Mid-range analysis: $80-$120k players to buy, monitor, avoid

With guns underperforming last tournament, BBL13 has presented a host of mid-range quality, but who are the best targets?

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We’ve covered the cheapies, so let’s go up a bracket. Each year there’s plenty of relevance in this category either from guns who had poor form last season, or guys whose roles have greatly improved. Below, we run our eye over all of the relevant mids you might have questions about to see who's worth considering for your team this season. Now firstly, we’ve defined a cheapie as anyone sub $80k in starting price - you can read that article here. We’ll classify anyone between $80-120k as mid-rangers and the premium guns as being $120k+. So let’s jump in. Embed from Getty Images Tanveer Sangha, 83.8k, BWL VE

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