Origin players: Assessing the major bye rounds and beyond

2020 runner-up Tim Williams analyses the impact the Origin period will have on key Supercoach players

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With State of Origin looming, I thought it’d be a fitting time to take a look at the impact that period will have on key Supercoach players. While we all put our major focus on the three major bye rounds where half the competition is having a spell, it can be easy to overlook the following rounds, where three teams have the bye. Remember that the Supercoach rules around the three major bye rounds have changed this season, we get our 13 best scoring players on those three rounds. Honestly, it’s rare in the past we have more than 13 anyway so I don’t think this changes too much regarding our planning. Embed from Getty Images

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  1. magpies4eva007

    Hi Tim
    I am wondering if you could clarify something for me with your team and maybe Sangster as well.
    The “best 13 scores from your selected 17 players in bye rounds” has me a little confused.
    If, for example, I play NO hookers, halves and FB’s but say, play 6 x 2r’s would you get the scores of the extra 3 x 2r’s in lieu of your missing hookers, halves and fullbacks? Normally you would only get 1 ae but in the above example would you get 3 ae’s from your 17 selected players?
    I don’t really want to have to sell Hynes, Clearly, Latrell and Walsh during the byes. But if you can not play them and still be able to get ae scores for all of them from within your 17 players it would make a huge difference to bye planning.
    Apologies for contacting you via this article but I don’t use Twitter or any of the other social media platforms.
    Cheers! Michael

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