Quantium data analysis: True player ownership stats, Round 16

Actuary Adam Driussi provides player ownership breakdowns to allow you to differ your side from those atop the rankings.


Analysing the top 100,000 NRL Supercoach teams after Round 16

Once again, injuries, byes and Origin restings make for a challenging round of Supercoach.

In the interests of getting the stats out I’ll keep the commentary short – but there are quite a few teams out there struggling to field decent numbers. 

On average, teams have over 7 players unavailable prior to any restings not known as at 7pm on Friday. 

The top 100 are missing exactly 7 players on average.  One team in the top 100 (team 48) is missing 12 players prior to trades.

Let’s take a look at the ownership of each player.

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Fullback (non-DPP)

The table below sets out the proportion of teams in the top 100, top 1,000, top 5,000, top 10,000, top 20,000 and top 100,000 that own each fullback.

Jahream Bula is remains the most owned fullback in NRL Supercoach but has a bye this week.  I see many teams are selling.

17% of the top 1,000 and 13 of the top 100 are impacted by Tom Turbo’s season ending pec injury whilst a further 20% are sweating on Teddy or Reece Walsh to back up.


Most teams should be able to reasonably field a CTW line up this week.  The main players unavailable are Ronaldo Mulitalo (owned by 40% of the top 1,000), Jacob Kiraz (12%), Brian To’o (12%), Paul Alamoti (10%) and Siosifa Talakai (10%).


Kalyn Ponga is now owned by 65% of the top 1,000 teams.


99% of the top 1,000 and all of the top 500 own Nicho Hynes.  The highest ranked team WITHOUT Hynes is running 608th.  Given that, the 11% of the top 1,000 who own Nathan Cleary are scrambling this week.  SJ looks the obvious target.


A number of popular 2RFs miss round 17. Most notably, Jacob Preston (owned by 62% of the top 1,000), John Bateman (61%), Briton Nikora (66%), Isaiah Papali’i (9%) and Teig Wilton (9%) all have the bye.


Harrison Edwards (23% of the top 1,000), Franklin Pele (23%), Stefano Utoikamanu (9%), Samuela Fainu (10%) and Iszac Fa’asuamaleaui (11%) are all unavailable this week.


Depending on origin restings, hooker could be a nightmare this week.  More than 50% of teams own each of Harry Grant and Damien Cook and a further 12% of the top 1,000 own Reece Robson.  Throw in injury to JMK (11% of the top 1,000), a bye for Reed Mahoney (9%) and Soni Luke’s unreliability from the bench (23%) and it could be tough if the origin players don’t back up.

Results – Players unavailable in Round 17

As mentioned throughout, a number of heavily owned players are unavailable in Round 17.  The key players mentioned are set out below.

Only looking at these players, the top 100 teams have 7 players unavailable on average. 

Good luck to everyone in Round 17!

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