Quantium data analysis: True player ownership stats, Round 11

Actuary Adam Driussi provides player ownership breakdowns to allow you to differ your side from those atop the rankings.

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For those new to this column, each week I will dive into the ownership stats around the top leading teams to help Supercoaches get a better feel for the true ownership of different players.  Unfortunately, the player ownership stats on the Supercoach website aren’t particularly useful – but I guess that means that hopefully these stats can give you an edge on other players by truly understanding whether a certain player is a POD or not. Let’s look at the true player ownership stats entering Round 12 – remember that these stats are prior to any trades made this week. BREAK AWAY FROM THE PACK with Quantium, Australia’s p

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  1. magpies4eva007

    Great work as always Adam. I think a fantastic example of the value of your analysis is David Fifita. As a non-owner I wonder why I have had “red” arrows the last 3 weeks. I look at his ownership on the official site and see his ownership at under 40%. Not too bad I think until I see your ownership analysis and see his ownership at 90% for the top 1000. And at his current price I can’t get him in until he drops in price. No wonder I have gone backwards. Keep up the great work. It’s exceptional. Cheers! Michael

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