BBL13 fixture analysis: How to navigate Supercoach draw

Understanding the Big Bash draw is vital to Supercoach success, we've done the hard yards to show the teams to target throughout the tournament.


Complex at first sight, the Supercoach Big Bash schedule is simple enough to follow with a bit of a push in the right direction.

Fortunately that’s what we’re here for at SC Playbook, to do the heavy lifting, to make the great game of Supercoach BBL easier to play.

This year’s competition is shorter in duration than previous editions, with round 1 starting on December 7, and the ninth and final round starting on January 14.

The opening round stretches across an entire week, followed by a five day break for the Test match, so we will only have one round up until December 18, from there it really ramps up.

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There’s a double game week in all bar Round 8, and a bye across seven of the nine rounds, so as usual it’ll be imperative to follow the fixtures like a hawk if wanting to achieve Supercoach success.

For beginners to Supercoach, as double game round/week is as sounds, with a team playing twice in that Supercoach round.

This means they will score points for BOTH games in that round, making them priority buys.

We’ll constantly update this article throughout the tournament to aid trade plans.


The way I see it no team has a great or poor draw as such, it’s about timing each side to when they have a beneficial run.

Of the notables:

The Hobart Hurricanes and Sydney Sixers are the only two teams without a bye in the tournament, making them fairly safe prospects throughout.

Remarkably, the Brisbane Heat begin the tournament with a TRIPLE GAME WEEK!

From my memory, this hasn’t happened since the COVID impacted final stages of the tournament a few seasons back.

I don’t even know if it occurred then, and the less we think about that season the better, what a mission it was to navigate…

The Melbourne Renegades have two doubles in the opening three rounds and no bye until round 7, ideal.

Cross-city rivals the Melbourne Stars have three double game rounds in the opening six weeks, with a bye wedged in come round 2.

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Rounds 1-3

As mentioned, the Heat have a triple-header in the opening round.

This may somewhat loom as an early trap for a number of reasons.

Firstly, with three games in six days there’s every chance of players getting rested, especially fast bowlers. Maybe not as much the batting contingent.

They started terribly last season, before a remarkable late season charge saw them reach the final.

The bye follows for the Heat in round 3.

Secondly, four other teams have the opening round double game week in Round 1, being the Renegades, Stars, Scorchers and Sixers.

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The Renegades have the double again in Round 3, so they’ll be hot property.

The Stars also have the double in Round 3, but the bye in Round 2, so invest, but not too heavily.

The Sydney Thunder and Hobart Hurricanes don’t have the double until further down the track, so aside from perhaps any out and out guns they’re probably early avoids.

The Heat contingent will be sells as soon as Round 2, likely for a pair of Strikers who have the double that week, followed with a bye.

Come Round 3, it’ll be time to flip out remaining Heat and Strikers on the bye, likely back to Stars players who go on a run of two doubles in three weeks.

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Round 1-3 strength of schedule:

  1. Renegades
  2. Sixers
  3. Scorchers
  4. Heat
  5. Stars
  6. Strikers
  7. Thunder
  8. Hurricanes

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