Weekly wrap: Round 10 winners, losers, injuries

2021 6th overall Clem Cassidy and Nick Moon recap every game from Round 10, eyeing the Supercoach studs and duds.


Magic Round.

What a glorious time.

3 days. 8 games.

Around one million five thousand and eighty one footy fans descending on Brisbane.

Every incarnation of every footy jersey ever created on display.

10,000 lap dances at Honey Bees.

100,689,087 litres of beer consumed.

I may have drunk half of that.

Glorious times indeed…

And how fun is it having so many footy fans in one place at one time! What a party! And meeting so many legendary people. And how good were the games! Magic Round is truly an unmissable event. There’s nothing else like it and I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say we already can’t wait for next year!

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A special mention of course to God Amongst Men, Wayne Bennett, for bringing up his 900th on Saturday night. The Dolphins’ domination of the Sharks is a true testimony to the Master Coach and his masterful coaching.

And friends! Another Magic Round miracle! A complete miracle of life!

I, Friday Beers, ME! is officially leading the SC Playbook H2H comp! This is an unheard of feat, and we must of course thank Prince Nicho’s hair for inspiring us even though it wasn’t very inspirationally wet last weekend. We will fix that issue this weekend. I will tell you my plan later.

But a couple of stand-out performances over the weekend made up for the Nicho captaincy, and saw the Friday Beers finish up on 1301 points and some nice green arrows up to 5500 place (which we can technically round up to top 5000 if we use Timmy Williams-logic). So stoked with that!

My recaps co-writer (who by the way, must be applauded for going the full three-day Magic Round bender, and who I met for the first time in real life on Saturday and who is an absolute complete legend) got a respectable 1245 with a Captaincy also on Nicho.

Now just quickly, something fun! Next week I’m coming on the poddy to run a special counselling session with Spy to help him cut down his 50,000 NRL crushes to just one. Stay tuned for that magical miracle – I’ve got my work cut out for me.

And to the games we go.

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Bulldogs v Raiders

By Clementine Cassidy

It was a try-scoring fiesta to kick off Magic Round. SEVEN tries in the first half, with Raiders taking the win over the Bulldogs, 34 – 30.

Big Red Horsburgh scored a 62, which was fairly decent for everyone who traded him in including yours truly. But please can him and Origin stop being talked about in the same sentence, because he is meant to be a Round 13 bye round number for SuperCoachers.

Really, we must insist he is not selected please.

Tapine managed a 63 and is still one to consider bringing in for that Round 13 bye/Origin coverage if you haven’t already. He’s so consistent in that tricky FRF spot, with an average of 62. Surely a big score is on the horizon for him.

Take a bow everyone who traded in Timoko. You’d be stoked. 119 points including a try and two assists. 200 run metres, and a three-round average of 91. With a BE of 3 this round, it could be now or never if you’re considering him – he’s already pretty exy at 654k.

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Croker continues to be a buy for everyone who traded him in a couple of weeks ago. 62 points including a try, 20 points in goals, and a nice little 56k price rise. Is it too late to bring him in now? I’m seriously considering it.

Preston scored a couple of tries and finished on 86 points. What a time to be an owner! Mahoney’s 66 points would have made his owners fairly happy too.

Kiraz had his first game back from injury, managing 39 points including a try assist. He’s got a 128 BE next game and doesn’t play that Round 13 bye, so I wouldn’t rush to bring him back in this week as he’ll likely drop a bit more cash. He’s definitely one I want back in my team eventually though.

TPJ on 38 points. And Alamoti on 32 points. I truly don’t see how you keep either of these guys if you still own them. There’s definitely better options out there.

Injuries: Nil

Judiciary: Corey Waddell (Grade 1 Crusher Tackle)

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Manly v Broncos

By Clementine Cassidy

It was a Broncos-domination in front of the crowd of over 50,000 at Suncorp.

32 – 6 over Manly, ensuring they stay top of the NRL ladder.

And okay, but God only knows where Garrick’s points came from, and surely the scorer had him in his team or was sinking beers at the Caxton while he was scoring or something, but who are we to question it. We will most absolutely take them. 83 of them. Apparently he had 3 line breaks. I’m so confused.

Reecey Walsh was always going to go big in this game. The man with the best eyebrows in NRL managed 93 points including two try assists. I held him so I’m stoked. The fear now kicks in for his next two games vs the Storm and Penrith…what to do with him is the biggest dilemma in my life right now.

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Another Magic Round hatty for Cobbo, finishing on 96 sweet, sweet points. The man simply loves to score a freak try. And he’s so fun and nonchalant about it. I absolutely love watching him!

Payne Hass only played 58 minutes, and finished on 55 points. With a 104 BE this week vs the Storm and at 721k, I’d probably hold off trading him in now in favour of players who are going to give you that Origin coverage.

Tommy T managed an 82. I have 0 clue how that happened either. You’d take it if you were an owner, but still he is not playing like the Tommy T he was, and this point was hammered home when he gave up the chase against Cobbo for that last try. I just don’t think I could hold him if I had him in my team.

Injuries: Kurt Capewell (head knock)

Judiciary: Nil

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Warriors v Panthers

By Clementine Cassidy

Ohhh my poor Warriors, they were so tough in this game. Here I was sitting at the pub with the Playbook crew, proudly wearing my Warriors jersey, resolutely determined that the Warriors were going to do the unthinkable and take the win over the Panthers.

And they didn’t.

A 18-6 win to the Panthers, but the Warriors should still be congratulated for staying in the game even with two sin-bins and a bunch of injuries, and  giving Penrith, in their own words, one of their toughest games of their season.

A round of applause to everyone who captained Cleary. 120 points off a dismal performance last week included a try assist, and a couple of line break assists. A round of condolences to everybody who traded him out for Moses. That literally ended in the worst possible way for you. But honestly, a bounce-back game for Cleary was always on the cards.

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Tohu Harris absolutely dominated with 96 points. The man is an absolute workhorse. I am seriously considering bringing him into my team this week. Bye coverage. Origin coverage. Handy dual. What’s not to love!

AFB also enjoyed 91 points including a try, bringing his 3-round average of 93.

To’o owners would be happy with a try and a couple of line breaks from their guy bringing it to 89 points. Turuva managed a 47 – we just need him to get the ball please to cross for a try and we’ll be laughing!

Injuries: Edward Kosi (knee), Jackson Ford (head knock)

Judiciary: Marata Niukore (Grade 1 Careless High Tackle), Jackson Ford (Grade 1 Dangerous Contact)

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Sharks v Dolphins

By Clementine Cassidy

Valynce Te Whare.

What a debut! And what a guy! A complete wrecking ball. An instant Kiwi cult hero.

94 Supercoach points including two glorious tries and a couple of line breaks. At 200k I am sorely tempted to bring him into my team, however with a bye this week and another game after that to watch before any price rises, you can certainly hold off.

And the Dolphins absolutely came through for The God of Coaches 900th. Completely smashing the Sharks 36 -16.

Sitting next to Spy in the stands when Lemuelu scored was a revelation. His absolute joy and happiness was contagious. Finishing on 79 points, Lemuelu’s a great Round 13 bye number and I kind of wished I owned him too.

JMK finished on 69 points and has a three-round average of 72 and I’m seriously considering bringing him in for the bye and Origin coverage. Not a decision to make this week with the Dolphins on their bye though.

Katoa also crossed for his first try and finished on 52. He’s an extra Round 13 bye number if you own, and look, I think I’m just going to keep him in my team.

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For the Sharks, Mulitalo on 73 points scored a try and now has a three- round average of 79. He’s super exy at 730k but surly one to consider after Round 13.

Talakai on 106 points including 2 assists is one to consider too, although I probably wouldn’t go as far as selling my soul for him if I hadn’t already done that last year and still had a soul to bargain with.

Now. The dry-haired elephant in the room.

Prince Nicho. I was sitting in the stands with Spy and Dez and I’m telling you, from where I was sitting his hair was bone dry. This is an unacceptable misuse of the clause in his contract that stipulates an unlimited supply of V05 Wet Look Gel to be used whenever it isn’t raining.

40 points. WTF. The only saving grace is that around 98% of SuperCoachers also Sir Captained him.

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Now, I am heading to Sydney this week and will be in Manly on Sunday. So, here’s what we’ll do if it isn’t raining.

I will head to the game with some buckets of gel. I will dress up as a Shark to blend in, and I will infiltrate the sheds. I will then proceed to dump said buckets of gel on Nicho’s head, rubbing it all in for a nice full soaking, ensuring his glorious locks are suitably wet before the start of the game.

He will then score us 150 SC points. It is simple physics. And also maths.

And this is the absolute level I am willing to go to as SC Playbook Support Group Coordinator.

I will do it for you. Leave the Sir Captaincy off him this week at your own risk.

That is all.

Injuries: Euan Aitken (hamstring), Jesse Bromwich (pre-game – hamstring)

Judiciary: Nil

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Melbourne v Souths

By Nick Moon

Judging by the vibe around Brisbane on the weekend, this is the game that everyone had come to see, but it was the Rabbitohs Superstars that stood head and shoulders above the rest. This is a serious football team and although it’s a long comp, I can’t see anyone but them lifting the trophy at the end of the year.

Walker, Latrell, and Co were huge with Cody pulling the strings and reminding Freddy that there’s also another five-eighth that plays for New South Wales. He finished with 86 whilst Latrell was strong finishing with 55. The combination of the duo with Alex Johnson has started to bear fruits with a quiet year to start for AJ. He crossed for a double finishing with 76. Looks like a likely trade-in target from here on in.

It was also an enjoyable watch for me now as I rissoled Cam Murray. The former supercoach stud has been atrocious in the past month and whilst it was sad to let him go, the numbers to keep him just aren’t backing it up.

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And they can’t all be tries and tries assists for you Campbell Graham owners! The matchup with Melbourne was always going to be tough but to finish with 39 solely in base stats is an excellent result

And if I’m one of the Melbourne players, I’m finding any excuse in the book not to turn up to training on Monday! Mr. Bellamy did not look happy and there might be a flogging incoming. Welch was somewhat ineffective against the dominant Souths pack, only finishing with 35 whilst Katoa was kept quiet on the edge. They seem to be a tricky side to catch from a SuperCoach scoring point of view and whilst it’s not quite panic stations for some of the mentioned players, throwing some attacking stats their way would be appreciated by many.

Even someone like Harry’s SuperCoach output has dipped, so it will be very interesting to see how he rolls into these next few weeks into origin.

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Tigers v Dragons

By Nick Moon

“What a joke of an excuse of a game of rugby league” said one fan with a Dragon’s jersey on to his mates at around half time in this game. It was hard to disagree with him.

Especially being a Sloan owner who promised the world and delivered a globe. Two very awful weeks amassing around 40 points. Happy to put my hand up and say I got this one wrong so he will be traded out as quick as you can say “lockouts over”.

I wouldn’t say both sides tried to lose this game, I just think that both have forgotten how to win and don’t know what to do at the back end of the game! Anyway, we can rest assured we won’t be seeing these guys in September.

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From a SuperCoach point of view, Bula was outstanding again and will be an easy trade from Sloan if dual positions can afford you to do that. He looks like the most likely trade target of the Tigers’ players so don’t overthink it.

In saying that, if you really want to go poddish, keep an eye on Nofoaluma in the next month or so. 101 on Sunday and I know it screams of chasing last week’s points but he’s a proven SuperCoach player and if the Tigers start throwing the footy around, he does tend to get a bit more involved when they’re going well.

Jack Bird was big for the Dragons in the middle and finished with 53 after a good few weeks of SuperCoach football. I thought he’d take the goalkicking so that’s why I traded him in but even without it, he still looks like a safe option

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Roosters v Cowboys

By Nick Moon

How about the rain! Like me trading in Tyrell Sloan, the weatherman was awfully wrong when the heavens opened up as I was expecting sun, sun, and more sun. It absolutely belted down and probably forced a change in how both sides played. The stewards quickly changed the track from a soft 5 to a heavy 10

It appeared the rev-up after last week’s insipid performance kicked the Cowboys into action as they fought for everything in the wet. They gave the roosters nothing and deserved the two points.

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Was hard for any of the SuperCoach guns to get going on the heavy 10 but Joey Manu found a way tackle busting and offloading to finish with 86. I don’t think he’s the problem in the halves for the Roosters but he might find himself back at centre for next weekend.

Great to see Gussy Crichton crash over for a try as he finished the afternoon with 87. Still give it a couple of weeks before looking to trade him in but his price might be as low as it gets.

And we must be getting closer to Origin because Reuben Cotter has gone to another level! Crashed over for a try but finished the afternoon with 90 and reminded us that he still is one of the gun front rowers of the competition.

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Titans v Eels

By Nick Moon

And the Titans rounded out what was a sensational weekend for Queensland teams! They made it a clean sweep and after spending the weekend here, I’m not sure whether watching Gutho go to the bin or the Whisky Apple drinks at Lefty’s Music Hall were the pick of the weekend, but it’s a photo finish!

There were some serious SuperCoach guns getting around in this match and despite the middle of the field starting to get chopped up, we were treated to some serious footy and some very, very good scores.

Fifita, Sivo, Brown, and Matterson all were just a sight to behold for owners. Dylan Brown after getting a proverbial kick up the backside a couple weeks ago has been nothing short of superb with back-to-back 100 scores just as the five-eighth position was looking awfully thin.

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His combination in linking with Sivo netted the winger a cool 124 points with him starting to put some solid scores on the board. This was his first 100+ score of the year but more may be incoming.

And has anyone been able to catch AKP? Not in the literal sense because I saw him run 90m awfully fast on Sunday night, but trying to work out when to play him and when to sit him has been one of the harder jobs all year! He wouldn’t have been a popular play this week, but finished with a double and 73 points. Owners that have held would be licking their lips at the continued price rise so well done to you!

Also loving being a David Fifita owner at the moment. Judging on ownership percentages, most are, but if you are somehow into round 10 and don’t own him forget Origin, just get him in. Titans are starting to use him a bit better and his offloading and tackle-busting are going to another level. Set up a very classy try for Foran which helped him get to a neat 100, backing up last week’s 114 very nicely.

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