Updated team reveal: Tim Williams drops his Supercoach squad

Update: 2020 NRL Supercoach runner-up Tim Williams reveals his squad to start the 2024 season, with plenty of big changes.

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The Cooma Stallions have arrived for 2024, with a pre-season train on squad locked in. Positions are up for grabs, with no player secure for a position for round 1. If any player shows any sign of poor attitude or complacency throughout February, rest assured they will be cut without hesitation. It’s a very similar approach to Homer Simpson’s team selection. As I drop my team below, the players listed on the watchlist are every bit as important as the ones that I’ve named. There is so much still to play out before round 1, with the NRL trials to provide a huge watch for Supercoaches. Embed from Getty Images Sadly, a

17 Responses to “Updated team reveal: Tim Williams drops his Supercoach squad”

  1. grahamhart8

    Hi Tim,
    Have you considered the early buys?
    2 of your top 17 (Campbell & Fermor) won’t play R2
    2 of your top 17 (Hammer & Flegler) won’t play R3
    2 of your top 17 (Paps & Grant) won’t play R4
    Hynes won’t play R5
    2 of your top 17 (Cleary & May) won’t play R6
    You will be basically playing with 15 top players for 5 weeks and relying on Nuffs to make up your 17.
    You could be left behind after the first 6 rounds?

  2. lesley.greenhalgh.1968

    Thanks for sharing Tim.

    I look forward to seeing all the contributors’ teams (and subsequent changes…). It is interesting the different thought processes everyone goes through this time of the season!

    Keep up the amazing work.

  3. Hi Tim,
    I’ve only now seen your current team, and I do have one BIG question. Can you please expand upon the reasoning behind your FRF selections? I’m vey surprised you’ve excluded both Payne and Tino. I thought you’d have at least one, if not both?
    Cheers, John L

    • Hi John,

      I don’t see either generating any cash, and they rarely have tonnes in them, especially big ones to justify starting them.

      They’re both extremely consistent and will likely be top 2 averaging FRFs this season, but I’m prioritising them later.

      They may average 70, while there may be players $400-500k cheaper that can bang out 45-50 which will do the job in the meantime.

  4. Mark Everett

    Hi Tim
    Thanks for the team reveal. Just curious with your team who would you be looking to upgrade first. With a limited salary cap once you make some money would you be looking to upgrade say a 5/8 to some one like brown a 2RF like a Murray or a big name CTW.

    Just curious as to where you look to strengthen your team as you start to cash in.

    Thanks Tim

    Love ya work

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