Bargain hunting: Discounted players from 2023 season

We assess the buy credentials of all the NRL Supercoach players that received price reductions due to limited games in 2023.


Here we are again, ready for another season, and for those of you who are new to Supercoach and SC Playbook welcome.

With the new season around the corner, I’ve put together a list of the under and overvalued players based on their 2024 price and their 2023 average.

For those of you who are new to how the values are calculated at the start of the season; it is their price divided by their 2023 average.

However, as a rule of thumb any player that has played five games or less will start the season with a discount. It is these players that we’ll delve into below.

Players of note will be in detail, and a full list is added at the end of the article.

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P MAMOUZELOS – $243,000 – HOK

In 2023 Mamouzelos only came in for two games while Damian Cook was on Origin duties, however I’ve added him to this list as the current NRL game is changing away from 80 minute hookers.

If Souths follow this trend Mamouzelos will be the beneficiary of increased minutes with regular games.

Priced off a 24 point average, and actually averaging 34 points in 44 minutes during 2023, he is a must watch if greater game time looms at any stage.

S HUGHES – $238,900 – FRF

Another Bulldog, another player that just needs more minutes. Only averaging 16 points in five games would normally be a red flag, however when he only averaged 14 minutes it changes the conversation. With a PPM of 1.14 last season, an increase to 30 minutes would see close to $100,000 in price rises.

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L HENRY – $238,900 – FRF

With an average of 29 points from two games, Liam Henry starts off 2024 only priced at a 23 point average.

If he can land a bench spot, he’ll be straight into a lot of teams. Averaging 22 minutes with a PPM of 1.32, he just needs more minutes.

D LUCAS – $502,300 – 2RF/CTW

The only Dual 2RF / CTW on this list, Lucas is close to a set and forget if he is to fend off Kai Pearce-Paul for an 80 minute role.

Priced off a 49 point average even through averaging 55 points in 2023.

A forward that can find the tryline, and you can play him in your CTW, what more could we ask for?

R COUCHMAN – $277,700 – 2RF

While only averaging 38 minutes in 2023, Couchman managed an average of 34 points.

With his price based on a 27 point average, his price will likely increase when he plays. There are better options however as I do not see the minutes improving greatly and because of this his cash generation is also stunted.

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H PURU – $238,900 – 2RF

Very similar here to Samuel Hughes and Liam Henry, two games for a 32 point average but only playing an average of 20 minutes.

If he can land a bench spot he’s well worth considering as he should easily improve on his priced average of 23 points.

Competition for minutes in the Raiders pack will be the issue early on, so he’s worth monitoring closely.

A DOUEIHI – $511,500 – 5/8

Even though Doueihi is still recovering from an ACL tear, he will be one to watch later in the year when he returns.

He could be the link man you need later in the year to run dual gun 5/8’s. Just to remind everyone of his last full season in 2021, he averaged 77 points in his first year playing in the position, for the Tigers. Do not forget how good he is when healthy.

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D MARINER – $569,700 – CTW

Finished the 2023 season with a 70 point average, however as he only played four games he starts with his price based on a 56 point average.

Usually this would be a set and forget selection pre-season, however in those four games were five tries.

Despite this it shows the try scoring potential is there and will be a very popular selection going into the 2024 season if he lands a starting role for Brisbane.

J PEREIRA – $520,700 – CTW

Even though priced off a 51 point average and scoring 85 in his 1 and only game in 2023, he has all the writing of a potential trap. In that 1 game he crossed for 2 tries, 1 with a line break, worth 44 points in total.

Pereira looks down the pecking order at the Broncos as it stands anyway.

J SKELTON – $331,100 – CTW

Priced at an average of 32, one to keep an eye on at the Bulldogs. From his three games in 2023 Skelton had only 1 try and still managed to have an average of 46 from only 58 minutes.

A CTW with a PPM of 0.79 just needs some game time, so let’s hope he cracks the Dogs backline this season.

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V VAILEA – $357,800 – CTW

With making the move across from the Warriors, Vailea finds himself in a very competitive CTW pack at the Cowboys.

However if and when he gets a start, he’s one to keep a close eye on. Averaging 44 points and priced at a 35 point average, he can only build on what he has shown us so far.

T MUNRO – $483,600 – CTW

Even though Munro has broken his collarbone over the weekend, he will still be a great pickup when back playing.

Despite being priced at a 47 point average, He averaged 68 points in 2023. Three games with three tries shows he can find the line with ease, keep in mind for about round 6-8.

A LEIATAUA – $238,900 – CTW/FLB

Another year, another promising outside back from the Warriors. We got a glimpse of what he is capable of last year, scoring 44 points without a try from his one game in 2023. If and when he gets a call-up he’ll be a great downgrade option with upside.

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R PAPENHUYZEN – $645,600 – FLB

After missing most of the 2023 season recovering from a shattered patella, in the two games Papi played he scored 1 try and kicked 4 goals, only playing 11 minutes in his first game then scoring 78 points in 78 minutes reminding us all of just how good he is.

With a full pre-season to get his body ready I do expect Papi to score similar to his last two full seasons (79 & 90 points) if he shows us he’s back during the trial period and looking as electric as ever.

T SAILOR – $561,600 – FLB

Sailor came into the Broncos team in 2023 with a very impressive work-rate.

From his four games he averaged 80 mins and 69 points, all without a try.

While he may not feature from Round 1, he is one to keep an eye on as either Origin / injury coverage for Reece Walsh, unless they just find a spot on the wing for him down the track.

740.91598146T JENKINSNEW$602,800CTW
701.04568139D MARINERBRO$569,700CTW
690.86558139T SAILORBRO$561,600FLB
851.06516126J PEREIRABRO$520,700CTW
560.72509134A DOUEIHIWST$511,5005/8
550.77499133D LUCASNEW$502,3002RF-CTW
680.85477112T MUNROSTH$483,600CTW
570.7468168Z LAYBUTTNQC$465,600CTW
580.73417147D HOETERBRO$414,500CTW
470.59378134J MADDENBRO$382,300HFB-5/8
470.59378098Max FEAGAISTG$380,600CTW
440.55358132V VAILEANQC$357,800CTW
490.61347147X SAVAGECAN$350,200CTW-FLB
831.8334084S FA’ALOGOMEL$339,000CTW-FLB
460.79327198J SKELTONBUL$331,100CTW
400.62328250J BRAILEYNEW$330,000HOK
460.58327070D HAWKINSSTH$325,200HFB
390.49318064J BOSTOCKDOL$314,500CTW
380.56318255J LUSSICKPAR$313,700HOK
760.95304084M HIROTICRO$310,400CTW
360.53298303J TOPINEBUL$298,9002RF
410.59297146C LEWISMEL$293,0002RF
350.43288109R JENNINGSDOL$283,800CTW
551.2275058M PLATHDOL$278,2005/8
340.89278168R COUCHMANSTG$277,7002RF
340.53278168T TUAUPIKIWAR$277,700CTW-FLB
320.6268219Samuela FAINUWST$263,0002RF
510.64265106J ROGERSBRO$260,4005/8
340.44247218T WEAVERGCT$245,400HFB
480.6245104Jesse McLEANPEN$245,000CTW
340.77247147P MAMOUZELOSSTH$243,000HOK
321.6237466H PURUCAN$238,9002RF
331.27237239T MOONEYCAN$238,9002RF
361.2236636G CHAN KUM TONGMAN$238,900HOK
440.67235430J HOWARTHMEL$238,9002RF
361.06236636T CANTNEW$238,9002RF
420.53235688R DERBYNQC$238,900CTW
291.32238238L HENRYPEN$238,900FRF
471.15235083L SOMMERTONPEN$238,900HOK
440.64235430A LEIATAUAWAR$238,900CTW-FLB
320.46237466R VOLKMANWAR$238,900HFB
290.36238238J FELEDYWST$238,900CTW
330.94237239K LAULILIIWST$238,9002RF
160.642314931B MOZERBRO$238,900HOK
161.142314931S HUGHESBUL$238,900FRF
131.182318377P HOLACAN$238,900FRF
10.522219900D ATKINSONCRO$219,900HFB-FLB
230.293917478E LEEDOL$402,000CTW
120.482319908K DONOGHOEDOL$238,900HOK
170.712314053D MATTERSONMAN$238,9002RF
451.056314347R PAPENHUYZENMEL$645,600FLB
60.332236650R JONESNEW$219,900HOK
50.282243980R RIVETTNEW$219,900HFB
60.232236650S FINAUSTG$219,900CTW
40.082254975P TURNERSTG$219,9005/8-CTW
140.782317064D SIFAKULAWAR$238,9002RF
150.442315927B TUMETHWST$238,9002RF

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