Ultimate point of difference team to kick-off BBL13

Feel like throwing caution to the wind? BBL09 champion Thommo Aitken picks an entire team of players at sub 10% ownership.


Some SuperCoach teams can look very similar, however, it is important to remember that being different is sometimes a good thing in SC.

People can be drawn to familiar big names, undervalue the schedule and sometimes there are some sneaky players that could prove to be great options for your SC side at very low ownership levels.

This team was selected with schedule in mind. It is very easy to select say very solid SC players from teams like the Hurricanes and others but as has been discussed on the SC Playbook Podcasts recently, there are teams that do not have a friendly schedule to start the season with.

So, the following is a side that has been selected that could be used and it will be very interesting to see how it tracks over the first few rounds of the season.

Note for the following team a POD was defined as anyone at under 10% ownership at time of writing.

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Joe Clarke (Melbourne Renegades)

$139,600 and 9% ownership

Sometimes SC is not all about the big names and popular selections.

There is a definite world where Joe Clarke outperforms Quinton de Kock.

Clarke has plenty of BBL experience, whilst de Kock has none. Quinton has the target on his back after a great World Cup campaign, whilst Clarke will be under the radar.

Clarke is no slouch as evidenced by his 101 not out last year. A price difference of just over $40,000 is also worth noting.

With five games over the first three rounds, one would think Clarke has some runs in him at some stage. A member of the POD that could very well be a great selection in your actual team!

Reserve Keeper

Harry Nielsen (Adelaide Strikers)

$63,000 and 11% ownership

The one cheeky selection in the POD team. Nielsen is currently 11% owned so I think we can let that slide.

He did take five catches for the Strikers in their historic win against the Thunder last year, but that doesn’t seem to be a sustainable method of scoring SC points.

The community really needs a basement priced ($42,000) keeper before the tournament starts.

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Aaron Finch (Melbourne Renegades)

$125,700 and 9% ownership

The middle order bat. It still seems a bit weird typing that, but last season we saw the switch of Finch to that number four role. Four scores of over 60 runs last year shows he still has it.

The Renegades open the season with two games against the Scorchers, as well as the traditionally strong Sixers over the first three rounds.

Finchy could be spending more time in the middle than we expected!

Sam Harper (Melbourne Stars)

$130,1000 and 6% ownership

Listeners to our most recent podcast would have heard dual champion Andrew mentioning his name as someone who should be on our radars if the stars align.

Will he open or will he come in at number 6 or 7?

Sometimes he seems to get out with questionable shot selection, but there did seem to be patches where it looked like he put it all together making scores of 89, 63 and 51 with an average strike rate of well over 150!

The bye in round two for the Stars could also make him a handy loop. Also worth noting the Stars have three doubles over the first five rounds!

Paul Walter (Brisbane Heat)

$105,000 and 6% ownership

As a side note, but I guess it is not really surprising given they have three games in round 1, but it is very hard to find a POD from the Heat who looks likely to play all three games.

Could Paul Walter fit the mould?

It’s hard to know for sure, but one would expect that he was recruited for a purpose. A genuine all-rounder role is SC gold!

A break glass in case of emergency bowler and facing only a handful of deliveries each match is one of the SC headaches.

We will have to determine where Walter sits on this spectrum. He bowled 22 overs in 10 games in the most recent Hundred competition in the UK,  and batted anywhere from number 4 to number 6 whilst playing for the Manchester Originals.

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Jack Edwards (Sydney Sixers)

$62,500 and 5% ownership

I will just let Maxy spruik why Jack Edwards could be a valuable SC option.

If he can be as productive as other all rounders in magenta such as Dan Christian, Hayden Kerr or Tom Curran, I will listen keenly!

Jason Sangha (Sydney Thunder)

$113,600 and 3% ownership

Just remember back to two seasons ago for Sangha.

Last season was a write off due to injury, but if we go back to BBL 21/22 he started the season on absolute fire with scores of 39, 47, 56 and 91 in his first four digs.

Could he repeat this and be an expensive price by the time the Thunder have the round 4 double?

I can’t see him being a genuine all-rounder, he is a part timer, so don’t factor in wickets into his point scoring opportunities.

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Reserve Batters

$62,500 and 3% ownership

Jack Wood (Brisbane Heat)

The DPP is handy. Whether or not he is actually in the Heat line up is another thing!

He has played previously for the Heat as a replacement player during COVID times, but has earnt his shot at the big time as a contracted player this season.

Words such as hard-hitting all-rounder excite me, but let’s just wait and see.

The numerous Heat call ups to the Governor General’s Match can only help his prospects.

Jamie Overton (Adelaide Strikers)

$125,000 and 2% ownership

Storing a Striker on the bench in preparation for their double game in round 2. Is Overton worth considering? 

He’s DDP, but as mentioned previously all-rounders can be tricky. He too played for the Manchester Originals.

In a similar mould to Walter, he batted anywhere from 5 to 7, with a score of 83 not out off just 30 balls, definitely worth noting.

From a bowling perspective he had 17 overs in 10 matches, however only 3 wickets is not great reading.

But, the big question is can he replace Tim Williams’ favourite CDG in the Strikers line up?!

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Mujeeb Ur Rahman (Melbourne Renegades)

$126,300 and 6% ownership

There are some parallels here, like we have mentioned with Clarke and De Kock.

Mujeeb and the more well-known Zampa could perform similarly, but I can also see a world where Mujeeb outperforms Zampa over the first three rounds.

There are a few reasons for this and I wonder if I can convince Maxy who on our most recent podcast still seems to hold a grudge over Mujeeb who only took 1 wicket over a double game round a couple of years ago when he was possibly his captain!

Zampa is coming back from a massive World Cup campaign where he shouldered the spinning load for Australia.

He is then staying on for the random T20 series against India straight after the World Cup. It is feasible that he could be rested or rotated for the Renegades during the early part of the season.

Mujeeb is no slouch either and likewise is coming off a world cup campaign with Afghanistan.

His economy rate across his BBL career is a very tidy 6.3 runs per over. The knock on him could potentially be his strike rate of 24.04, which is not as good as Zampa’s which is 19.17.

Mujeeb, however, can take bulk wickets on his day as evidenced by his 3/29 in BBL12, his 3/20 in BBL11 and his 5/15 in BBL10. A performance like this could be very handy for owners!

Andrew Tye (Perth Scorchers)

$185,400 and 9% ownership

A proven SC gun, death bowler, can whack it, on a double, in a strong team and POD ownership.

Tye ticks a few boxes. Most people are familiar with his work, however, for those that are new, Tye is a great selection in your SC side in almost every round.

26 wickets in 16 games last year, 25 wickets in 16 games the year before that. He is very consistent and could be a great round 1 captain if a Heat VC fails.

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Kane Richardson (Melbourne Renegades)

$143,300 and 6% ownership

I am a tad concerned about the risk of injury and resting for Richo, but there is no denying he could be a fantastic selection in our sides.

The fact that he could also be a POD makes him even tastier. 92 wickets since joining the Renegades shows he is a consistent wicket taker who will bowl in some great spots such as the power surge and death overs.

It could also potentially be argued he starts the tournament under-priced given his best spell last year was 2/17.

Previous best bowling performances include figures like 4/32, 3/22 and 4/22. It looks like he will be plying his trade in a strong Renegades side too!

Tom Rogers (Melbourne Renegades)

$184,600 and 3% ownership

I loved the most recent chat on the podcast when comparing the prices of Rogers and QDK. Who would you take?

Yes, Rogers is expensive, but he is expensive based off his performances last year.

23 wickets in 15 games and he now holds the best bowling performance for the Renegades with 5/16. He could play five games over the first three rounds.

A real POD at this stage at a miniscule ownership of 3%. He can bowl an absolute corker of a yorker that batters find very hard to keep out.

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Usama Mir (Melbourne Stars)

$125,000 and 1% ownership

The ultimate POD and a big unknown for us Supercoachers in the lead up to this year’s BBL.

Mir is a leg-spinner from Pakistan who can hit the ball. It will be very interesting to see where he bats in the Stars line up.

Recent performances from both the Twenty20 Cup and The Hundred in England showed numerous performances where he came in around 7 or 8 and delivered quick runs in quick time!

32 off 14, 32 off 16 and 32 off 15 to name a few! He regularly bowled 4 overs in these competitions and quite often picked up multiple wickets during his spells.

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Reserve Bowlers

Ben Manenti (Adelaide Strikers)

$75,900 and 5% ownership

Someone will benefit from Rashid Khan’s unfortunate back injury. Will it be Ben Manenti?

3 wickets in six games does not inspire total confidence, however, back in his Sixers days there were plenty of times when he was able to get a couple of wickets during his spell.

Joel Paris (Melbourne Stars)

$95,000 and 4% ownership

Will a new team bring out the best in Paris?

He seems to be constantly battling some sort of injury issues, so fingers crossed that he can play a whole tournament uninterrupted.

He can swing the pill and be a handful for oppositions on his day.  

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