Draft rankings: HFB, FRF positional analysis

We dive through the halfback and front-row positions to rank the best players to pick-up on NRL Supercoach Draft day in 2024.

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Halfback rankings If you ask any SuperCoacher with half a brain who the best players in the game are, they’re probably going to give you either Nathan Cleary or Nicho Hynes. And they’re right.  When it comes to the true high-scoring superstars of the game, the halfback position has a ceiling which can be hard to match.  In real life NRL, the best halfbacks have their hands in everything and in SuperCoach that translates to points, points, points. Most Draft Rankings will have Hynes and Cleary as consensus top 2 picks - and the order really comes down to personal preference.  Guys like SJ, Jahrome Hughes and DCE a

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