Weekly wrap: Round 11 winners, losers, injuries

2021 6th overall Clem Cassidy and Nick Moon recap every game from Round 11, eyeing the Supercoach studs and duds.


Can you smell Origin in the air?!

There’s a certain aroma only elite players can smell…

Maybe it’s the maroon and blue dye getting mixed in with the polyester for the jerseys? Maybe it’s the Wednesday night footy? Or maybe it’s just new training gear??

I don’t know, but whatever it is, certain players smell it and go to another level! Levels Russian Sporting Authorities could only dream of!

Yeah, I’m talking about Ponga and Luai and Trell and Haas and Munster and Val and David and Tom… Tom Eisenhuth. He is going better than the Tom playing for my boys… (Insert sad emoji).

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Ponga absolutely lit up Newcastle and has all but cemented his spot in Game 1, whilst Luai played his one really good game which is usually enough to warrant another game in blue… Not the Blue of Samoa, but maybe if he thinks that then he will carve up.

Speaking of Origin stars stepping up… Umm Teddy and Turbo?! Dead set what has happened to them? Tedesco looks as slow as I was last Monday and must find something before Origin 1 kicks off, whilst I’m wondering whether these so-called credentials of Dr. Bill Knowles weren’t just found in the bottom of his Corn Flakes box?! I’m starting to believe the Bill Knowles that Latrell saw was one completely different to the Witch Doctor Tommy went to.

Right. Turbo rant over.

The Philly Hamstrings had a very solid week, scoring 1207 and accounting for the Overlord in the SC Playbook in-house league. No one went big, rather it was a team effort bookended by a Nicho Captaincy and D Fifita beast mode performance. Fingers crossed for some green arrows.

Clem’s Friday Beers also posted a respectable score, finishing the weekend with 1217 and knocking off Adam Driussi thanks largely to our wet haired friend.

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Storm v Broncos

By Nick Moon

They say you never stop learning… And I couldn’t agree more because I have no idea what a hip drop is and 11 weeks in I still don’t own Payne Haas!? I remember the choice I had about 8 weeks ago: Tino, Taps or Haas… Boy did I get that one wrong! And the way he is playing, he is fast becoming unattainable unless Pat and George can find me some spare cash. Banged out 92 to kick off the week which included only the 1 Lb. The rest in base… Ahhh.

Brisbane seemed to play most of this match with someone in the bin, which may have accounted for the uptick in errors as fatigue crept in. Reece Walsh, coming off last weeks 80 odd, was in everything but was responsible for a few of those costly errors. They were all from attacking the footy so that’s ok. As a coach once said to me – “Always catch the ball on the full and if you can’t, let it bounce”. Looks likely to feature in Round 13 so definite hold.

Melbourne continued their stranglehold on Brisbane, dating back to when Melbourne was called Batmania and HIA meant ‘Horses in Area’. Munster and Grant stole the show, scoring 87 and 79 with the former scoring a try and registering 2 LBs. Usually this means a 100+ score but he seemed to be a bit quiet in the stop-start affair.

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Will Warbrick had his breakout game of 2023 crossing for 2 and was a size 11 boot away from being a hat trick. Many would have sold or left him on the bench this week but those who still have him can expect a nice price rise next week into a friendly matchup against the Dolphins.

And Eli Katoa!! I sold 2 weeks ago thinking he would miss an extra game due to his HIA, so I was very thankful to Ezra who saved a certain try. Rumours were he caught an Uber straight from the 40m line to avoid any Bellamy confrontations.

Minutes played – King 64, NAS 23, Katoa 80, Welch 54, Haas 64, Carrigan 71,

Injuries: Adam Reynolds (head knock), Nelson Asofa-Solomona (ribs)

Judiciary: Reece Walsh (shoulder charge)

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Bulldogs v Warriors

By Nick Moon

Well, my weekly instalment of FRFs I missed out on brings us to AFB and Tohu Harris! AFB just out for a leisurely stroll to the try line on his way to a delicious 90 for owners and Tohu – whose knees must be crying out in agony every weekend – just gets through 80 of the toughest minutes known to Rugby League. He finished with a fine 71 and looks like the number 1 target after his bye this coming week.

The Wahs just find another level of grit and determination to win games of footy! The aforementioned duo were enormous, whilst Curran sniffed out a try and played big minutes. Charnze looks like the Charnze of 2019 and SJ… Ohhh SJ! I’m not sure who the current NZ Prime Minister is (maybe the Mad Butcher) but SJ can have that title upon retirement! Such a joy to watch and lets hope he sticks around and links back up with RTS… Mouth-watering.

The Dogs just look like a team that will finish anywhere between 11th and 14th. No higher, no lower. Gutsy but lack some serious spark when attacking close to the line. They have had their injuries and no one’s knocking that, but some positional changes might be afoot.

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From a Supercoach point of view, an FRF playing 70 minutes for 200k?! Harrison Edwards pack a bag, you are on your way to the Philly Hamstrings! Gee the Dogs can unearth a hard working forward! Edwards bagged a try and 94 on what was a pretty dour night for Supercoach scoring. His efforts on Friday came in his 3rd game, so we have missed out on bottom dollar but with those numbers, more money can be made.

Mahoney played his typical 50 to 60 scoring role and Preston didn’t find the line (how rude) but still managed a respectable 50.

And keep an eye on TPJ’s minutes. If he can get them up wards of 50-60, get him in

Minutes played – TPJ 40, King 39, RFM 34, Curran 80, Harris 80, Egan 37, AFB 51

Injuries: Nil.

Judiciary: Nil.

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Panthers v Roosters

By Nick Moon

“Joey Manu has damaged ligaments in his ankle and won’t return”

“Zac Hosking has passed his HIA but won’t return to the field”

“Nick, you don’t own Scott Sorensen”

God, so much negativity for a Friday night…

48-4 in a shellacking, so let’s not waste too much time and get the Chooks out of the way… B Smith in, Joey Manu to stay, everyone else out. Yep, you too Tedesco. Brandon what are you still doing here?! I mean, Billy Smith!!

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Does Robbo make some much needed changes? Probably not according to many on twitter. Anyway, my Maroon and white have enough problems to be worrying about the Bondi boys.

But my oh my Hot Scotty! Was obviously annoyed at the amount of attention Reubs was getting for his good looks and decided enough is enough, I’ma put in a performance for the ages and you’ll see! You’ll all see! 175 and registered the highest ever score by a 2RF! I didn’t come across anyone that owned him so if you are reading this and do, well done to you! Would have been a Friday night for the ages.

Luai joined in on the fun scoring 155, which Is 2020 territory for Luai. His effort on Friday night was 78 points better than his next best performance. That’s like winning a race out at a picnic race, then placing at Randwick on a Saturday. Freddy must have dropped by for a chat.

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The rest of the usual suspects for the Panthers played a part with Cleary scoring 82, which as a non-owner would have been a relief if you only saw the score. Managed 32 just off the kicking tee alone.

To’o and Turuva crossed for tries with Turuva finding 11 more points than his wing partner to finish with 65, whilst popular buy Peachey stamped his mark in the Panthers jersey of 2023, scoring a double on his way to 77.

The only slight was the HIA to Hosking, who by all reports passed it but didn’t return to the field. I’d say Ivan used this to get some minutes into Martin and Lindsay Smith.

Minutes played – Hosking 31, Luke 27, Martin 35, JWH 16, Crichton 68, Smith 54

Injuries: Jared Waerea-Hargreaves (pectoral), Joey Manu (ankle), Spencer Leniu (pre-game – ruptured testicle), Sam Walker (pre-game – knee)

Judiciary: Nil

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Rabbitohs v Tigers

By Nick Moon

Tried to move heaven and earth this week to get Latrell in but couldn’t cook the books to do it. Things were looking good up until the 72nd minute when he helped Milne cross for his double then score one of his own. About 30 odd points in that 8-minute period, boosting him to a respectable but lower than expected 91. Not bad but I’ve resigned to the fact I probably won’t own him until about Round 20. Arguably the best player in Supercoach since July last year and I have enjoyed 0 of those points…

AJ was another target for this match in particular, but the Tigers are fighters. When you continually write a team off it can often galvanise a side and that’s what it has appeared to have done for the Tigers. They defended the edges well, meaning Johnston got very little good ball as he only cracked 40. As a recent owner, lets hope the bye weeks are fruitful.

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If you zagged when most zigged and picked up Milne, well done!! A massive 131 which not many could claim. In fact, if you bought him you are a genius because after scores of 40, 26, 59, and 27 he wasn’t exactly on many radars; but if their right edge continues to click, anything is possible.

Graham showed us why his 768k price tag is worth every cent, with a mountain of base state work to go with his try assist, he finished with 86, bouncing back after last week’s 39. A relief for owners.

Cook and Murray were average at best, and by average, I mean they both hit their averages, 67 and 66. I’m now cheering against Murray which just doesn’t feel right. I’ll come crawling back after Origin, I can feel it.

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The 0 on the scoreboard never bodes well for Supercoach and that read true for the Tigers, as IPap was the only Tigers player to break 60.

Popular cheapie Bula was seemingly everywhere, even at the bar as an RSA Marshall, but couldn’t crack an attacking stat finishing with only 45. The Overlord will spend 5 minutes on this week’s poddy explaining why it was the right call but yeah, I’m not buying it!! Or him!

Minutes played – Murray 73, Sele 40, IPap 80, Stefano 46

Injuries: Jed Cartwright (head knock), Thomas Burgess (pre-game – back)

Judiciary: Nil.

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Cowboys v Dragons

By Clementine Cassidy

The Cowboys have finally won two games in a row for 2023, denying Ben Hunt the victory in his 300th NRL game, after smashing the Dragons 42 – 22, including a 7 minute 3-try first half fiesta.

Clearly it’s almost Origin time, because Val Holmes almost tonned up for patient owners including yours truly. He was just so involved scoring 92 points which included a try assist, a bunch of goals, and a 45-metre 2-point field goal just before half time. His second highest score for a season which has frustratingly included a whole bunch of 40s and 60s. And while he’s a hold for this week’s game vs the Tigers, it’ll be an easy trade out for me for the Origin period.

Helium Luki impressed, top scoring for the game with 121 points. 2 tries, 2 linebreaks and a bunch of tackle busts – one to watch for sure. With a BE of 14 this week you consider bringing him in this week vs the Tigers to have him on hand for Round 13?

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For the other Cowboys, Scotty D enjoyed 75 points, and Feldt scored a casual couple of tries whacking out 84 points for his tiny handful of owners.

For the Dragons, those who brought in De Belin would be stoked with 84 points including a the first try of the game, a linebreak, and a whole bunch of tackles. While the 47th player to reach 300 NRL games, Ben Hunt, managed 84 points which included 3 try assists.

Tyrall Sloan owners continue to be sad in their hearts that they were swindeled by a low BE and the whiff of a diamond score, because he continues to produce only rocks with 27 points and dropped a casual 73k too.

Injuries: Jamayne Taunoa-Brown (head knock)

Judiciary: Jaydn Su’A (Careless High Tackle), Toby Couchman (Dangerous Contact)

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Raiders v Eels

By Clementine Cassidy

It’s five wins in a row for the Raiders, after they won a tough battle against the Moses-less Eels 26 – 18. And it’s the bottom four on the ladder for the Eels after losing their 7th game this season.

Hopgod continues to pay back those who held and even those who traded out and traded back in again (me). 81 points including a try and a whole bunch of base, he’s made a cool $361k and surely must be close to the cheapie of this year.

For the other popular Eels, Gutho managed a less than exciting 57 points, and Dylan owners fell from the dizzying heights of last week’s ton to enjoy only a 53. Still, you’d be happy to have these guys in your team for the Origin period and that Round 13 bye.

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For the Raiders, Big Red Horsburgh completely lost his cool, getting sent the sinbin for landing a punch on 150-NRL gamef Matterson’s face. Still, he made up for the -8 points – his owners can be happy with his 50 (does he or does he not get an Origin spot – as an owner, please God no).

Tapine on 70 points looks like THE FRF to have over the Origin period. While he hasn’t whacked out a HUGE score, he’s so consistent in that FRF position.

Those clever people who brought in Timoko enjoyed 69 points to bring his 3-round average to 89 points. At $710k he’s likely too expensive now, but gosh he’s a get for the Origin period for those lucky owners! He’s just so good!

Injuries: Shaun Lane (hamstring), Zac Woolford (head knock)

Judiciary: Junior Paulo (Dangerous Contact)

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Knights v Titans

By Clementine Cassidy

The Knights came back from trailing 12-6 in the second half, piling on the points with a try-scoring blitz in the second half blowing out the final score to 46 – 26.

Ponga had an absolute game in the second half. 114 points! Once again, it is clearly time for Origin selection. A try and two assists – glorious stuff. Still with the Queensland selection looming, you wouldn’t bring him in.

Despite Bradman Best starting his game off by doing his best impression of still being on the bye-round Bintangs after his little holiday to Bali, and letting the ball bounce off the kick-off, he sobered up quickly, crossing the line twice, bringing his score to a sweet 74 points.

Lachie Miller may have a BE of 94 this week vs the Sharks, but with an average of 70 and a score of 66 this week, and only 12% ownership – he’s a potential poddy purchase for Round 13 – especially with the kicking back from Ponga.

Embed from Getty Images

Marzhew scored an easy 71 points and a try too (I was lucky enough to be sitting next to an owner who also needed him to score for the second to last leg of his thousand-leg multi when this glorious moment happened, and the levels of sheer elation – I am telling you – absolute heart-warming stuff and I must now bring in Marzhew to reach those dizzying heights myself).

For the Titans, 2023 David Fifita continues to be someone you’d totally shag. 111 points including TWO tries – he is just so involved, SuperCoach relevant, and in the action. Obviously he’ll play Origin, so too bad too sad if you don’t own him now, but definitely one for you to consider after.

For the other Titans, Brian Kelly scored a casual 90 points and now enjoys a 3-round average of 76, and our favourite try-scoring cheapie Khan-Pereira scored a try and an assist, I am so pleased for everyone who held him.

Injuries: Nil.

Judiciary: Nil.

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Manly v Sharks

By Clementine Cassidy

So, the reason the rest of my recaps are so brief and to the point is because I am still trying to get over a magical moment that happened for me on Sunday night and I cannot really contemplate anything else.

So, after my rain dance on Manly Beach failed, I did what any self-respecting SC Playbook Support Group Coordinator would do, and went and purchased the biggest tub of VO5 gel I could find, packed it into my handbag, and went on my merry way to Brookie with full intent to infiltrate the sheds at half time should Nicho’s glorious hair need a bit of a helping hand in the wetness department.

And whilst I didn’t need to go as far as being arrested for dumping a tub of gel on his head, me and my tub of gel did manage to get a photo with our favourite Prince at the end of the game – and the best part? IT HAD JUST STARTED RAINING!

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I have now peaked in life and I can now retire in contentment and thriving off the story of the time me and my gel were within touching distance of Nicho’s hair IN THE RAIN.

Life goal complete.

And what a glorious place to watch footy the hill at Brookie is. And what glorious fans! I loved every second as I stood there in my borrowed Manly jersey, an impromptu Manly fan. I shall be back for sure!

Now to the scores and of course, our favourite Prince had an absolute comeback from a lacklustre Magic Round, scoring 98 points and making his Sir Captainers very happy indeed (this also worked out well for me as the deal with Timmy was that I had to forgo Nicho and instead borrow one of Spy’s crushes, should I prove to be Nicho’s bad luck charm after being in his close vicinity 2 weeks in a row.

Embed from Getty Images

For the other Sharks, Katoa impressed with 88 points including a try, Ramien also scored and enjoyed 66 points, while Mulitalo managed a 55. I would consider bringing in one of these for the Origin period.

Garrick on 90 points was an absolute gun for his owners and we can all be excited to have him in our team for Round 13. And once again, I had the absolute joy of seeing a giant multi come to fruition when he crossed the line for the lucky punter standing right next to me on the hill. The absolute levels of celebration, I’m telling you. It warms the absolute cockles of your heart.

And Tommy T. 41 points. This pains me to say, but if you still own him, may I please persuade you that now is the time to give him the flick. He just doesn’t look right, and you’d do better looking elsewhere for your fullback points.

Injuries: Josh Aloiai (shoulder), Kelma Tuilagi (facial fracture)

Judiciary: Taniela Paseka (Careless High Tackle)

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