and have Barnett , Gus, D Fifita, Tino as my top 2RFs. 800k to spend, who do you get and which possie should I bolster, or should I just go with the money maker in James? Cheers

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      Turbos Hamstring

      If I go James this week it would allow me to Liddle via Watson to C Walker next week (already have Schuster)

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      Hey lads

      Capewell vc – scored 92, with cleary out i’ll already be copping an ae.

      Would you secure the points or keep teddy/barnett captain?

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