Weekly wrap: Round 6 studs & duds

Charlie Dadds recaps every game from Round 6 with a focus on how the SuperCoach prospects performed.


Have we ever seen a stranger week in SuperCoach?

Popular trade-ins getting injured, mid-pricers outscoring premos, and Sean Darcy remarkably scoring his fourth 125+ score in a row…

WTF is going on?!

I’m aware there are still two games left to play, but to make my life a whole lot easier on Wednesday, I’m putting this article up now. Check back in on Wednesday for an updated wrap that will include today and tomorrow’s games!

With Daicos, Redman, Oliver, Hopper, Taranto, and Chandler still to play, I’m currently at 1557 with a projected score of 2165.

I’ve honestly got no clue where that will rank me this week, but judging by this tweet from SuperCoach Data, I’m expecting to move up the ladder somewhat!

Anyway, let’s get into the wrap.

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Fremantle v Western Bulldogs

  • It’s not fair that Luke Ryan (120) has become a SuperCoach stud this season right after I put him on my never-again list
  • Amidst the Fremantle downfall, while many expected Andrew Brayshaw (89) to step up, Caleb Serong (130) has put the team on his back instead. 146, 100, 146, and now a 130 in his last four games…
  • Oh Sean Darcy (137), I would run through a brick wall for you and come out fighting the other side
  • Corey Wagner (64) looked calm and composed in defence and will no doubt be one of the most traded in players this week
  • Matthew Johnson (35) looked good when he had possession which, unfortunately, wasn’t often
  • The best individual performance of the season by a country mile, Marcus Bontempelli (182) is a star. I am kicking myself for not putting the VC on him

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  • The trend of 130+’s for Tim English (131) continues! As good as Shrek and *for the most part* Rowan Marshall have been, English is the ruckman I want
  • Probably not an option, but it’s nice to see Adam Treloar (135) back to his elite best
  • Jack Macrae (131) is somewhat flying under the radar this year having only dropped under 100 once. A concussion to Tom Liberatore (140) might pave the way for more CBAs for Macrae this week
  • Oskar Baker’s (59) breakeven is starting to creep up but if you’re in a position like me, you might need to keep him at M8
  • If it wasn’t for a six-disposal and five-mark third quarter, Liam Jones (53) would have had an absolutely putrid score. I can’t stand another week of watching him gallop aimlessly in the backline, he has to go
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Port Adelaide v West Coast

  • This is what we needed. After two very sub-par scores, Connor Rozee (126) went large with 29 touches and two goals to rack up just his second ton of the year. He may not be the must-have we all thought he was at the start of the year, but any talk of trading him out is hogwash
  • It’s simple… More CBAs = a better chance of scoring well, just ask Zac Butters (94)! He has a three-round average of 110
  • Dylan Williams (37) came on as the sub and still almost scored as well as Matty Johnson lol
  • Ollie Lord (53) looked good on debut, but I have a feeling he’ll make way for Dixon
  • Keep an eye on Alex Witherden (104) in the next few weeks. At the time of writing, he’s $132k down from his starting price and we know that when he’s given the right role, he can score remarkably well
  • Reuben Ginbey (62) didn’t reach his breakeven so it’s time for him to go
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GWS v Brisbane

  • A very, VERY late decision to bring in Stephen Coniglio (136) instead of Touk Miller proved to be highly beneficial as he racked up 38 touches and 8 tackles
  • It appears that the GWS midfield as a whole greatly benefited from Tom Green’s suspension, with Josh Kelly (139), Toby Greene (101), and Harry Perryman (88) all getting an increase in CBAs
  • Interestingly, after Sam Taylor (44) went off with a hamstring injury, Harry Himmelberg (100) floated back to defence to fill the void. We all know how well Himmelberg can score when he sits inside the D50, so definitely keep an eye out for any role related news during the week
  • Jack Buckley (87) continues to skyrocket
  • Harry Rowsten (27) failed to make any impact and will probably get dropped this week
  • For some reason, Brisbane decided to make one of their best midfielders – Josh Dunkley (104) – tag Josh Kelly in the third quarter
  • After a season-high score the week before, Lachie Neale (76) was barely anywhere to be seen
  • Conor Mckenna (57) had his second poor score in a row and is now firming as a genuine trade out, provided you can get him up to a solid premo
  • We won’t need to worry about trading out Will Ashcroft (76) until at least his bye
  • Darcy Wilmot (39) barely reached his breakeven and should be traded out. Corey Wagner is the best replacement
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Geelong v Sydney

  • Patrick Dangerfield (144) could be legit this season. Four tons in his last four games!
  • Tom Stewart (111) managed to avoid the Ryan Clarke tag
  • Jeremy Cameron (106) booted another five goals. He’s probably too expensive to grab now because my gut tells me he’s only a few games away from having an absolute stinker
  • Another solid score from Esava Ratugolea (75)
  • Callum Mills (98) could potentially get DEF status in Round 12 which would make him an absolute must-have
  • Errol Gulden (47)… It looks like he’s being edged out of the midfield, having only attended 7 CBAs, but that could also be because James Rowbottom was on Dangerfield tagging duty
  • Matt Roberts (19) was the most popular trade-in player this week but was subbed off in the second quarter with a knee injury. He’ll just have to rot on our bench for a while unless you’re in a gifted position where you can afford to trade him out for someone on the bubble
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Hawthorn v Adelaide

  • That’s now two big scores in a row for Jai Newcombe (114)! He won’t be a top-8 mid though so I don’t recommend bringing him in
  • This is just about as cheap as James Sicily (105) is going to get
  • My god Conor Nash (124) is a frustrating player to watch but if this isn’t an “I’M HIM” performance then I don’t know what is
  • Congrats if you held James Worpel (98)
  • Fergus Greene (77) will continue to soar in price
  • Seamus Mitchell (79) had an outstanding last quarter. His job security is admittedly still shaky, but he’s set for a huge price rise, so I don’t blame you if you bring him in for short term gain
  • Turns out trading Cam Mackenzie (48) was the right decision after all!
  • Rory Laird (126) was tagged up until half time but managed to get a fair chunk of footy in the third quarter. He copped a knee knock in the last quarter and spent a bit of time on the bench
  • Sooooo… Maybe Jordan Dawson (78) isn’t the best defender in the game? He’s still a must-have, but non-owners won’t have to cough up as much as they once thought they would after this score
  • Luke Pedlar (47) was on fire early but faded after half time. Him and Max Michalanney (50) can be traded now
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Carlton v St Kilda

  • This is the Adam Cerra (144) that Carlton fans were promised!
  • Sam Walsh (130) and Patrick Cripps (130) both dominated the midfield
  • Alex Cincotta (67) showed great signs on debut. I think he’s put himself well ahead of Lachie Cowan (35) in the pecking order
  • Oliver Hollands (60) can stay in your side for a couple more weeks if you own him
  • If you’re in a keeper league and Mitch Owens (114) is somehow still available, snap him up without hesitation. This kid is going to be a star
  • Jack Sinclair (105) has bottomed out and now is the time to pounce! He’s my #1 target this week I reckon
  • Rowan Marshall (88) is becoming increasingly frustrating to own. He’ll make way for Tim English whenever I get the opportunity
  • Jack Steele (54) made his return but spent most of the game dusting off the cobwebs. He’ll be insanely cheap soon so get ready to jump on when the time comes
  • Mattaes Phillipou (39) has maxed out
  • Just over 3600 coaches jumped on Callum Wilkie (23) after a sensational last month of footy. Man, that hurts
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Gold Coast v North Melbourne

  • A very piggish display from Lachie Weller (134) who took 14 marks!
  • Touk Miller (40) was not only one of the most traded-in premo’s this week but was also one of the most captained due to his ridiculously good record against the Roos. Unfortunately, he was carried off in the third quarter with a knee injury
  • The injury to Touk may see an increase in scoring from Matthew Rowell (124) and Noah Anderson (89)
  • Jarrod Witts (91) returned from injury but had just 61% TOG
  • In game 300, Todd Goldstein (131) did all he could to try and get his team over the line
  • While many thought the inclusion of Aaron Hall (63) would have a negative influence on Jack Ziebell (111), it was actually Harry Sheezel (53) who struggled
  • Luke Davies-Uniacke (72) was quiet
  • Will Phillips (36) was subbed off in the third quarter

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