NRL Round 7 Supercoach Wrap: 10 Things We Learnt

From Ponga's injury to Nicho taking flight, Nick Moon recaps the week that was in Supercoach for Round 7.


Well, where do we sit after that round?

It seemed a round prime for a big score, with some seemingly Supercoach-friendly match ups to play out but like waiting for Cleary to return, it just didn’t eventuate.

We got the points as teams ran riot but that didn’t translate into Supercoach points – Until Sunday afternoon at Cronulla.  

Subpar performances from some big names highlighted the weekend with Joseph Manu, Kalyn Ponga, Reuben Garrick, Scott Drinkwater, Ethan Strange and Terrell May all not hitting the lofty heights we set for them.

That left us feeling like we had missed out on a proper score.

That’s what it felt like anyway not owning Nicho. But lots more on that later.

Turbo’s Hamstrings had another down week, seeing red arrows for the first time this year scoring a Nicho-less 1027 leaving me 10,503rd overall.

Here’s hoping one Nathan Cleary laces up the boots this weekend because if he doesn’t, I would have held for 5 weeks. 

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10 things we learnt from Round 7

1. Nicho finally repays owners faith… and it couldn’t have come at a better time

I went into Sunday as a non-owner, hoping for a quiet game to keep me afloat… By 4:30 I knew I was going under!

Nicho finally broke the shackles and showed us some of that juicy 2023 form where he was a staple in every side and a popular captaincy choice. 

Ended the weekend on a high for many, with a monster 142 he saved the blushes of plenty who were looking at a sub-1000 score.

His score though didn’t really reflect his game, with only 3 try assists, 1 off the boot and another where he turned Tom Hazelton under and he proceeded to run 25m across the field, beating 5 Cowboys on his way to scoring.

Braydon Trindall seems to have taken away some of his gloss and he’s not the sole provider this year.

Thankfully his boot was on song, picking up 28 points in goals alone.

Still gets through a ton of work, and the scorers seem to favour him more than others.

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2. Ponga goes down 

Another weekend another injury to a starting player!

But this one was a big one!

Kalyn Ponga said at the beginning of the contest he was needled up and was hoping it would last to half time – bet the Spy didn’t hear that!

He wasn’t near the player he has been and picked up a foot injury also meaning his afternoon was cut short.

Ponga only lasted 52 minutes cruelling those who had the C on him as he could only muster 14 points.

Even a worse outcome considering Hynes’ output and Turbo’s score.

So, for those owners amongst us we have a bank to buy whoever we want! Reece Walsh looks the likely option, CNK has a very good 2 weeks ahead, AJ Brimson is a smoky and Dylan Edwards still looms.

Who do we like?

This is coupled with the fact Nathan Cleary looks likely to be back this weekend, so the money could be used there.

Exciting times!

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3. Bostock cooks owners

I recently learnt that Jack Bostock has a cooking show on TikTok – don’t ask me how I found out, but it seems on this week’s menu it was cooking 11237 previous owners that decided to sell the Dolphins winger!

Was one of the most traded out players come Round 6, and he took that personally it seems. He was on fire on a hot and humid night, bagging a hattrick on his way to a massive 131 points. 

I’ve been a non-owner so Friday didn’t hurt that much, but it was made that little easier to swallow as I learnt that the Overlord and a few others I watch closely sold him.

Those that held can expect another $100k+ in the next 3 weeks and a week or so of gloating.

Me? I’m off to try his slow cooker lamb curry.

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4. Isaah Yeo needs some love

About a month ago, I was on the phone to the Spy throwing some names out there as potential trades and I mentioned Isaah Yeo and his numbers from last year – one game under 50 (43) with a highest score of 91 in 21 outings

We made a bet the following week with an overs/unders, but said he will probably score 72. 

We both laughed as he banged out a 72 without breaking a sweat.

My question is, are we sleeping on the most consistent player in Supercoach?

He was in brilliant form on Saturday out west, playing a starring role and finishing with his second highest score of the year in 90.

His scores this year read 67, 94, 69, 72, 79 and Saturday’s 90. 

Won’t drop or rise in price too much and Origin is incoming, but seriously people it seems too obvious.

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5. Mental note: Cleary out, Edwards in

I was one of those guys who kept Nathan Cleary.

I also have one of those boxes with a heap of cables to things I don’t own that I can’t for the life of me throw away.

I wish I had the ability to cut ties when it seems obvious.

Holding Cleary hasn’t hurt me too much, but it seems not owing Dylan Edwards might have been this year’s biggest mistake of all!

Taken the reigns since Cleary’s absence and gone to another level with scores of 120, 119 and 89.

Still only owned by 6% of teams getting about, that number could skyrocket come this time next week with Kalyn Ponga out for 12 weeks.

And like I said in the heading, this is more of a mental note in case Nath misses any more footy.

Can someone remind me if I forget?!

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6. Where did all the scores go

Round 6 shaped as a weekend where scores could go nuclear.

We had Manly taking on the Titans, Knights and Bulldogs, Eels playing the Dolphins and Warriors up against the Dragons.

Problem was, none of those games seemed to go to plan!

The scoreline in the Manly Titans game had all the makings of a Turbo thrashing, however, Manly seem to have too many attacking weapons, and the points are shared around.

If Manly put 34 on anyone in the last 3 years, Tom Trbojevic would have 120+ no question. 

Newcastle got out enthused and the Dogs now don’t seem like a team you can target in Supercoach anymore whilst you really can’t predict what the Dolphins will throw up.

A late try to Dylan Brown helped him reach 60, but it was dire for 76 minutes

Onto next week we go!

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7. People outside of Brazil and Portugal are taking notice of Ronaldo

How good has he been!

Only in 12% of teams, Ronaldo Mulitalo has not missed a beat to start the year averaging 90 and only 1 score under 78 and that was a 56!

Maybe his combined 28 points in Round 19 and 20 last year is still too raw and that’s why there is 88% of teams that don’t have him.

It was one of the reasons I held off but now, I don’t think there is any doubts he is an out and out CTW gun!

Picked up a double on Sunday but hasn’t shied away from any of the tough stuff.

Still has an inviting draw in the coming weeks, with the Raiders and Dragons but then comes into Melbourne, Penrith and Roosters.

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8. Hooker race heats up

It’s been Reece Robson by the length of the Flemington straight in the early parts of the year, and those who started with him are sitting pretty, however, in the last couple of weeks we are seeing some bolters come and start putting some pressure on and creating a few headaches!

It’s a position where I don’t think you want too much money tied up and make too many trades to get right either.

I’ve played 5 rounds with Danny Levi and that was probably 3 too many.

Harry Grant is the target, but I think there is a world where you can go without.

Reed Mahoney showed on Sunday he is still a play scoring 84 despite a sin bin.

JMK had the ball on a string on Friday night and Wayde Egan finds his middlemen as well as anyone in the game.

And then there is Blayke Brailey who will play 80 minutes or more if you let him and Api Koroisau and Brandon Smith round out the top 10. 

Oh and my “small” POD managed a solid 64 on the weekend.

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9. Wollongong – where teams go to die

And finally it needs to be said – Wollongong!!

What happens to travelling teams when arriving at the Gong? 

Is it the temptation of Steamers that puts them off their game?

Or is it one of those Gus Gould hoodoo venues where anything can happen?

Manly and now the Warriors were heavy favourites heading into their respective clashes but both looked like they wouldn’t strike a blow again some Illawarra Division sides.

Dragons are much better, and seem to really step up when playing in front of the Steelers side of their fanbase. 

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10. Minute Watch

Roosters v Storm
Crichton 80, May 30, B Smith 55, Blore 80, Grant 80, Katoa 80, Chan 27

Dragons v Warriors
Liddle 62, Eisenhuth 57, RFM 80, AFB69, Egan 80, Barnett 55, 

Eels v Dolphins
Lane 80, Hopgood 59, Carty 80, Talagi21,JMK 71, Kerr 28, Plath 71

Panthers v Tigers
Kenny 77, Yeo 80, Sorensen 80, Api 80, Pole 57, 

Titans v Sea Eagles
Fifita 57, Fermor 80, Ola 80, 

Broncos v Raiders
Staggs 51, Willison 45, Smithies 45, Levi 75

Bulldogs v Knights 
Kikau 80, Hughes 36, Curran 66, Salmon 80, KPP80, Lucas 80, Ponga 52  

Sharks v Cowboys
McInnes 48, Nikora 73, Talakai 29, Cotter 70, Lolo 32, Nanai 69.

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