Weekly wrap: Round 13 winners, losers, injuries

Nick Moon recaps every game from Round 13, eyeing the Supercoach studs and duds.

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Ahh the bye rounds. Where we plan for weeks (even months for some) all for one lousy weekend. Stressful nights, tossing and turning over trades, reversing... Reversing all to land on Kotoni F*****g Staggs! Yep, I was that guy... But I had my reasons. None of them are making sense at 6pm on Sunday night after a look at the scores from Marzhew, Isaako, and DWZ, but it’s a three week play. If it lasts that long! Despite only having 13 players, there were some huge scores out and about! Marzhew bookending the weekend with a hat trick, Cook and Walker going big, and Big Red staking some serious keeper claims! The Philly Hamstrings were

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