NRL Trial Wrap: Supercoach eye catchers from week 2

2019 NRL Supercoach runner-up Walson Carlos highlights the top players that caught his eye from the NRL trials action.

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Week 2 of NRL trials is in the books and whilst some of the games had very little NRL or Supercoach relevance, a number of games did throw up some questions and possible solutions for Supercoaches heading in to the historic Round 0 in Las Vegas.  Whilst I will touch on below the main players that caught my eye, I think it’s important to note as with previous years, but maybe even more so in 2024, Supercoach planning and strategy is going to be critical.  Here’s a few key tips for Supercoaches as you put the finishing touches on your squad before Round 0: Embed from Getty Images Tip 1  Don’t overcommit. Reme

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