Updated team reveal: Tim Williams drops his Supercoach BBL squad

Updated: Finishing 43rd overall in BBL11, Tim Williams drops his Round 1 team for the new Supercoach Big Bash season.

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After plenty of deliberation over the past month, and the 11 months before that, I’ve finally landed on a Round 1 Supercoach team. Well, for now anyway… Things may change pending round 1 team line-ups, but I'm confident this should be very close to the mark. I’ve gone very hard on trying to avoid sole batters, instead opting for as many all-rounders as possible, or additionally wicket-keepers in the batting slot to at least bank some fielding points should they flop with the willow. This seems a pretty obvious strategy, but I’ve gone harder than previous years. With the shorter competition in BBL13 than previous years

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