NRL Supercoach Analysis: Round 8 Team Lists

2020 NRL Supercoach runner-up Tim Williams analyses all the major Ins and Outs ahead for Supercoach Round 8.

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We’ve arrived at NRL ANZAC Round, one of my favourite weeks of the season. The NRL never fail to deliver on pre-game ceremonies, there’s a special buzz around every game of this round every year. The Roosters v Dragons ANZAC Day clash in particular is arguably my favourite of the year and one that every footy fan should do their best to attend at some stage. We’re reaching the stage of the season where all our early season cash cows are starting to peak in price, so the decision has to be made on who are the priority sells before leaking cash, and who can be held a little further? A tonne of Raiders cheapies have reached tha

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  1. Thanks for the Epic work … I am in a conundrum for Cpt with SJ Nicho and Walsh and CNK .. I was Ponga’d last week .. murdered my H2H .. every week 3 or 4 out to injury or suspension .. it has not been a kind year in SC land … so please an idea on Cpt .. I love SJ .. but his Achilles is a concern (but then Titans have a short turn around after a really toughgame).. but Nicho is not high on your stats and Canberra at home is a different game .. Sticky just keeps pumping them out

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