Weekly wrap: Round 8 winners, losers, injuries

2021 6th overall Clem Cassidy and Nick Moon recap every game from Round 8, eyeing the Supercoach studs and duds.


It will forever be known as the greatest comeback since Cher dropped Believe back in 1998.

And whatever Wayne said at half time, they should just bottle that up and sell it.

Because those Dolphins. Take. A. Bow.

Snatching the win over the Titans with 28-26 scoreline, the Dolphins performed a second half comeback for the ages that had everybody screaming at their TVs in pure elation (apart from Titans fans who were screaming in anguish).

And gosh I love them. They are my second team!

But we’ll leave recapping the rest of that game to Nick, and instead enjoy the fact that after six glorious games of footy this ANZAC Round, we still have two (TWO!) games to go!

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The traditional ANZAC Day clashes of Roosters vs the Dragons and the Storm vs the Warriors. Tuesday arvo sorted. Glorious times indeed.

So, with those two games still to go, the Friday Beers are looking at a nice par (I hope!) score for the round. Currently sitting on an 833 with my Kiwi contingent of God Charnze, Ford, and Sir Joey M to come, plus the Wizard and also factoring in Welch’s nice reliable 50 too – hopefully we’ll see a green arrow or two this round. Special thanks as always to Sir Captain Prince Nicho and his glorious hair for coming through for the team!

(P.S somebody recently pointed out to me that my team is Kiwi heavy and could I fit any more in…and yes, yes sir, yes I can most certainly fit more in. We will be welcoming great Kiwi Tapine to my team as soon as lockout is over…and we shall rename my team to the Tu Meke Bros, the Chur Cuzzy Bros, or the Sweet As Bros – hit me up on your favourite! I’m taking votes now).

A Sir Captaincy on Tommy T sees Nick’s Philly Hamstring’s sitting on an 812 with Katoa, Manu, and Welch to come. Is this the week I beat him in the Weekly Recaps Head-to-Head? We’ll find out Tuesday night! I can hardly stand the excitement of a potential win against the great man!

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Bunnies vs Panthers

By Clem Cassidy

Stand up and take a bow Stephen Crichton. Scoring 100% of the Panthers 18 points, the hat-trick KING had his 4720 owners in a frenzy, top scoring for the round so far with 148 points. Captain Hindsight says we should’ve seen it coming – the man loves scoring tries vs the Bunnies. Plus, he had the kicking, due to a slight Cleary niggle.

But it was the Bunnies took out the win due to a two try frenzy in the last five minutes, including a Latrell special. And it’s Latrell owners who celebrated equally as hard with 102 points including 2 tries, a line break, tackle busts, and everything else that screams – WHY DID I NOT BRING THIS MAN INTO MY TEAM!

Because he has a 3-round average of 111, and a breakeven of -15 and only 13% of people own him. And he is going to be very, very, very exy come the time lockout is over, but I really want him…ohh how I want him…a potential Tommy T trade or am I too late to the party…?

And AJ. Now I am seriously considering bringing the man in. 90 points including zero tries and zero assists if you don’t mind. Just a whole bunch of line breaks and tackle busts and everything else we love to see. At 546k currently (with a small price rise incoming that I can’t work out) and that potential sweet sweet Round 13 bye coverage, I’m very interested.

Ohhh but Cameron Murray. I know Nick mentioned last week that it is hard to trade a man this good looking out of your team, but with just 46 points to your name this round, has the time has come? I just don’t know if I can watch this script anymore:

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Murray gets the ball.

Murray passes.

Murray gets the ball.

Murray passes.

Now an anomaly! A phenomenon! Finishing the night on 60 points sans-kicking, Cleary LOST points in the recount – a reverse unicorning if you will. Please scorers – we can’t have this being a regular occurrence so don’t make it a habit please. Our hearts can’t stand the shock of opening the app and seeing such a thing!

Turuva, or Turuva the Tackle Buster, as he shall be known forthwith, busted 9 of them to finish on 45 points. Unfortunately, he did cop a slight injury there at the end, so one to watch on whether to hold or trade.

Brian To’o owners needn’t panic with his 29 points. Stephen Crichton was too busy scoring to give your man a chance. His 3-round average is 81. Hold him in your team.

Injuries: Turuva (ankle)

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Eels vs Broncos

By Clem Cassidy

Well. Dylan Brown. Sir. 67 points including a couple of try assists.

And I’ll tell you what, it’s not the ton, yet. But we’re on the upward trajectory here, so we’ll take it!

Now, as we all know, I’m no mathemagician. But I made a graph on a yellow post-it note, and by my rough calculations, should we continue this mathematical trend (which goes 47, 50, 63, 60, 67…), we’re hitting that ton by time Round 13 rolls around.

Rejoice! Just in time for 100% of SuperCoachers to own him…

And despite a late comeback from the Eels, it was the Broncos who took the win in the hot and sweaty conditions full of humidity and torrential rain in Darwin. Thanks to a four try first half frenzy, with an absolute clinic by Reynolds and Mam, including three tries in nine minutes.

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Reynolds enjoyed 79 points including a try and two assists. The man literally played the part of puppet master and the puppet – well the ball of course. He could do no wrong.

Payne Hass scored a 63 which included this catchy commentator line – “the biggest hit in the Northern Territory since Crocodile Dundee”, but his PPM remains glorious, as the big man only played 55 minutes in the heat. Facing time on the sidelines for a dangerous contact charge, what to do if you have him in your team?

Patty C also played his heart out, ripping up the middle, with 68 points in 64 minutes.

Kotoni Staggs scored a 45 which included a try. I think we’ve established that we’re not bringing him in this season quite yet – he’s just not translating to SuperCoach points.

Hopgood finished on a 43. In 46 minutes. With a sinbin. Not bad, not bad at all. He is a busy, busy man. If you held him, you’d feel nice except you’d also feel a bit sad about what could have been without the sinbinning. Definitely keep him now, I say.

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But Cartwright owners, the time may have come to call that Uber home. 35 points in 80 minutes. Is it time to the money and run?

Oh, and Reece Walsh. Gone in 60 80 seconds minutes. The hopes and dreams of SuperCoachers who stayed on the edge of their seats until the very last minute, hoping for that last minute rush of points you’re so well known for.

38 points. Including a try assist and a line break. But we forgive and forget and we give him another go next week (well at least I do because I’m a gal that gives chances – if I wasn’t, I’d be lusting after a man named Latrell right about now…).

On Report: J’maine Hopgood Dangerous Contact; Ezra Mam Dangerous Contact; Payne Haas Dangerous Contact.

Injuries: Bailey Simonsson Concussion; Reagan Campbell-Gillard Groin

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Bulldogs vs Sharks

By Clem Cassidy

If you look up Will Kennedy in the dictionary – synonyms include such things as ‘try’ and also ‘hat-trick’.

Because scoring his second hat-trick for the season in the first 23 minutes in the Sharks win over the Bulldogs, he top-scored for the game with 99 points. And he now has nine tries in seven games…what a try scoring MACHINE!

Now let us talk about our favourite Prince. Prince Nicho Hynes. The safe Captain of the round. Who came through for owners with 97 points including two try assists.

Honestly, I swear his hair wasn’t even completely wet for some of it (I was itching to pour a bucket of water over it at times), but not to worry, because like the true reliable gentleman he is, he just came through for us with a spectacular performance.

But can we please get the man his new supply of VO5 Wet-Look Gel. Just in case. I volunteer as tribute to apply it.

(Can you please set that up Timmy? As official SC Playbook Support Group Coordinator, keeping Nicho’s hair wet should really be part of my role. You won’t even have to pay me in Raspberry Cruisers, I’m such a giver, I’ll do it for free).

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And oh look! We’ve discovered where Cleary’s points went to after his downdate – and that is straight to Nikora, who earnt his 4125 lucky owners 87 points with a delightful performance. How happy were HIS owners opening up the app after updates! He boasts an average of 81 points – how delicious is that (I say through gritted teeth with a forced bright and cherry smile on my face as I contemplate Murray’s 46 points staring back at me).

Mulitalo finished on 67 points. Moments of complete magic with three line-breaks, a spectacular try assist, 5 tackle busts… yet it could have been so much more! Had he just not touched the sideline when scoring that try when there was room to park a semi in between him and the aforementioned sideline. And why please sir? With an average of 74, he’s definitely a winger to keep your eye on (although remember he’s not playing that first bye if you’re hunting for some coverage there).

For the Bulldogs, Preston scored a 56 – good for those who held, although he’ll lose a tiny bit of cash; TPJ scored a 41 (remember that free watch we talked about those who traded him in) but still one to consider in a tricky FRF spot; and Mahoney unfortunately only scored a 39, bringing his 3-round average right down to 47. And as for Alamoti – 26 points. That is all.

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Cowboys v Knights    

By Nick Moon

You would be forgiven thinking an 18-16 scoreboard wouldn’t have garnered many Supercoach points but that’s not how 2023 is panning out! Both Drinkwater and Holmes went 100+ and Miller and Gagai 80+

Yes, I know what you are thinking, did Scotty D score 8 tries? No he didn’t, but he was markedly better than the Scott that was running around in rounds 1 and 2. Set up 2 tries and made 2 LBs, his 105 his best score and might have come at the right time for those looking to move a certain maroon and white fullback on

Holmes cracked through for his first 100+ score of 2023, fishing with 103, a relieving score for owners who stuck solid. That score didn’t include a try which is promising. It did include a try assist that was more reminiscent of his days playing for the New York Jets but as an owner I’ll take it. Might just be the turning point for his season

Big Greggy M went over for another try but is increasingly showing signs that week to week NRL might be a stretch too far. Only managed 67 with the try and the tackle busts don’t seem to be there

K Ponga had a headache free return to the NRL and will be better for the run. Will likely be playing Origin so keep that in mind if you go full POD and consider the trade.

Crossland was busy and got through a mountain of tackles. Good down grade option and the Knights have a good bye run.

Minutes played – Nanai 65, Cotter 65, Ponga 53, Mann 43,

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Dolphins v Titans

By Nick Moon

I feel like doing a Titans and only producing half my wrap up and leaving it for the week! What on earth was that! Dolphins springing a bigger comeback than the bloke from Jerusalem a few weeks back.

And imagine paying for tickets and being at the end where 6 points were scored out of 54!

Final score aside, I’m really digging the output from big D Fifita! My one shining light in my second row forward he has been immense so far yet has failed to score a try in 2023! Scored an impressive 84 on Sunday. Tackle busting, offloading; if he can find some attacking stats there’s a 130 plus on the board.

Tanah Boyd finally came through for owners, however I think it might have been too little too late as most have already jumped off ship. Big Tino crossed for a try… Well, walked his way over for a score of 79. A hold until Origin.

With the Dolphins banging out 28 unanswered points you’d think Hammer, Katoa, and Isaako would be amongst it; but unfortunately, the trio were barely sighted as Wallace, Aitken, and Robert Jennings picked up the points for the Phins.

Robert Jennings could have had a double or triple but decided to do his best impression of an armadillo and curl up centimetres short of the try line. In the words of the great Warren Smith, “you can take me now I have seen it all!”. I thought Ronny M had the worst bombed try the weekend..

Hammer should’ve had that assist to Jennings but finished with a lowly 31 whilst Katoa got downgraded considerably and finished with 47.

Minutes played – JMK 80, Gilbert 49, Fifita 80, Tino 54, Clark 40

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Tigers v Sea Eagles

By Nick Moon

Hey Siri, Alexa, Google, Batman… Can anyone please take me back to 2021! Remember that? Ahh the good old days where captaining turbo felt like a Grand Theft Auto cheat code. Oh, how the mighty have fallen full!

Turbo looks an absolute shadow of his former self and whilst he picked up that groin injury, I think he was on everyone’s radar to trade out. It hasn’t been the return from the hamstring we hoped for. What did he actually do over in America? Maybe Dr. Knowles was showing him videos of Parramatta ‘s fullback because he’s been about as damaging as him… Sorry, I’m a bit upset.

Still, Manly sit second on the premiership ladder and Turbo hasn’t gotten out of third gear. Surely that send shivers down the other 16 teams?

Aside from that, it was one of the less enjoyable 80 minutes of football I have witnessed. I’m usually quite happy after a Manly win but there was nothing to be cheerful about at 6 o’clock last night. Relying on Turbo, Garrick, and Schuster in the wet to go big was – in hindsight – never going to happen, as the trio combined for a tick over 100.

The less said about Schuster the better, whilst Garrick might as well have been on the special team and come on to take the goal kicks as Manly very rarely went down the left-hand side. His BE for next week would be astronomical so if you held off buying him this week you are a shrewd investor.

The Tigers were gallant but look a team who have forgotten how to win. Bula at the back looked busy and had plenty of touches of the football, whilst owners of Stefano will be looking to get rid of the lump of a prop as he knocked out 33 but has had a continual slide since round two.

Minutes played – Stefano 43, Joe O 40, Twal 48, IPap 80, Keppie 34, Ola 80

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