Tim Williams

Tim is the founder of SC Playbook and brings with him years of knowledge and experience on one of his true passions, SuperCoach. Tim has seven overall finishes in the top 1% across his past eight active NRL SuperCoach Classic seasons, including 2nd place overall in 2020, backed up by a respectable 431st in 2021 and 540th in 2022. He finished 43rd overall in the most recent SuperCoach Big Bash season in 2021/22. He hopes to provide his insights to fellow supporters of the great game. Following the completion of a double degree in Journalism and Media and Communication Studies at the University of Wollongong, Tim joined the Daily Telegraph where he worked in the sports department as an NRL, Cricket and SuperCoach content producer for five years. With an extensive background in rugby league and cricket as both a player and writer he drew on his understanding of the game to aid his love for SuperCoach.