Weekly wrap: Round 7 studs & duds

Charlie Dadds recaps every game from Round 7 with a focus on how the SuperCoach prospects performed.


Everything is coming up Milhouse!

Four weeks ago, I was ranked 35,025th

I’m not using this article as a platform to flex (I would never do something like that??…), but I do legitimately think it’s important to address that if you’re as far back as I was, literally anything can happen.

It’s still so early on in the season. I mean, there are still 17 rounds to go!

If you’re happy with the structure of your team and you’re continuously targeting the top 10-or-so players in each position (keep an eye out for bottomed out premos!) each week, then the points will come eventually and you’ll find yourself flying up the rankings in the blink of an eye.

This week, I scored 2403 which moved me up to 3117th.

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In terms of trades, I already went a week early on Cincotta so I’ll have to look elsewhere for a viable downgrade.

Sam Simpson seems the best of a not-so great bunch, but his inflated price tag really doesn’t pull me in.

I’m tempted to use my last boost in order to get a cheapie off field, but I might save it for a rainy day because Ryan Angwin really doesn’t seem worth it.

So, I’ll have to settle for getting a mid-pricer up to a premo instead!

Darcy Wilmot -> Sam Simpson

Jacob Hopper -> Jack Steele

Jacob Hopper’s matchup against the Eagles is hard to fathom missing out on, but not as hard as it would be watching Jack Steele tear apart North Melbourne at Marvel as a non-owner.

Anyway, let’s get into the wrap!

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St Kilda v Port Adelaide

  • RowMar (159) promised us a huge score given his recent record against the Power and boy did he deliver! Congrats if you had the VC on him
  • He’s baaaaaaackkkkk. In just his second game back from injury, Jack Steele (126) showed us that he’s still a very capable top-8 midfielder. $67k down from his starting price – with a game under the lid against North – this could be the cheapest you’ll get him
  • I traded in Jack Sinclair (109) last week which I’m very happy about! He has fully bottomed out now
  • Mattaes Phillipou (20) is now FALLING in price. It’s time to trade him if you haven’t already
  • Like a fine wine, Travis Boak (131) just gets better with age! He needs FWD status for me to even consider him though
  • There were stages where it looked like Connor Rozee (96) was getting tagged, but in the end he came away with a solid enough score
  • Zac Butters (96) hasn’t dropped below 94 in three weeks
  • With Dylan Williams (85) being named as the sub in his bubble week, majority of coaches flocked to Matthew Johnson instead. With a two-week suspension looming for Johnson, Williams has very much turned out to be the better pick
  • Ollie Lord (35) is on the bubble this week but I don’t trust his job security
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Brisbane v Fremantle

  • It’s been one of Lachie Neale’s (124) most roller-coaster type seasons but I’m glad to call myself an owner; especially with a game at Marvel this week against the Blues
  • Will CASHcroft (103)! Hold him until the byes… At least
  • When Josh Dunkley (109) isn’t being used as a tagger (for whatever reason), it turns out he’s a pretty good SuperCoach scorer!
  • Conor McKenna (70) was on my trade-out radar last week but in the end, I chose to back in his experience over my other cheapies. He has a 99 and 97 in his last two games against Carlton…
  • Darcy Wilmot (63) would have been a serviceable emergency if Rory Laird was to be a late out. His breakeven is at 48 so it’s probably time to consider trading him

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  • Andrew Brayshaw (98) had 30 disposals and two goals but STILL couldn’t crack the ton! If (but let’s be honest, when) the Dockers finally hit their straps, Brayshaw will be a very attractive option sitting at over $100k down in price
  • Caleb Serong (109) continues to star in a struggling team but I would assume he cops some pretty heavy attention from Conor Nash this week
  • Sean Darcy (114) will be a legit captain option this week against the Hawks. Since his disastrous 41 in Round 2, he has a five-round average of 129
  • 73 AFL Fantasy points but a whopping 127 AFL SuperCoach points?? Luke Ryan (127) truly is a weird, weird player
  • As mentioned above, Matthew Johnson (53) will spend the next two weeks out with suspension  
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Sydney v GWS

  • A last quarter that involved 9 disposals, 2 marks, 4 tackles, and a goal from Chad Warner (123) massively saved his score
  • Errol Gulden (119) bounced back from his small blip last week. He’s a keeper for sure
  • Jake Lloyd (106) is one of the safest picks in defence this year. His ceiling doesn’t seem huge, but his floor doesn’t seem very low either so his price won’t be fluctuating too much
  • Tom Green (118) returned from suspension with a bang
  • Not only did Toby Greene (114) kick the match winner, but he also has a three-round average of 112. Surprisingly, he’s only dropped under 90 once this season… POD anyone?
  • Quickly jump on Stephen Coniglio (108) if you didn’t last week
  • I can’t believe how good Jack Buckley (91) is
  • Ryan Angwin (42) is on the bubble this week
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Western Bulldogs v Hawthorn

  • I thought Marcus Bontempelli (122) would get tagged but even if he did, it certainly didn’t matter in the end! I don’t see anyone in the comp being able to play a run-with role on him
  • I haven’t seen enough yet from Bailey Smith (103) but his FWD status is very alluring
  • The hot streak is OVER. As a non Tim English (90) owner, this is what I’ve been waiting for! Long live Shrek & RowMar
  • Oskar Baker (69) still has a bit of coin to make
  • James Sicily (128) has fully bottomed out! I’ve got a tough decision to make of whether to bring him in or Steele. Feel free to vote!
  • Will Day (97) was a very popular trade-in and he definitely delivered. As a Hawthorn fan – and a huge fan of Daysy – I honestly don’t know why I’m still apprehensive about bringing him in. Can his previously injury prone body withstand the midfield workload? Is he a top-6 defender? Will the Hawks rest him later on in the season to continue their pursuit of Harley Reid?
  • Seamus Mitchell (41) was unfortunately subbed off in the third quarter which makes me worry about his job security going forward
  • Josh Weddle (38) made a promising debut. Don’t go a week early on him though
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Melbourne v North Melbourne

  • It’s crazy to think how close Christian Petracca (167) was to getting FWD status a couple weeks ago. Automatic lock if he does end up getting it in Round 12
  • Best player in the game. If you don’t have Clayton Oliver (134), you’re falling behind
  • Kade Chandler (104) is a SuperCoach STUD. His breakeven looked threatening last week, but it now sits at 0 after a huge game against the Roos
  • Judd McVee (43) can be traded now
  • Jacob van Rooyen (33) has made a ton of cash but evidently needs to kick goals to score well
  • I know it’s hard, but don’t get sucked into the cheeky temptress Aaron Hall (117)
  • This just goes to show that it’s natural for every elite player to have an off game. Harry Sheezel (107) is a season keeper
  • He’ll probably get rested at some point this season but I firmly believe Jack Ziebell (100) will finish as a top-6 player this year
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West Coast v Carlton

  • There is seriously nothing to note from the Eagles boys. Their team is a joke lol
  • Geez it’s good to see Charlie Curnow (186) fit and firing
  • Patrick Cripps (153) racked up 27 handballs for his highest score of the year
  • Nic Newman (139) saw a ton of footy at half-back
  • Sam Walsh (117) still hasn’t dropped under 100 in his three games this season
  • Sam Docherty (106) and Adam Saad (96) made their respective returns from injury. Saad was on track for a massive score until he was *I assume* subbed off as a precaution at 3QT when the game was well and truly done
  • Alex Cincotta (88) is by far and away the best option on the bubble this week. I went a week early on him last week and luckily had him on field instead of Seamus Mitchell
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Essendon v Geelong

  • Jake Stringer (145) had 80% CBAs and managed to kick four goals. Maybe an option? Most likely not
  • Darcy Parish (108) is now likely the cheapest he’ll be but I have my doubts over his top-8 chances
  • I think I’ll look back on my Mason Redman (51) trade as the DUMBEST thing I’ve ever done
  • Three-round average of 142 for Tom Hawkins! (184)
  • Yeah, yeah… Tom Stewart (123) is pretty decent
  • Patrick Dangerfield (124) hasn’t dropped under 118 since Round 3
  • Sam Simpson (58) is on the bubble this week and should have pretty good job security now that Jack Bowes (15) is out with a calf
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Richmond v Gold Coast

  • Tim Taranto (140) is putting his atrocious disposal efficiency aside to have the best SuperCoach season of his career! He has a lowest score of 95 and has only dropped under 110 twice this year. A legit skipper option this week against the Eagles
  • Jayden Short (94) will likely get DEF status in Round 12, at which point he should be highly considered
  • A decision must be made on Jacob Hopper (71)… Yes, he plays the Eagles this week (who he should dominate), BUT he has a breakeven of 90 and for many coaches he is a steppingstone to a bona fide premo. If he’s your ticket to Clarry or in my case, Steele/Sicily, then I say pull the trigger

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  • In Touk’s absence, Noah Anderson (144) stepped up big time
  • I read a stat during the week that Wil Powell (143) has never polled a Brownlow vote. That’s about to change…
  • Jarrod Witts (91) should be pretty cheap soon
  • Rory Atkins (89) is too expensive for me to consider
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Adelaide v Collingwood

  • Garghhh. I tried telling myself Jordan Dawson (150) wasn’t a must-have but yep, he certainly is. With a breakeven of 152, I’m just praying he comes down slightly in price
  • Rory Laird (100) was the most talked about player throughout the week and over the weekend after news of a tight calf circulated around Twitter. Luckily for us, he pulled up well after the captain’s run and was passed fit to play
  • Tom Mitchell (106) was solid enough but unless you started the year with him, he’s not insanely relevant
  • Nick Daicos (72) was, as expected, tagged by Ben Keays (52) immediately. However, it looked as though he was freed up after quarter time. Still though, he struggled to fully inject himself into the game and came away with his first score under 100 all season!

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