Weekly wrap: Round 12 winners, losers, injuries

2021 6th overall Clem Cassidy and Nick Moon recap every game from Round 12, eyeing the Supercoach studs and duds.


So. I am officially moving to Sydney. I have just spent 10 glorious days there and as an unofficial Queenslander, I must admit, I am in love with NSW. What an absolute place! I immersed myself in the Northern Beaches the entire time and I am completely sold. Does this now make Manly my second team?

So, you can expect future me to pop up on the poddy every now and again, performing interventions on the Spy when his NRL crushes get out of hand, and providing you with such insightful comments as “my SuperCoach shag is David Fifita”.

And after this weekend’s glorious 116 points – I’m pretty sure 2023 David Fifita is shag goals for many other SuperCoachers too…the man just knows how to give you a bloody good time! What a player!

When I move, I will of course still support Queensland in Origin because I am a loyal girl. And speaking of Origin, it is clearly almost time, because all the Origin stars tonned up for us basically.

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Teddy and Tino and Cleary and Fifita and Patty C. Tommy T. My god. The man went to absolute new levels for this season and whacked out a casual three tries. 165 points thank you very much. Top scorer for the round. If you were an owner who held off trading him out in his down weeks, you’d be very happy indeed. Except he’s named for NSW now, so what do you do with Tommy T?

And what do you do with all your Origin stars? With teams named this morning, it’s carnage for some SuperCoachers. The man with the best eyebrows in NRL, Reece Walsh, was named over Ponga – a complete dagger to my heart. Do I trade out tonned-up Teddy for the third time, or do I give pretty-eyes Reece the flick (much like the Spy did on the poddy last week, choosing Kiwi-god SJ over Reece as his ultimate SuperCoach shag). The absolute decisions that must be made this week for all of us!

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And there were so many tons this round to other players too! 18 of the beauties! SIX of those to those incredible Tigers players who put on an absolute cricket score over the Cowboys. If you had a man named Bula playing in your side – you were laughing with his 124 points. 152-point Starford To’a – the cries of elation from his 3 owners could be heard across the land.

The Friday Beers had an okay round considering I had no Tigers players and did things such as trading in Luki for 23 points. We scored a 1302 and moved up a few hundred placed to 5,327 overall. Teddy, Cleary, Brown, Fifita, and Garrick came through for the team and tonned up, and a Captaincy on Prince Nicho Hynes went okayish – we will allow it because of the glorious hair.

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The Overlord, Timmy McGuire, beat me in the SC Playbook H2H League – I’ll also allow it just this once (lies, he’s bet me around 100 times already this season). But just know this Timmy, in our next H2H…which is, oh yes, in Round 15…I am absolutely coming for you.

My co-writer, Nick Moon, enjoyed an excellent week with 1324 points and Philly Hamstrings now tops the SC Playbook H2H League. I’d imagine his elation would have been off the charts when his Manly trio of Tommy T, Schuster, and Garrick all tonned up for him and Manly took a resounding win too. Joyful scenes indeed!

What a completely heart-warming round all around – the Hallmark movie of rounds if you will. We love to see it!

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Broncos vs Panthers

By Clementine Cassidy

The Panthers enjoyed the win at Suncorp over the Broncos, 15 – 4. I watched this game at a pub in Sydney with the one and only Aman from Aman Talks NRL SuperCoach. We were going to make a poem for you, but we were too busy drinking 1 litre beers and playing Marry, Shoot, Shag instead – the footage of which is coming to Twitter soon…

And apologies to everyone at the pub whose eardrums burst when Reece Walsh crossed for that try in the 54th minute and I prematurely celebrated. My little heart was crushed when it was given a No Try, and I felt a complete bond with the only two Broncos fans in the pub who looked like their little hearts were crushed too.

And despite only 42 points, which did include a try assist, Reece Walsh just looks so sparky. He’s such a fun player to watch, and now with Origin here, I must make the decision of who to trade – him or Teddy. I might do a poll.

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For the other Broncos, Patty C put on an absolute show in the middle. 102 SuperCoach points including 69 tackles. What. A Machine! Payne Hass made 45 tackles of his own and 63 points for his owners. But with Origin here now, I wouldn’t be racing to bring either of these guys in until after the tricky bye/Origin period.

Cleary made owners happy with 125 points including a try. I’m holding him over the Origin period. He’s just too good to trade out if you don’t have to. Dylan Edwards on 80 points and a 3-round average of 88 is looking tasty for those owners who now have coverage over the Origin period too.

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I traded out 53-point Hoskings. For 23-point Luki. Not the best move of my life but at least he made a teensy, tiny bit of cash (it was like 8k but I’ll take it) and is a number for me for Round 13 – positives!

And on the flip-side, I also finally got the sit/start of 78-point Turuva right. And when he finally crossed for that elusive try, I, and everyone else who played him, crossed into levels of rapture previously unknown to man.

Injuries: Nil

Judiciary: Jarome Luai (Contrary Conduct)

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Dragons vs Roosters

By Clementine Cassidy

A try in the very last play of the game, broke the hearts of Rooster’s fans and caused the hearts of Dragons fans to explode with joy, as they broke their 6-game losing streak taking the win 24-22. A Hallmark movie round indeed.

And oh dear, Billy Smith. After 500 thousand people traded him in this round after a couple of stellar rounds, the poor bloke had a bit of a bludger despite trying really hard, only scoring us 24 points. But with a –62 breakeven, we will forgive our cash cow and just enjoy the 74k he just made us instead.

The other B Smith, the Cheese, my shoot, my Kiwi nemesis, scored a 34 and is out now with injury too. While Victor Radley followed his script. On report etc etc – just call it a life consistency.

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Teddy FINALLY came to life scoring 2 tries in the second half! I actually missed it and when I opened my app and saw 118 points! Well, my little heart absolutely sang with joy and happiness! 2 tries, a try assist, 2 line breaks, everything else in between…as an owner who has now traded him in and out and in again, I will ABSOLUTELY take it! And now the hardest decision of my life is do I trade out Reecey Walsh who has been named for Origin, or do I give Teddy the flick…again??

For the Dragons, Jack de Belin scored a 64. He’s a bit exy now to bring in, but you’d be a bloody happy owner if you had jumped on especially getting that coverage for this tricky Round 13.

And Tyrell Sloan, 29 points and has just lost another 45k. I am so sorry for you if you brought him in – his diamonds have been very few and far in-between, and he is now losing the cash he made you, but hopefully something special comes your way soon. Positives include – you have a number for Round 13.

Injuries: Brandon Smith (thumb), Blake Lawrie (hand), Jack Bird (pre-game – knee)

Judiciary: Victor Radley (Striking)

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Rabbitohs vs Eels

By Clementine Cassidy

Mitch Moses and Dylan Brown. Take a bow! The Eels pair leading their team to absolute victory over the Bunnies 36 – 16.

Dylan Brown tonned up again – running about 5000 metres and scoring his owners 113 points including a try and an assist. Last time he did this I walked straight into the squat rack bar at the gym because I was too busy admiring his score on my phone to notice the 20kg piece of metal hovering right in front of my head. What a handy number he is to have for Round 13!

And Mitchy Moses. You’d be happy if you had held him. What an absolute game! In everything with the ball on a string. FOUR try assists to gift his happy owners 130 points! What a player to have for Round 13.

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Gutho owners will be feeling a bit hard-done by though. 25 points in a game where his team scored 6 tries. Don’t stress though! At least you have fullback coverage for Round 13.

For the other Eels, the HopGOD continues to be a god-like cheapie who’s turned into a bonafide gun! 78 points. We’ll take it! And as for the Carty Party owners. Well, you’re a bunch of bender Kings. It just keeps going on and on, and you’d 100% be popping champagne over his 71 points including a try.

Ryan Matterson owners will be gutted that he’s now out injured. You’ve lost a gun Round 13 number there – and I am so sorry for you indeed. But this might bode well for us Doorey owners – do we get an extra handy Round 13 number?? Ohhhh I so very much hope so as my numbers for 13 are very dismal.

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For the Bunnies, Cody Walker on 110 points with a 3-round average of 86. I’m not even going to pretend I’m not considering Origin-bound Prince Nicho to him via Katoa to cover me for the Origin/bye period. 3 try assists, a line break, 3 line break assists – with a decent draw and playing this Round 13, he’s definitely a decent get.

AJ came through for owners this week with a couple of tries and 83 points. We’ll take that! Again, he’s a handy number for Round 13 and over the Origin period, so I’m stoked to own!

Damien Cook on 59 points. Now here’s an interesting prospect. 582k, not named for Origin and with a 60-point average. Is he one to consider bringing in over the Origin period? I’m still all in for JMK, for now, but something to think about…once again, you will smell my brain burning on Tuesday evening when I consider my trades…

Injuries: Ryan Matterson (calf), Andrew Davey (head knock)

Judiciary: Nil

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Sharks vs Knights

By Clementine Cassidy

The Sharks proved too good for the Knights, taking a 26 – 6 win, and ensuring that a bunch of their players will be in hot demand over the Origin period to bring into teams. Just remember they have the byes in Round 13 and 17.

Of course, we must start with our Prince. And 40% of people Sir Captained him. And look, we will take his 71 points and be happy with them because he has such glorious hair. And he has been named for Origin, like he absolutely should be. So now we have a tough decision. To hold…or not to hold…that is the 864k, 100-point average question.

Will Kennedy is proving an absolute get for that handful of lucky owners who got him in back when he was a whole lot cheaper. He’s just so consistent with an average of 75 points and scored 98 points in this game, including his 11th try for the season.

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For the other Sharks, Matty Moylen scored an 82 including 2 try assists and 2 line-break assists. Conner Tracey whacked out a 66 including a try, Mulitalo enjoyed 65 points including his 11th try for the season too, and Nikora scored his owners 61 points and has an average of 74.

For the Knights, Marzhew owners shouldn’t feel too sad with 49 points. Whack a try on there and you’re laughing! Plus, you have an excellent number vs Manly for round 13.

And Kalyn Ponga. Not named for Origin with Reece Walsh getting the nod instead. A concussion scare in this game that saw him finish on 50 points in 69 minutes including the Knights only try. A breakeven of -7. The handy 5/8-Fullback dual. Playing Round 13 but missing Round 14…there are some decisions to make here – do you consider bringing him in or is it just too risky?

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And of course, how does Ponga not playing Origin affect Lachie Miller? 35 points in this game. If you own, you’ll hold for a handy number for Round 13, but I was considering bringing him in and now I’m too scared to.

So many decisions to make around who to trade out and who to keep now for the Origin/bye period! – and yes that is the smell of my brain overheating…

Injuries: Nil

Judiciary: Nil

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Tigers v Cowboys

By Nick Moon

When you pair the Tigers and 66 points, you would assume that they got trounced. But this is NRL in 2023 and things are different!

What a side and what a performance! Put the sorry Cowboys to the sword with 6 players posting 100+ scores! The Cowboys missed tackles nearly matched the Tigers in points it was shirt gabbing at 10 paces.

To’a hit a massive 152, amassing 24 points in tackle busts whilst young gun fullback Jahream Bula might find himself in a few more teams come lockout, after he posted 124 including a try and 2 assists. Will make around 100k but more money is to be made

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Wakeham banged over what seemed like 15 goals whilst Brooks and Koroisau posted season high scores. Nothing went wrong for them and I reckon there would still be people on the Leichhardt hill as you read this basking in one of their greatest ever wins.

Despite spending most of their time behind the goalposts and kicking off, Scotty D posted a handy 95 setting up 2 of the Cowboys tries, whilst Cotter crashed over the line finishing with 70.

And it’s been a frustrating 12 weeks for Val owners, me being one of them as he posted 52. Has averaged around 64 which isn’t bad, but I have expected a lot more and will be glad to see the back of him.

Minutes played – Stefano 44, IPap 71, Luki 50, Cotter 65, Leilua 60

Injuries: Nil

Judiciary: Nil

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Dolphins v Storm

By Nick Moon

Isaako, averages 74 and bangs out 90+ on Saturday night, yet for some weird reason, there is always question marks over him!! Has been one of the form backs of the comp and hasn’t even crossed my mind to bring him in.. That’s probably the reason I am ranked closer to 20000th than 2000th. But for those who have held firm, he looks to be a gun over the bye period.

It wasn’t a very clinical performance by the Storm, as only Katoa went big with 90, but reports are he has a shoulder injury and may miss some footy. Scored a good try and set another up

And it’s a silly question, but does Ryan Papenhuyzen really just walk back into this side and take the no. 1 jersey? Nick Meaney has arguably been the Storm’s most consistent all year. Shook off the pair of 40s he has posted in the last fortnight with 76 and heads into the bye/Origin period as vital to the Storms success as Jarome Hughes.

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Warbrick crossed for another try and is starting to become playable in your 17s each week. Finished with 53 whilst Harry Grant was very quiet, scoring only 34 in a pretty dour week for hookers.

And with Welch missing the Origin side, does he become available for the Storm games through the bye period? Doesn’t play 13, but does play 14, 15 and 16 so just something else to think about.

Minutes played – JMK 80, Lemuelu 80, Gilbert 48, Welch 59, Katoa 53,

Injuries: Eliesa Katoa (shoulder)

Judiciary: Felise Kaufusi (Careless High Tackle), Kenny Bromwich (Contrary Conduct)

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Bulldogs v Titans

By Nick Moon

Ahh a Sunday afternoon special! Does it get any better? Inevitably yes, about 3 hours later but we will get to that.

The Dogs with an inspired performance running down the Titans with only minutes remaining. You love to see it!!

TPJ took it upon himself to carry the forward pack (cattle as the Overlord likes to say) and obviously that was enough to grab a Blue jersey. I’ve been keeping an eye on his minutes for a potential pick up, but if he plays all 3 games, that won’t be happening until Origin is over.

Preston was massive again, finishing with 62, all in base stats. He may not keep that left edge position when Kikau comes back but has earnt a season long stay in my side.

Embed from Getty Images

Kiraz 49 points, prime for the picking in round 14 whilst popular buy Harrison Edwards started from the bench but still got through 63 minutes of work and finished with 56.

For the Titans, it was another D Fifita show as both he and Tino went mad in the pursuit of a Maroon Jersey. Fifita banged out 116, his fourth 100+ score on the trot! Whilst Tino’s 108 was his highest score of the season. Will miss a few games now with Origin and byes, but you could afford to hold him.

Fifita is now priced at 940k which is huge, but is it too much to have through the bye/Origin period? Selling him could open you up to some but moves. Bold but that’s what it takes.

Minutes played – TPJ 57, King 46, Preston 80, Edwards 63, Tino 64, Fifita 80

Injuries: Nil

On Report: Reed Mahoney (Dangerous Tackle), Tino Fa’asuamaleaui (Dangerous Throw)

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Raiders v Sea Eagles

By Nick Moon

Ahh 2021. A simpler time when interest rates were low, inflation at whatever it was, and Tommy Turbo was carving up sides for fun. Have we gone back in time? My loan repayments indicate no, but Tommy Turbo’s score indicates yes!!

165!! One Hundred and sixty-five! What a comeback performance. Many would have sold and I don’t blame them. It’s been pretty grim with only one score above 57 since round 5 but he hit back with a bang. His combination with Schuster and his outside backs was a joy to watch.

He now makes a cool 96k, has a BE of -1 and seems to have his swagger back. You love to see it!

My score was looking absolutely horrific ‘til kick-off in this game, where my Manly trio of Garrick, Turbo, Schuster and Tapine combined for a lazy 426 points. Thank you Mr for the Rabbits!

Embed from Getty Images

And Joshy Schuster. I have Jack Bird to thank after he was ruled out late, I had to throw my last reserve on someone. Now who could that be? Crossland? Nah. Croker? The Matt kind from the Knights? No, it could only be one man. I was willing to accept a 20 odd score and be done with it but my oh my. 106 and even better was seeing him on everyone’s nonplaying bench. If Freddy had any sort of ticker, he would pick Brooks at 7 and Schuster at 6.

Whitehead was the only Raider to post a 65+ score. Horsburgh was strong in the middle posting 62 and has missed Origin selection so becomes a handy number over the next 6 weeks.

Minutes played – Horsburgh 62, Tapine 59, Burbo 28, Keppie 41

Injuries: Ben Trbojevic (hamstring)

On Report: Haumole Olakau’atu (Dangerous Tackle)

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