Gun show: Analysing the premium crop of Supercoach stars

Paying up for a firing gun can catapult your rank, but if they flop at top dollar, you're in strife. Max Bryden analyses the premium picks.


We’ve looked at the cheapies, the mid-rangers, now let’s jump into the big boys – the premiums.

These are the guys who will cost a pretty penny but could prove the point of difference in your team.

There’s a LOT of relevant players who fall into this category, so let’s run our eye over all of them to help you decide whose right for your team.

Now firstly, we’ve defined a cheapie as anyone sub $80k in starting price. We’ll classify anyone between $80-120k as mid-rangers and the premium guns as being $120k+.

So let’s jump in!

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  • Jamie Overton, BAT/BWL, $125k

Verdict: Watch ahead of the round 2 DGW

Test Cricket fans would remember this bloke who debuted for England amidst an Ashes campaign.

He’s a right arm quick who can give it a whack with the bat. He’s good enough to potentially hold down a number 6 spot at the Strikers which would be an attractive role.

His bowling lacks venom and he may not jag wickets, but watch the role in round 1 and consider him – if he bowls death overs, he could be a popular trade target.

  • Usama Mir, BWL, $125k

Verdict: Big Watch, looking at batting position

Pakistani leg-spinner Usama Mir is an intriguing one ahead of round 1.

Yes, he’s an international quality leg-spinner; but more than that he’s a chance to bat at 7 in a Stars lineup which – as is typical – lacks balance and has a long tail.

Mir’s batting record doesn’t scream ‘allrounder’, but his Strike Rate of 178 from the recently concluded Hundred tournament suggests there’s some ability.

With the Stars handy draw to start the tournament he shapes as one to watch.

  • Haris Rauf, BWL, $125k

Verdict: Buy

We know a bit about this guy by now. He’s top quality with a great role. At $125k, he’s also massive unders on his potential.

If the Stars can score runs and give him something to bowl at, he could be one of the leading scorers this season.

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  • Spencer Johnson, BWL, $125k

Verdict: Buy if fit

Shaping as one of the most picked players for round 1, and even a sneaky captain option, is Spencer Johnson.

Last year he burst on to the scene, and while he was economical, he did lack a bit of wicket taking ability. Has he turned that around? Time will tell, but his form in The Hundred was oddly similar.

Johnson was borderline unhittable at times and made headlines with a crazy spell of 3 for 1 off is four overs. That’s three wickets for one run off his 20 balls.

The rest of the tournament saw him take only 2 wickets in his other five games. The role and price are there for him to make the leap this year, and he only needs a little luck to be the highest scorer this season.

  • Alex Hales, BAT, $125k

Verdict: Buy for round 4

Hales is world class and really made the BBL his own for the last few seasons. He tends to find form in patches and string his scores together.

A great candidate for a ‘buy low sell high’ player. He’ll be a borderline must for the Thunder double in round 4 – follow the form and jump on at the right time.

  • Mujeeb Ur Rahman, BWL, $125k

Verdict: Watch

Two years ago he started the season at over $200k. He’s come back to the pack a little now but still remains world class.

With the ‘Gades draw, he’s super relevant and worth considering for your round 1 side. It shapes largely as a choice between him and Zampa for most serious sides.

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  • Nathan McSweeney, BAT, $128.7k

Verdict: Big Watch

One of the inform domestic players this season, McSweeney seems to be realising the huge potential which saw him make a jam packed U19 Australian side a few years ago that made the Final of the World Cup.

McSweeney could have one of the most attractive roles in the game if it falls his way, which it looks like it will. McSweeney is ‘Matt Short lite’ – he’ll bat top 3 and bowl a couple of overs of spin.

His job security is not assured, but he’s good enough to make an impression and potentially hold that spot too. A big watch.

PM’s XI selection is a shame for his Round 1 credentials.

  • Sam Harper, WKP/BAT, $130.1k

Verdict: Buy for the thrill seekers

Harper returns to the club which gave him his debut this season, swapping teams and roles with Englishman Joe Clarke.

At this best, Harper is electric and scores all around the ground. He should have an extended run at the top of the order for Team Green, and with the DGW in Round 1, shapes as a POD for the thrill seekers.

  • Adam Zampa, BWL, $131.9k

Verdict: Buy

As close to a ‘lock’ as you can get for Round 1. Great price, great draw, in-form and with a much better bowling attack around him, looks set to finally have that big tournament he’s threatened for a while.

The only watch on Zampa will be if his body can hold up after what’s been a huge two months of Cricket. He’s famous for a break over the Christmas period to spend time with his family too. If you don’t own in Round 1, have a watch and consider for Round 3.

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  • Xavier Bartlett, BWL, 133.3k

Verdict: Watch

Bartlett likely is not super relevant this season, but there’s a world in which he is. Bartlett has battled injury this season, but with the lack of options the Heat have, he could settle into a role bowling death (in place of Neser) and bat as high as 7. He’s no mug with the stick and if he does land that role he’ll be an awesome POD. Keep on eye on the round 1 team sheets but there’s likely better options.

  • Joe Clarke, BAT/WKP, 139.6k

Verdict: Buy

We know what Clarke can do. He’s a dangerous striker who should bat in the top 3 for his new club, the Renegades.

With their draw, he’s relevant and shapes as a cheaper version of Quinton de Kok who will cost coaches an extra $40k.

Clarke, like Hales, scores in bunches and famously strung together five half-centuries in a row in BBL11. If he shows form in the practice matches, he’s a great target for the early rounds.

  • Hayden Kerr, BAT/BWL, 141.4k

Verdict: Avoid

Kerr’s role is at threat this season. He’s been a revelation since coming into the Sixers lineup two seasons ago, but Tom Curran returns to the Sixers and looks set to steal his role.

Squeezing Curran, Abbott, Dwarshuis, O’Keefe, Murphy and Rehan Ahmed into the bowling lineup is tough – that’s before you even get to Kerr. So don’t be surprised if Kerr is a rotation player this season.

On the other hand, there’s a slight chance he earns the number 6 spot at the club to replace Dan Christian – if that does eventuate, which we don’t think it will, that’s a whole different story.

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  • Kane Richardson, BWL, 143.3k

Verdict: Buy

Kane’s always done well in average teams. Now, with a supporting cast which is World Class, he could go even better.

The ‘Gades attack of Kane, Tom Rogers, Zampa and Mujeeb is really good. They’ll be able to build pressure for each other which should lift everyones outputs. With their draw, he’s relevant, and he’s in my side.

  • Colin Munro, BAT, 156.1k

Verdict: Risky buy

One of only a handful of Heat players assured of their role in Round 1. Munro will open the batting where he’s shown he’s World Class.

He does have a low score in him, but conversely is one of the few players capable of scoring centuries. A risky one, but could be a masterstroke to start with him.

  • Lance Morris, BWL, 157.2k

Verdict: Super POD worth buying

Four players averaged over 70 points last season. One of them was Morris, who in four games made $80k for those bold enough to jump on.

He’s priced at an average of 50, which means he’s unders as well. He’s not locked into the starting XI given he Scorchers depth, but if picked could both score well and make money in an important Round 1 DGW. I’m preferring him to other Scorchers for that logic. Worth a big look.

  • Will Sutherland, BAT/BWL, 158.4k

Verdict: Avoid

A revelation last year with the 10th most points all season, Sutherland looms as a potential trap this season.

His bowling has never quite looked good enough to consistently threaten but it was his batting which earned him relevance last year.

He plundered an impressive 203 runs, and for owners, did it at a good enough clip to score the 9th most “Strike Rate Bonus” points all season. His 11 catches were the equal second-most of any non-keeper too. Plus he had two run-outs.

There’s two ways to look at it. One is that he’s genuinely in the game a lot and getting plenty of opportunities to score, which he did with aplomb last season. The second is that he overachieved at an unsustainable level.

Ultimately, his relevance this year will come down to role. With no noted allrounders in the side, he’s odds on to land the no.7 and 5th bowler role. He could even plug the gap at 6 created by the injury to Nic Maddinson. Both of these would be good outcomes. Personally, I don’t see how he’d improve on what he did last season and for being ‘overvalued’ in my eyes, I will avoid.

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  • Daniel Sams, BAT/BWL, 162.5k

Verdict: Buy by round 4

The price seems cheap for the best role in SuperCoach.

You know you’ll want/need him at some point, but it does feel like you can start this season without him this year and not be hurt too badly. You could do a lot worse than to plug him into a batters spot and just set and forget.

  • James Bazley, BAT/BWL, 165.9k

Verdict: Watch and buy for round 2

One of the big signings for the 2023 season is the Strikers landing big Baz from the Brisbane Heat.

He’s expensive for a reason – he takes wickets. His batting was pretty ordinary last season with only 120 runs from 12 innings at a SR of 107. I see him batting 7 in this Strikers lineup behind import Jamie Overton. If he can improve that return he will genuinely be a top 10 SuperCoach scorer.

Pending confirmation of the role in round 1, he should be in your plans for Round 2. If he bowls death alongside Agar, he’ll be a priority target.

  • Nathan Coulter-Nile, BWL, 172.1k

Verdict: Risky buy

NCN loves an injury and a resting. But what he plays, he’s dominant. Aside from the unknown Usama Mir, he’s also the closest thing the Stars have to a bowling allrounder, meaning he could bat 7 or 8 at the lowest.

On paper it’s enticing, but personally given Big Bash is the only professional cricket he’s playing these days, there’s no formline and that’s too big a risk for me.

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  • Beau Webster, BAT/BWL, 173k

Verdict: Avoid

Could easily copy/paste the Will Sutherland blurb here, and just switch the emphasis from ‘surprising runs’ to ‘surprising wickets’.

Webster was the cheapie of the year last season and a player I sold too early.

The big beneficiary from the season-ending injury to Glenn Maxwell last year, it’s hard to see Webster replicating the role of batting 4 and bowling four overs, including death. While he should slide at least one spot down the batting order, Maxwell is an unpredictable captain and could still use him regularly for bowling.

In his favour is form. Big Beau has already scored 7 50s so far this summer, as well as a Shield century. At 29 years old, he’s in his pomp. But again – just like with Sutherland – it’s hard to see him making money and at this price, I like other options.

PM’s XI selection is a shame for his Round 1 credentials.

  • Aaron Hardie, BAT/BWL, 178.3k

Verdict: Watch but probably avoid

The starting point for assessing Scorchers targets is that, aside from their Round 1 DGW, they’re not super relevant until Round 6. As such, I’d recommend being sparring with the amount of Scorchers you target.

Hardie was a surprise packet last season and came from the clouds to finish with the second most runs scored behind Matt Short. In all, he scored the 8th most SuperCoach points for the season all while only taking three wickets.

With the number 3 batting position his own, he only needs to get more regular bowling opportunities to take the mantle as a SuperCoach ‘must’.

Do we think that will happen this season? It’s unlikely given the existing riches they’ve got in the bowling department, but it could happen. What Hardie did prove was last year was a model of consistency, and with two bites of the cherry in Round 1, you’d be brave backing against him making at least one of his innings count. Not for me but you could do worse.

  • Josh Inglis, WKP/BAT, 179.2k

Verdict: Avoid

Last year Inglis was a revelation at number 4 for the Scorchers. He started at a cheap price and was relevant due to the aspiration he’d open the batting where he’d enjoyed a lot of success in BBL10 – despite the middle order role, he scored a stack of runs to go alongside a huge volume of fielding points which you expect as the ‘keeper.

Could he repeat it this year? There’s every chance. The only difference here is the Scorchers less than ideal draw and the fact he’s arguably at top dollar already.

He’d be a super POD for Round 1 if you went that way, but personally I think there’s better ways to structure your side for round 1. Ideally he has a few low scores and bottoms out ahead of their back-to-back DGW in rounds 6 and 7.

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  • Quinton de Kock, WKP/BAT, 180k

Verdict: Cautious buy

We all know what he did in the World Cup. Arguably he’s as familiar with Indian conditions as any non-Indian player due to his stints in the IPL, where he’s a consistent high achiever.

At the price, he starts round 1 needing 115 points in the DGW to avoid dropping cash. That’s before you get your head around the dates of his availability and his participation in the T10 tournament leading in to the series which overlaps with the start of the ‘Gades season.

Any ‘Gades in your side until at least round 4 given their DGW in rounds 1 and 3, so if he’s available and you expect in his first five games he’ll have at least a couple of big scores, then why not jump on.

  • Tom Curran, BAT/BWL, 180k

Verdict: Buy

The only player who can rival Dan Sams for the ‘best role in SuperCoach’ is the Englishman who’s returning to the Sixers.

At worst, he’ll bat 7 and bowl death but there’s a chance he could even be elevated to number 6 in the side given the retirement of Dan Christian.

He’s in 23% of teams right now which feels about right given the Sixers DGW to start the tournament. He shapes as a perfect option for Round 1 ahead of a trade to a Strikers gun for Round 2.

  • Ben Dwarshuis, BWL, 183.7k

Verdict: Buy for the pod-hunters

Draw wise, you can follow the same logic around Curran as a Round 1 prospect. And while Benny Dwarshuis doesn’t have the same role as Curran and should bat two spots lower at least, the price shows just how good he is in the BBL.

He’s always owned in POD territory – currently 3% at the time of writing – and his consistency is incredible. He’s averaged between 47 and 58 for every season of the BBL.

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  • Tom Rogers, BWL, 184.6k

Verdict: Buy for the pod-hunters

While the rise of Matt Short over the last two seasons is well-documented, Tom Rogers has been neck and neck in the ‘most improved’ category that whole time.

He used to suck. Now he’s actually very good. As per the QDK analysis on the ‘Gades, anyone you start with you should aim to hold until at least round 4, which means the bowling attack of the club is very relevant.

Rogers should bowl death overs alongside Kane Richardson, and could even bat as high as number 7 pending the final make-up of the side.

We expect the ‘Gades to score a decent amount of SC points this season so he should have another stellar year. Personally I prefer Kane Richardson at the price, but Rogers presents what could be a special POD player for Round 1 squads.

  • Andrew Tye, BWL, 185.4k

Verdict: Buy

You probably want, at most, two Scorchers in your starting side for Round 1.

Tye could very well be one of them given 1) he’s always fit and 2) he always has an incredible role.

We know he can take bags of wickets at the death and – as usual – his form in then One Day Cup has him in the top couple of wicket-takers in the comp too. For the price, I like Lance Morris marginally more if he’s available, but stretching to Tye for Round 1 is a real possibility.

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  • Michael Neser, BAT/BWL, 194k

Verdict: Buy, VC option for Round 1

Neser is in the top 5 best roles in SC club, as the price suggests. Batting 7 and bowling his four including death suits this game we’re playing.

And his early form with the bat in Shield has also shown he could do better than last year. There’s only two things standing in the way of Neser being a lock as VC/C of every serious Coaches’ team in Round 1.

The first; his wife was due to give birth at the start of December – thankfully she’s had the twins already so we don’t have to worry about this.

Secondly, he could be selected in the Governor General’s match to play the West Indies and miss selection.

PM’s XI selection is a shame for his Round 1 credentials, we may have to wait until the Round 3 double for the Heat.

  • Sean Abbott, BWL, 197.6k

Verdict: Expensive buy

We love Sean Abbott. And he should be in your side at some point. With Tom Curran on deck, he moves down the order a spot, and might lose some death bowling overs where he can get some junk wickets.

He’s still Sean Abbott, and will be one of the players of the tournament, but with Curran almost $20k cheaper, I’d prefer to go there.

Embed from Getty Images
  • Matt Short, BAT/BWL, 244.1k

Verdict: Buy for Round 2

Short is a complete Alpha.

And you don’t need to know any more about what he’s done in the last two seasons – his price tag really says it all.

What you should be aware of is the Strikers have used him as the allrounder in previous seasons, but he’s got company now within the recruits.

His potential opening partner, D’Arcy Short, can role the arm over. As do the projected number 6 and 7 batters, Jamie Overton and James Bazely.

There’s even a world where offspinner Ben Manenti comes into their best XI, giving the side another genuine frontline spinner who does the same craft.

Yes, he’s arguably the best batsman in the competition and that’s what you want him for, but he did score almost 25% of his SuperCoach points last year with the ball.

A reduction in that output would put his price closer to the $200k mark. This is a long way of saying that it may be worth seeing his role in round 1 before buying for their DGW in Round 2. If he’s not bowling at all, there’s even a world you could anti-POD him in the Strikers DGW.

  • Jhye Richardson, BWL, 247k

Verdict: Avoid

Again, you probably only want one or two Scorchers for Round 1. Jhye’s the most expensive player in the game and coming off an injury interrupted start to the domestic summer.

With squad value so important for the first three rounds, if Jhye scores less than ~160 SuperCoach points in his two games – against the ‘Gades and Stars – he will lose money.

For me, being able to get Andrew Tye for almost $65k cheaper or Lance Morris for $90k cheaper, I will look elsewhere. But I know Spy is keen as hell, and it could be a masterstroke.

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