Weekly wrap: Round 10 studs & duds

Charlie Dadds recaps every game from Round 10 with a focus on how the SuperCoach prospects performed.


Round 10 may have been the best weekend of my life.

In case you haven’t heard already (the whole of Adelaide knows), I played a round of golf on Sunday and absolutely SMASHED my record off the stick.

For the record, I suck at golf.

I mean, really, REALLY suck.

But I strutted my way up to the Stirling Golf Club like I owned the place, whipped out my $150 driver and old hand-me-down clubs, and just went to town like there was no tomorrow.

My previous best was 104 (I know… I suck), so naturally my goal was to break 100 but I ended up finishing with an 88!

You see, golf is a lot like…

Hang on, what was this article about again? Haha, I got side-tracked.

Oh yeah, SuperCoach!!

Golf is a lot like SuperCoach (in some weird way that I’ll figure out as I write this out).


Have fun and you will reap the benefits?

Yeah sure, let’s roll with that.

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ANYWAY, I had a great weekend watching the footy too! There were three games decided by four points or less and my Hawks finally got a win! As both a neutral fan and a die-hard Hawthorn supporter, Round 10 really couldn’t have gone any better.

From a SuperCoach perspective, Elite Dadds turned one on and scored 2623 which moved me up 1115 spots to 1216th.

A good position to be in yes, BUT I’m screwed for when that first bye round rolls around. I really haven’t done my homework and it turns out I have a whopping SEVEN premo’s out.

Am I going to do anything about it?

Nahhhhh. Bye round prep is overrated haha *starts sweating profusely*.

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In the meantime, I reckon I’ve settled on just one trade this week:

Sam Simpson -> George Wardlaw

If there’s one thing to know in SuperCoach, it’s to not go early on cheapies…

Well, I think we’re allowed to go early on George Wardlaw.

The pick #4 had 16 touches, 9 tackles, and 56% CBAs in just 64% TOG on debut.

I think he’s a must-have, whether it’s this week or the next.

I’ve blabbed on about stupid golf and stupid SuperCoach long enough; let’s get into the wrap!

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Port Adelaide v Melbourne

  • Just five weeks ago, Zac Butters (184) was under $500k… Now he has a three-round average of 149 and looks like an absolute must-have
  • Connor Rozee’s (140) ceiling has been somewhat of an issue this year but not anymore!
  • Just quietly, Dan Houston (128) has three 120+ scores this season
  • Racking up a fourth consecutive 119+ score without taking a mark is impressive, but prepare to be without Clayton Oliver (120) for the next few weeks as he potentially deals with a hamstring strain. For the record, the thought of having to find enough money to bring him back in is too painful, so I think I’m going to hold strong regardless of how many weeks he’s out
  • Christian Petracca (103) had a verryyyy slow start but eventually managed to get himself involved with some impact on the scoreboard
  • Coaches who held Kade Chandler (86) despite his high breakeven were handsomely rewarded with his fourth biggest score of the year
  • Perhaps FWD status won’t make Max Gawn (74) a must-have after all…
  • Jacob van Rooyen (59) can certainly make way for a cheapie on the rise
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North Melbourne v Sydney

  • Jy Simpkin (121) stepped up big for the Roos
  • Harry Sheezel (112) wasn’t playing his usual role off half-back, evidenced by his two goals. This has the potential to be troublesome a little ways down the road, but for now he’s nowhere near a trade-out option
  • Jack Ziebell (88) was again solid but may have been impacted by the return of Aaron Hall (88). Keep an eye on this moving forward
  • George Wardlaw (85) showed a hell of a lot of promise on debut. While I certainly don’t encourage going early on cheapies, I genuinely do think he’s one exception to the rule. It’s hard to see him getting dropped anytime soon!
  • Eddie Ford (102) has seven games of AFL experience and is priced at just $123k… Him and Wardlaw will be the top two downgrade targets in Round 12

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  • With Callum Mills sidelined, Chad Warner (137) and Luke Parker (136) took control of the midfield with aplomb. Unfortunately, I don’t see either of them as long-term options going forward
  • You know you’re in some good form when you start getting tagged! Yes, Bailey Scott (130) played a sensational game, but Errol Gulden (96) managed to shrug off the tag like it was nothing. GUN!
  • With Peter Ladhams (34) being stretched off with an ankle injury, Lachlan McAndrew’s (53) job security just got a whole lot better
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Western Bulldogs v Adelaide

  • Jack Macrae (145) looked back to his piggish best but most of his touches came in junk time. However, he looks like a guarantee to gain FWD status which would make pretttyyy desirable
  • I think it’s important to note that like Macrae, a lot of these high scores from the Dogs came in a period where the game was already done. For instance, Caleb Daniel (144), Bailey Dale (141), and Bailey Williams (107)
  • Tom Liberatore (126) might be the best option to replace Clarry with. He hasn’t dropped under 100 since Round 2 (87), and in that time, he has five 120+ scores and three 140+’s
  • Since gaining FWD status in Round 6, Bailey Smith (121) has averaged 109
  • Tim English (118) was dominated in the ruck but conversely dominated around the ground
  • Marcus Bontempelli (112) managed to tough out some knee discomfort in the third quarter
  • James O’Donnell (15) is on the bubble this week but with an average of 19, I wouldn’t be touching him with 10-foot-pole
  • Rory Laird (145) is something special. I dream of being a non-owner, just to be able to pick him up $106k cheaper than his starting price
  • I traded in Jordan Dawson (92) last week and while this wasn’t the score that I was exactly paying up for, I can finally sleep in peace
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Fremantle v Geelong

  • Similar to Libba, Caleb Serong (135) could be the man to replace Clarry if you do opt to trade
  • We thought Andrew Brayshaw (134) was back in Round 8, but a poor game against the Swans the week after caused us to temper expectations. However, a strong performance against the Cats on the weekend puts him right in the spotlight
  • Sean Darcy (91) had a big day in the ruck but only collected eight touches
  • The Luke Ryan (84) of 2022 has returned!   
  • Tom Stewart’s (91) floor is prettyyyy good
  • The worst score of Sam Simpson’s (20) career means his breakeven has leapt up to 59. Now is the time to trade him out
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Brisbane v Gold Coast

  • Josh Dunkley (153) recorded his highest score of the year
  • Lachie Neale (128) has been a frustrating player to own this year but hopefully this is a sign of him turning a corner. I’m expecting some big scores around the corner with games against the Crows and Hawks coming up
  • Since trading out Will Ashcroft (124), the kid has been on an absolute tear
  • If you still have Darcy Wilmot (83), hold him for a little while longer
  • Many coaches would have relied on Harry Sharp (47) as an on-field player after Sam Simpson stunk up Optus Stadium. He was on track for an ok score until he was subbed off at 3QT
  • Jarrod Witts (118) has a three-round average of 119 AND has the perfect bye…
  • Not bringing in Rory Atkins (102) or Bailey Humphrey (101) could just be the biggest mistake of my life
  • Matthew Rowell (87) somewhat came back down to earth following his 165 the week before
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Essendon v Richmond

  • Zach Merrett (162) was one of the most traded in players given his sensational upcoming draw and he delivered with a hugeee game. There’s no better time to bring him in than now with matches against the Eagles and Roos coming up in the next two weeks
  • In his first game back from concussion, Jordan Ridley (122) scored his biggest score since Round 4, 2021
  • After a month of torment, Mason Redman (101) now has two tons in a row
  • Kaine Baldwin (60) has had a role change this year and is currently on the bubble. His inflated price tag doesn’t make him a very attractive option in my opinion though
  • In the last month, Shai Bolton (139) has averaged 120 as a result of an increase in CBAs
  • Tim Taranto (118) has been a revelation this year
  • Jayden Short (96) was bound to gain DEF status next week, but the injury to Jacob Hopper has forced him back into the midfield
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Hawthorn v West Coast

  • James Sicily (134) is ripe for the picking! He has a five-round average of 113
  • Josh Weddle (114) played a career-best game, racking up 28 touches, 7 marks, and 2 goals off half-back
  • Seamus Mitchell (82) looks like a very safe on-field option!
  • Will Day (74) copped a tag from Xavier O’Neill (72), resulting in his second worst score of the year
  • I mentioned Alex Witherden’s (114) success without Shannon Hurn in the side and he delivered in a timely manner
  • Reuben Ginbey (35) needs to go ASAP
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Carlton v Collingwood

  • If Sam Docherty (135) retains this majority half-back with occasional stints in the midfield role, he’s almost a guarantee to finish as a top-3 defender from this point forward. He might cop some attention from Ryan Clarke this week but it’s smooth sailing after that
  • Adam Cerra’s (108) month of footy prior to Round 9 was incredible. An average of 129 from round 5 to 8 came to halt with a 79 against the Dogs, but he bounced back with a good performance against a strong Collingwood outfit on the weekend
  • Sam Walsh (92) was extremely popular heading into Round 10 given that he hadn’t dropped under 100 and was virtually a lock to gain FWD status. While he didn’t ton up for the first time all season, he should still get given DPP next week, making him an automatic trade-in option

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  • Adam Saad’s (60) red hot start to the year has been completely wiped out by his last five games, a period in which he’s only averaged 82 compared to his average of 115 in the opening month of the season
  • With a five-round average of 117, Darcy Moore (151) could be a legit option. I’m sure Niko will rave more about him in his watchlist article
  • Nick Daicos (100) had a reasonably quiet game by his standards. A gut punch on Blake Acres (107) only resulted in a fine, so the Brownlow favourite is thankfully still in contention!
  • Darcy Cameron (61) made his return back to the big time, playing just 64% of the match. Both him and Mason Cox (68) had pretty low TOG, so perhaps Craig McRae is looking at a way to play them 50/50 in the ruck for the remainder of the year. If that’s the case, DCam is very much an avoid
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GWS v St Kilda

  • I didn’t know this until now, but Tom Green (119) has a low score of just 97 this year!
  • Stephen Coniglio (108) tonned up for the first time since Round 7
  • I really don’t think I’m brave enough to bring in Lachie Whitfield (103)
  • Cameron Fleeton (44) is on the bubble this week as a $124k DEF. He hasn’t scored above 47 yet so I’ll probably look elsewhere
  • I’m fairly sure Jack Sinclair (160) was tagged in the first half… After scoring just 65 two weeks ago, he pumped out 37 touches, 8 marks, and 2 goals for the highest score of his CAREER! He’s $88k down in price so grab him ASAP
  • Well, I’m glad Jack Steele (135) summoned super-human strength to recover from his knee issue in world record time
  • Rowan Marshall (126) brought up his fourth ton in a row after a slightly slow start to the year

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