Niko’s watchlist: Trades, breakevens, and tags, Round 15

2021 runner-up Steven Nikolovski analyses the players he's most interested in, but also keeps a close eye on any potential tags that might occur this week


Only the 18 players for me so happy with the final 2004 score in round 14 which sees me gain 27 spots in rank to 1511. 

Having to stomach the Fyfe and Ford scores hurt, as well as choosing to play Marshall and Witts over the best ruckman of all time in Kieren Briggs. He’s only 23 years old!! 

Bont, Neale, Green, Dunkley (C) and Taranto were my studs in what I think will be my hardest bye round as I’ve planned well enough for round 15. 

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16 currently available now that Sicily is definitely out *may the tackle rest in peace* with 13 of them being premium players.  I will however be looking to get that number to 15 with a couple of trades.

Sicily, Sheezel, Cincotta, Green, Briggs (I know), Coniglio and Ford are all on the table for trading this week. 

It looks like I’ll be one short of full premium as I don’t have any boosts, leaving me with 2 trades to see out the 9 rounds left at the conclusion of the byes!!  I’m not overly comfortable with that, especially with how the game is being Policed at the moment.

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My Watchlist

Clayton Oliver (MID $658.7k) – Doing the hokey pokey.  In then out, then in, now in doubt.  It’s a lot of money to pay for someone coming off a soft tissue injury and hospital stay, with a high break-even, but it’s Clarry.

Christian Petracca (MID $654.4k) – Does look the safer play over his teammate.  3 and 5 round averages of 125 and is fighting fit.

Luke Davies-Uniake (MID $497.9k) – On the bye now and should be back next week.  A great M8 option but comes with risks.

Callum Mills (MID $471.4k) – Waiting for him to return and bottom out a week or two later.  Another good M8 option but want to see what role he has first.

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Darcy Cameron (RUC/FWD $464.2k) – Scored 92 against the best rucks in the comp and had to come off multiple times when the game was hot.  I think he’s ready to boom and own the #1 ruck role at the Pies.  Will give us important ruck cover too.

Elliot Yeo (DEF $399.5k) – He’s on the radar, but I don’t think I can go there as the injury risk is far too high.

Harry Himmelberg (DEF/FWD $396.4) – I would’ve liked to see a bigger score, but they did utterly smash Fremantle.  Played defence all game which is what we want, and looked good when the ball was down there.

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Break-even Analysis


  • Oisin Mullin (DEF $102.4k) B/E -32:  On the bubble, basement price and over his adductor injury.  If named, easy trade in for Cincotta and banking $150k.
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  • Deven Robertson (MID $218.9k) B/E -53:  I was very worried at half time, then very happy at full time!  Looks to have held his spot for a couple of weeks at least which is all I wanted.  If you need an 18th player and good bench player for the season, he is a good bet.
  • Angus Sheldrick (MID/FWD $190.4k) B/E -43:  I don’t think I can stomach another $200k+ player this season.  He looked bloody good though kicking a couple of snags and scoring 91.
  • Harvey Harrison (FWD $123.9k) B/E -38:  I really doubt he holds his spot with some key players coming back for the Pies.  If named this week that might be good enough for some.
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  • Marcus Windhager (MID/FWD $202.8k) B/E -11:  Not convinced his tagging days are behind him.
  • Elliot Yeo (DEF $399.5k) B/E -9:  If you got a few trades up your sleeve he good be a decent D6 gamble.
  • Ryan Maric (FWD $102.4k) B/E -9:  He’ll be a must have next week barring injury.  Job security looks rock solid so no issue going early at the basement price either.  Already in my team.
  • Jasper Fletcher (MID $157.8k) B/E -1:  Son of a gun who played very well on debut.  Another if named might be good enough to trade in.
  • Darcy Cameron (RUC/FWD $464.6k) B/E 70:  I think he’s up for a massive second half of the season and I want my ticket for the ride.
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  • Tom Green (MID $525.1k) B/E 97:  Glad I resisted temptation to trade but understand why some people are letting him go.
  • Stephen Coniglio (MID/FWD $498.9k) B/E 71:  Burnt me last season so I will probably hold at all costs.
  • James Sicily (DEF $649k) B/E 68:  This is so frustrating.  Uber premium who must go because of a tackle he got rewarded for.
  • Harry Sheezel (DEF/FWD $460.4k) B/E 63:  With Aaron Hall omitted I recommend holding.  Had 32 touches in a half back/wing role which is perfect.
  • Seamus Mitchell (DEF/FWD $322.7k) B/E 42:  Probably should have gone last week but maybe you waited for the Sicily news.  You could keep him as cover for Sicily and has handy DPP.
  • Rory Atkins (DEF/MID $307.3k) B/E 38:  Has topped out and can be used to get to a premium now, unless you the need green dot.
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  • Josh Weddle (DEF $339.8k) B/E 37:  My preferred option to cover Sicily.  He scores well without the captain in the side.
  • Alex Cincotta (DEF/MID $256.1k) B/E 34:  Fringe 22 and trade time.  As mentioned above if Mullin is named he’s straight out for me.
  • Eddie Ford (FWD $252.4k) B/E 31:  Ripe for the selling but could be a decent F7 option too.
  • Matthew Johnson (MID $277.4k) B/E 31:  Copped a corkie and subbed out.  I’d hold him if named.
  • Kieren Briggs (RUC $468.8k) B/E 26:  Stick to the plan Niko, stick to the plan.  Surely he cannot keep this up…
  • George Wardlaw (MID $285.9k) B/E 24:  I’d probably trade around him and keep him on the bench, but trade if you need the money invested in him.
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Tag Watch

Lachie Neale – Marcus Windhager has successfully limited him in the past.

Nick Daicos – I would be surprised if Keays didn’t play forward and sit on him.

Darcy Parish/Zach Merrett – If Aish is over his concussion he could get a job.

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Potential Trades

Sicily + Briggs to Oliver/Petracca + D Cameron

Cincotta to Mullin if named to bank $150k for my final M8 upgrade.

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