2023 NRL Supercoach: Half yearly review

After surviving the last 14 weeks of the NRL SuperCoach season, stats guru Jay Schubert takes a look back at the key talking points so far

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With only one team on the bye this week Supercoach seems to have settled down for a moment. And after surviving the last 14 weeks of chaotic late outs, resting’s, head knocks and Origin call ups, it's time have look back at Season 2023 so far. What could have been and the long shots that paid off. Embed from Getty Images Rookies (Players priced below $350,000) Months ago, we were all scratching our heads to try and find that rookie priced player that we could flip into a profit, and upgrade to a gun. However, 2023 has been a little different with the popular rookies turning out to be in our starting 17’s each week and

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