The Final Word: Round 6 Trades, Captains & POD Plays

2019 Supercoach Classic Runner Up Walson Carlos runs through his NRL Supercoach strategy for Round 6.

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Timmy Williams coined it Black Friday and with the absolute madness and carnage that occurred in the early game last Friday night between the Rooster and the Bulldogs he was right on the money. That game threw up so many shocks and twists and turns and that’s not even taking into account Supercoach! Dom Young and James Tedesco... man what can you say. It was another rough week for my side RTS Pongas 2.0… but Supercoach goes on and each week is a new week. Sitting in 81,774th feeling a bit like a South Sydney supporter at the minute.  Embed from Getty Images Strategy  Get a decent score this week! Preferably

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