Final team reveal: 2019 runner-up Wals Carlos drops his squad

2019 NRL Supercoach runner-up Dezzy Creek reveals his NRL Supercoach squad to start the 2024 season.


It has long been my strategy to not even consider a version of my team until after the second week of NRL trials. 

Of course I’ve been listening to the SC Playbook podcasts and reading info about players in articles and therefore forming ideas of who I want in my 25 man Supercoach squad. 

Taking a deep dive into putting my team together last night I realised that season 2024 is like no other because of the staggered start, which means options can be left open a little longer. 

Anyway here’s my team reveal as close to accurate as I can get it with what my plans are! 

And hopefully my return to the team name of RTS Pongas 2.0 will fuel another Supercoach season like the memorable run I had in 2019. 

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Harry Grant – MEL $750k. 

Lock and load Grant for mine. Pretty much fixture proof and a clear standout in a weak SC hooker position. 

Jamie Humphries – MNL $204.3k

Hooker is basically a wasteland apart from Grant, JMK, Egan and Api so I’ve slotted in Humphries because he looked awesome in the reserve grade trial and if he comes into Manly’s side at any time it’s probably at starting 5/8th


Api Koroisau – WST $572.2k

Being totally honest I’m keeping my options open considering we don’t know what Team List Tuesday next week will bring. One of my options is to run with the two gun hookers in Grant and Api. 

To do that however it would be necessary for me to make sacrifices elsewhere like RTS down to Bronson Xerri or Will Pryce and Nicho down to SJ. 

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Front-row Forwards 

Tom Flegler – DOL $475.6k 

FRF was tough this year in Supercoach. 

Essentially it’s the position I’ve decided to make the price sacrifice in because as Timmy Williams so aptly points out it is probably the position with the least ceiling. 

Flegler is a pick for me because he joins a new weaker club, set he’s likely to get more minutes most likely with the Gilbert injury and I believe his value could come in an increase in tackle breaks and offloads. 

Sam Hughes – BUL $238.9k 

Not confident in this selction at all, particularly the fact that I will have to start the rookie FRF who is most likely coming off the bench for the Bulldogs. 

However Hughes looked good in the trials and the Dogs have a gaping lack of depth in middle forwards so hopefully that leads to decent minutes for Hughes. 

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Thomas Mikaele – NQC $238.9k 

Hard not to put Mikaele in after the way he trialled. Basically stormed his way from a train and trial contract into the Cowboys top 17 for their first game. Season ending injury to Hess certainly didn’t hurt his stocks. 

Ata Mariota – CBR $255.9k 

This one’s a bit out of left field for me and seriously subject to change. 


 Griffin Neame – NQC $436.6k

Working my way through the Hess injury I landed on Neame probably benefitting the most from it Supercoach scoring wise. Considering a late change from Flegler to Neame. 

Davvy Moale – STH $268.5k 

Another cheapie option that could get the late call-up on Sunday for the RTS Pongas 2.0

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Second-row Forwards 

Siua Wong – SYD $462k 

Clear value proposition if he gets the minutes and for mine looks set to play close to, if not 80 minutes. Great talent who I think can average 60+ and make owners some nice cash. 

Brendan Piakura – BRO $426.8k 

Based on trial form and his role as an 80 minute edge backrower for last year’s grand-finalists, who are also an attacking juggernaut, Piakura must go in. 

Shaun Lane – PAR $446.2k

Clearly underpriced if he gets back anywhere near 2022 form after an injury-ravaged 2023. 

The presence and pre-season form of Kelma Tualagi does provide some headaches though. 

Heilum Luki – NQC $471.2k 

An absolute beast of a runner on the edge. There will not be many halves that will handle a free-running Luki as well as Ethan Strange did in the trial. Set for a big year in 2024! 

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Beau Fermor – GCT $467.3k

Another 2RF coming back from injury at a bargain price. 

Fermor has significant attacking upside and if he can nail down the left edge backrower spot and Keiran Foran stays fit, they are two big ifs, he could be a season long keeper. 

Either way he’s great value and a must-have in my opinion. 

Morgan Smithies – CBR $345k 

Bit of a throw at the stumps with this one, but the price point suits what I’m looking for and the talk out of Canberra is this Pommy lad will work all day. If he can punch out 45+ scores and make me some cash that will do just nicely. 


 Josh Curran – BUL $421.7k

To be honest I can’t see myself not having Josh Curran in my 25 man Supercoach squad. 

It’s just at the moment I don’t know who to put him in for. Hopefully TLT next week can help me with my decisions. Set for big minutes in the middle for the Bulldogs, he presents great value at that price. 

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Nicho Hynes – SHA $970k 

I won’t lie…. I did a lot of research around this position despite there being two obvious standout selections. The research led me back to Hynes. Lock him in unless he’s injured. 

Nathan Cleary – PTH $912.5k 

Arguably the best player in the NRL and with his confidence and the roster movements Panthers have had Cleary’s role most likely increases even more. 


Shaun Johnson – NZL $793.7k

If Nicho or Cleary is injured then SJ is my next cab off the rank. I think the Warriors are in for a huge season. 

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Dylan Brown – PAR $780.8k

Clearly a standout in this position, similar to Harry Grant. Only Cam Munster could get close to him I feel this year. Happy to pay up for the quality and play the long game with Brown. 

Lachlan Galvin – WST $204.3k 

Looks promising for the Tigers. Not sure if he’ll get a place in Tigers team but for my sake I hope he either starts or isn’t in the 17 at all.  


Luke Brooks – MNL $560.3k

All the circumstantial evidence probably leads the diligent Supercoach to believe that Brooks is a value propostion this year. 

Much better team with much better attacking options around him. 

Interested to see how it plays out the first couple of weeks before I pull the trigger. 

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Roger Tuivasa-Sheck – NZL $539.6k 

The return of Roger! 

He couldn’t be more impressive in the two trials so I’m breaking my rule of not picking centres unless they kick goals. 

Tackle breaks, runs volume and attacking stats I think will see RTS comfortably average 55+ …… I do realise that’s around the average he’s priced at so he needs to average 60+ to be value but I’m in it for the ride. 

Taylan May – PTH $458.8k 

Aahh yeh…. You know that centre rule I spoke about above, I’m breaking it again. Adapt or die they say. Taylan May is almost the first player picked. Clear value and an exciting player to watch. 

Ben Trbojevic – MNL $277.4k

Josh Schuster’s shadow is looming large over Burbo. Hopefully Manly give Schuster a month to get his injury right so Burbo can do a job for SC owners.  

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Ethan Strange – CBR $238.9k 

Surely has to start at 5/8for the Canberra Raiders over Kaeo Weekes? Strange couldn’t have been more impressive in the trials. An absolute standout. 

Taine Tuaupiki – NZL $277.7k

This is more of a strategic play to start the season. Highly unlikely Tuaupiki sees any game time in my scoring 17 over the next few weeks but hopefully he can get in that 3rd game before CNK comes back and get a nice price rise. 

Kane Bradley – MEL $238.9k

Talk about a bolter from pre-season. I don’t think anyone saw Kane Bradley coming in and starting 2RF for the Storm in Round 1.  

If he does he’s in my team, but with Blore and Howarth in the wings I’ll only believe it when I actually see it. 

Ali Leiataua – NZL $238.9k

Pushing super hard for that right centre spot at the Warriors. 

I’d say Rocco Berry gets the start as the incumbent but with the supremely talented Leiataua breathing down his neck it should make interesting viewing in the early rounds. 

Too good to not get a crack at some stage during the year. A long term play. 


 Will Pryce – NEW $345k

A little awkwardly priced for mine but if he was to jag the right wing spot outside of Dane Gagai I like him. Probably a watch and pick up later. 

Drew Hutchinson – BUL $354.9k

Looks like being a starter at the Dogs and has great base. Could possibly find his way into my side next week but is slightly awkwardly priced. 

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Kalyn Ponga – NEW $892.8k

Lock and load. I believe with an injury-free season Ponga will be the highest scoring Supercoach player in the game. 

Tom Trbojevic – MNL $833.5k 

All about his health and fitness. Stay uninjured Turbo please…. We all want to see what you can achieve with an injury-free season in NRL


Drinkwater, Tedesco and Papi all present options but I’m not seriously considering a change to them next week because I’ve settled on Ponga and Turbo. 

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