Ownership analysis: Pain and gain points, Round 8

Data analyst Joe Kenny breaks down the key statistics to help give your side an edge on AFL SuperCoach rivals.

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The points were flowing in round eight with many coaches topping the 2,400 mark. With upgrade season well underway, teams are loaded with premiums (who mostly scored well) and have fewer rookies on-field each week. Is your structure keeping up with the top coaches? And how are you set up for the byes? (Apologies if you want to ignore them, it might be bye planning time) Embed from Getty Images Weekly Pain and Gain Points (see explainer here): You should have a fair share of the “gainers” in your side as every man and his bulldog seemed to go 140+. Not a good week to be a Ziebell (179) skeptic or to anti-pod the Bont (164)

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