Final word: Strategy, skippers, trades, Round 17

2019 champ Dez Creek has the final say on the major Round 17 plays, skippers, trades and more.


First of all, forgive me if I’m suffering from analysis paralysis – not only did the Blues succumb to a crippling defeat at the hand of Queensland, but Tommy Turbo also succumbed to a torn pec which all but renders Manly’s top 8 hopes redundant for the rest of the season.

Alas, supercoach trudges on and so shall I. Its clear to me that its time to bring in Cameron Munster at 666k, he’s straight up ready to unleash hell upon opposition defences as his price suggests. I also want to get an under-priced Harry Grant back into my side but it’s the time of year you have to make 50/50 decisions, so Munster it is.

The purchase of Munster is akin to adding a cube of chicken stock to your pumpkin soup, deep down you know it’s the right decision because it adds that flavour you need to your 17, but you still hate yourself for doing it. Melbourne are about to go on a run and absolutely spank some teams to end the year, and you just don’t want to miss out on Munster when he toys with defences and tacklebusts and offloads like a man possessed with juicy but unhealthy MSG.

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Many Supercoaches will be staring at Zac Hosking and Jacob Preston in their 2RF wondering what to do, and my simple answer to you is sell. If you have Schuster at 5/8 now is the time to move him to 2RF and bring in Munster or Walker. If you need to bring in a 2RF my main targets are Koloamatangi, Olakau’atu and Murray.

Buyers beware, all three of these players have a cloud above their heads, Kolo with origin, Murray with injury and Ola with form – however its at that point in the season where you have to make your bed and live in it. I personally already have Kolo, so will be taking a punt on Olakau’atu especially with the news that Turbo will be gone for the rest of the year. You know the drill by now folks, Manly without Turbo must find points from their other attacking threats and Ola is exactly that running off DCE.

Sitting 1300th overall it’s now or never for Turbo Irvo to make a charge towards the top 100, which is always the goal to start the season. After just missing out last year (123rd), I sit around the same rank I was last year coming into round 17, so I know it’s possible to make a late charge especially with the good squad depth that I have. I have no numbers concerns in relation to any of the bye rounds and am instead targeting the best players possible to end the year.

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As such here are my top 5 trades this week for overall players:

  1. Cameron Munster
  2. Harry Grant
  3. Reece Walsh
  4. Jamayne Isaako
  5. Keaon Koloamatangi
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I think most of these guys are pretty self-explanatory, Munster and Grant are looking like they’re about run riot on some teams, Koloamatangi is an under-priced gun, Reece Walsh is looking pretty much impossible to tackle and has the winning momentum on his side after a stellar SOO series win, and as for Jamayne Isaako… well he just can’t stop scoring tries and is pretty much carrying the Dolphins to a potential top 8 spot at this stage.

Since the start of the season ive been a big proponent of Kalyn Ponga, and if you were to take the road less travelled at 5/8 or fullback, he is certainly your man. Busting tackles and breaking lines left and right KP is looking in vintage form, honestly I’m annoyed after backing him in to start the season only to be crippled by HIAs for my faith.

Another player to seriously consider is Tino Fa’asuamaleaui who is now priced over 800k with a 3RA over 100. The guy is a beast and knows how to find the try line, what more can you say other than get him in, he’s certainly your best FRF to partner to Payne Haas for the run home and is seemingly invincible when it comes to judiciary charges.

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Preston > Munster

Hosking > Olakau’atu

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VC – Clint Gutherson

C – Munster

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