Final word: Strategy, skippers, trades, Round 18

2019 runner-up Walson Carlos has the final say on the major Round 18 plays, skippers, trades and more.

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So, exactly 10 rounds to go of Supercoach for 2023... Having a look at the overall rankings, ‘Wolfpac’ is out in front and holds a lead of nearly 300 points from the chasing pack. Of course, that is not much and can be made up in 1-2 weeks. If you work off the old Supercoach adage that you can make up 100 points a week on the leader then there are still 857 players in the hunt for Supercoach glory in 2023! Most of us are battling it out in leagues for supremacy over family, mates or work colleague,s and this is the time the best Supercoach strategists come to the fore. How many trades do you have left for the run home? Any boosts

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